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KP Careers – Erin Bilvado, Director, Revenue Assurance and Integration

♪ It’s been an evolving journey the entire time I’ve been with KP. One opportunity has grown into another opportunity and sort of on and on. All the work we do is cross functional work, so you have to reach beyond your particular area of focus and expertise and be willing to learn different perspectives. Because we’re working on national projects, they have a very broad scope. They go deep within our organization. You might not reach out to all those people personally but in some way the results of the work will impact their day to day activities. I like being on the forefront of change, I like being part of that process. The amount of change that I’ve participated in is unsurmounted in any of the other companies I’ve worked in. I would come to Kaiser Permanente if you want to establish a long term career at a company where you can grow and really have a solid, stable career path.

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