How Insurance Works

Life Assurance Tabernacle Sunday Service – 11th August 2019 (C)

every lights outside the home to
live under its data that that’s not all the
people that I doubt you’ll never
get us back into the blow it off
as you one of the biggest
problem latino and in believe all please Milo please
please please provide a vital
plan you bet it’ll be nice to be
on to make a sauce one was one
is Rhonda Rowland of no leg in our
stack any you do you know that big power that come on.
That have big copies in my notes bills seven loss that I have 1
minute. I tell IE icon in lies one
other. I crossed seeing one other big
eye contact with the ladies of
the game back out for packed in
his last bottleneck of the day and got a bomb planted a blind
alley off as bob and I know what
the bank account, and see becomes the knows that you how life. So if you big blade and you can see both marks on my
head our beeline on and on the immediate need of some of the resume playing is
not ideal outcome of these
hallowed and low people is what is it if one of the
caller our door of the day will
add doubts in a case in a side the saddle
and Joe dye his tiny all of that day’s close call to be died at all but the play that is not date
would be about one bet is that
they’re talking about IBM
doesn’t seem as he will also air
or please stay, will come through
the thing we please call the Ojai but the deal on the routing out
what’s that they feel about the outcome that
one of them are then he liked as
saying that something about : defending basal one heels he’s sort of 10 must cite his body activities minus top 10:30 PM
deeply competent when it came back I think a story Mario
Pawlak that I think the devil out of a
story of the power it was blades and a pat on the
same laws on his be any laws and at the rocks back, knocks
down the time the address below
the people back to bite him added that some 10,000 a fan of value in
Baghdad medal and Eddie lee Dowell plays blaze blamed the
back of that the bible said Sam
founded by bats the old building as he was doing
it the fall back out and back pain of the
knowledge that one, and team
plays whatsoever you saying on me is that I know that power the night of
the platform you he’ll be in cough and ½ unless one have an easy please any walkout he sought and been
no one now all dead body death tax of one better by D’Amato said weed
out the day you cannot build and
acted there are one and all of which effect that had the other than
either is loaded the final day of as the minute he said he’s in
Oregon at 21 half back to the big event
because frank any less on one look at your line of the
big one is how part in a bottle
of cool before its youth because you look alike in one
big deal about your head is a
ton of NATO but I get excited in the state was also not be as lapping enacted a bit of a silent and we
are looking away looking for is
one of one of at the wall one of these eyes at is not dead end the cost of
sending the one ball back at me
know if I’ve $1.00, people like
an outline of the deal that any
o sauté one lied to the date until
the lifetime of those like the
idea sounds and see how happy
one 80 Mariel than 2 hours benevolently lets you become
buying into the act and you get
to building the allying down beside each line naked Paul without knowing the O’Neal know how to do
something at an annual dues and all you
allow that kind of event and pessimistic 80 we’re talking about the
status quo in the bible and something that had someone are
down and bought bless him if you
go to 17 bottled dressing stopping the someone have gone
before the days and one death in
a note of the fullback bob Lopez
you defend our lady’s bid it invested by competing in the movie at his eyes and mouth
of the aid of the day down our play acknowledged all I might
play out like a tool of the fall back topping up in a 1000 eight out of the all the time
defending people out of
business. Bottle at the sale of the new
power got a one to sail at the end of
the devils but one of a lobbying and
highlight the sun that’s on one of 1 to 3 dollar bowl to the wear and high bar hot body patients become part of the effective
date of something about that than a little bit of
a myth that is not that sounded
like a bargain at a LAN but these black top post back
and from him in now see 10 with Garry at any school in 1 to 1 south down and the cast it into the into one of our intent is used to carry the
one hand, they settled in a new ballet at one count of the other acts and unveiled the debate at your house band of
acting some from Camarillo
anything making the call of big
plays all been lucky Sonoma with
the inning but but I want to set the date and get the kind of bond state,
I’m not at all part of a tape of
his son believes if 20 because of the leading

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