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Lawyer Ruins TLC’s 90 Day Fiance – Real Law Review // LegalEagle

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  1. 📺What TV show deserves to get ruined?
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  2. Can you do a video discussing the extortion of the MXR YouTube channels by Jukin media? They are basically asking for 1500$ per video or they will file a copyright strike against the channel. The channel has previously complied with copyright claims but this most recent one involves videos were fair use laws are in play.

  3. Hey there’s a channel called MxR plays can u please look at their recent video about the extortion that is happening . Thank you

  4. I LOVE the thought that you probably had to watch multiple episodes of the series and just hated every second of it. lmao

  5. believe Maury Povich was once a respected, known journalist.

    A former colleague came to visit him, "I wouldn't take this job for a million dollars a year".

    Povich: "Neither would I".

  6. Real Lawyer Reacts: Parks and Recreation Season 5 episode 7; “Partridge”: the Deposition of Ron Swanson. It’s a rare occurrence of that most holiest of grails when it comes to legal media: the deposition before the trial.

  7. 3:05 "Mind ya' business" If you want use to mind our own business, don't put your date life on national television… which will then undoubtedly get uploaded to the internet where it will never go away.

  8. Help a channel called MxR Plays, they're being extorted for all their money by a company, that goes after no other channel.

  9. I love my husband luckily he was already here and we got married then did his green card. We’ll be married for 3 years in march

  10. Cardi B look alike…? Just because shes Dominican? That comment was so inappropriate and unnecessary. They definitely DON’T look alike. Thats like me picking a random white person & saying thats your look alike because you’re both white.

  11. Hi! I just found your channel and really enjoy your content! I was wondering if you have done/intending on doing a react to the lawsuit from Thirteen Reasons Why?

  12. Please reach out to MXR. Youtuber being extorted by youtube channel under the name of "Jukin Media". Have taken thousands and continue to extort while violating fair use.

  13. Dear LegalEagle, we need your help. A YouTuber that goes by the name MxR plays is being extorted by a YouTube channel called Jukin Media. One of our MxR brothers told us you are a Lawyer and you are helping other YouTubers who are facing the same issue. If you Could help MxR plays we would be ever so grateful.

    Help us LegalEagle, Your our only hope.

  14. It should be noted that the CR-1 is the conditional marriage visa. It's the "just married" visa as stated in the vid, but it's also the one that the K-1 visa recipients get after they arrive in the US, get married, and successfully apply for permanent resident status. After two years of marriage, the CR-1 is automatically upgraded to an IR-1 visa, which is the non-conditional version.

    Additionally, there are derivative visas- most immigrant visas also allow you to bring your unmarried, minor children along with you (for this purpose, "minor children" means under age 21). A K-1 visa allows you to bring your unmarried, minor children, who get K-2 visas. Likewise, minor step-children can get CR-2 visas, which also get upgraded to IR-2 after the marriage hits two years. This is the "chain migration" that opponents of immigration often speak of- it does not allow cousins or uncles, as erroneously stated by those same opponents (although to be fair, once the immigrant naturalizes as a US citizen, they are allowed to petition for their own parents, siblings, and adult children- but these can take years to be approved, or even decades in the case of the sibling visas).

    Lastly, the visas are technically issued by the US Department of State, not USCIS (which falls under the Dept of Homeland Security). USCIS prints up and issues the physical "green card" but it's a Consular Officer at an Embassy or Consulate who approves the application and allows it to be issued. It's an important distinction as this is why, when referencing issues like the "DREAMers" (people who were brought to the US by their parents as young children without going through the legal process), it is often (correctly) stated that they have "no pathway to citizenship". To naturalize as a US citizen- whether in your own right or as a derivative under laws such as INA 320(A)- you have to be a legal permanent resident; but to become a LPR, you have to go through the embassy in your home country and be approved by a Consular Officer. DREAMers who've lived practically their entire lives in the US typically have no way of getting back to their home country to go through the process. This essentially puts them in an unenviable legal limbo.

  15. If you have an extra egg, remember, “she can tote it, she just needs an egg.”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Hilarious!!!!

  16. I loved that Julianna and Michael got so offended when she was asked if she was a prostitute. I was asked multiple times in my interview if I had ever been paid for sex, they then asked me about three times if I had children 'in any part of the world that I know of.' We laughed about it afterwards, so when they got offended, my husband went "yep, prostitute right there"

  17. Legal Eagle has reached out to Jukin media. They want Jukin's side of the story. Not mxr, depending on how legal eagle reports this story. Can go good or bad for them.

  18. This shall be interesting and has relevents as gaming's biggest entry platform: ROBLOX is getting sued by the creator of their iconic OOF sound, Tommy Tallarico. I saw this information here and I recomend doing some research in this case because it has SEROUS legal ramifications for all game developers on and off ROBLOX either way for who ever wins.

  19. Question. How was it legal for Tania to bring Syngin and then leave him for an entire month while she hooched around Costa Rica? It just doesn't sound right. She brings him…then leaves the USA for an entire month. 🤷😒🤔

  20. I worry for some of the spouses who don't speak English/American partners who don't speak their foreign partner's language. That's something you should learn before deciding to marry someone.

    Plenty of languages are spoken in America – it's not a requirement for everyone to speak English. But couples who are serious about getting married should at least have one common language they speak! Besides, most marriages have enough communication problems without an additional language barrier.

  21. This is fascinating. 90 Days is a guilty pleasure of mine but I can't believe how some of these couples get approved. Thanks for the explanations.

  22. I love that the proto-fascist thing that runs the government has decided to mimic Weimar Germany. Got to keep those immigrants unless they are white, straight and Christian.

  23. The Trump admin didn't start the travel ban. It was the previous admin.
    I don't have a problem with it taking so long. Better to be thorough.

  24. I had no idea there was a limit to how many K1s ppl can get. That's good.
    Most of these couples makes you wonder how they don't see that their relationship isn't going to work.

  25. The 4 hr work fiance?

    Oh baby I love your 401k plan.

    Aww yeah tell me about the work culture.

    Yeah just like that. I know you love that employee mobility.

  26. The US government goes to great lengths to ensure that those who come are good fit, won't be a drain, and that where they are coming to will be safe for them. WHICH IS WHY IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO COME LEGALLY. When you can just walk across, all these precautions are lost, which is why a wall and stronger border protections are perfectly fine. We WANT potential immigrants funneled through the legal process and the scrutiny it permits.

  27. by the way, lets applaud LegalEagle's commitment to this channel. You know he had to sit down one afternoon (or even a whole day) and watch a bunch of episodes of that trash show.

  28. I don’t think Azzan ever got his K-1. He had said it was denied, and I don’t think they reapplied. GREAT video, though 👍🏼. I thought the fact that you mentioned Syngin maybe wanting to marry a different, less self-absorbed, American woman was hilarious! Everyone wishes he could do that. I’m Canadian and I wish he could do that! Oh and Angela is apparently younger than I am. She says she’s 53. But 58 sounds good 😂😂😂.

  29. You had such a big smile on your face describing these episodes…. you sure you dont secretly love this show? 🙂

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