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Livestock Production Assurance- Stand by what you sell

When our customers
buy Australian red meat they expect the product to be safe, ethically produced, and high quality. The Livestock Production
Assurance, or LPA program, is the Australian livestock industry’s on-farm assurance program. Covering food safety, animal
welfare, and biosecurity. It’s part of the integrity system used by the red meat industry
to protect consumers, and meets the stringent requirements of our domestic and export markets. LPA accreditation is your pledge that the meat from your farm has been produced safely and ethically. It means you stand by what you sell. This guarantee supports the future success of Australia’s livestock
producers and the industry. There are more then 215,000
participants in the LPA program. All may be subject to random audits. When you tick the boxes on your National Vendor Declaration form, or fill out out an electronic NVD online, you are guaranteeing
your on-farm practices meet LPA requirements, and ultimately customer expectations. Your declaration must be backed up by accurate farm records. To fulfil the requirements of LPA, you must minimise livestock exposure to unsafe chemicals and
physical contaminants, administer animal treatments
safely and responsibly, prevent livestock exposure
to contaminated feed, ensure livestock are fit for transport, meet all traceability requirements, have biosecurity measures in place, follow Australian Animal Welfare
Standards and Guidelines. To ensure producers know
their responsibilities, and can stand by what they sell, the Integrity Systems Company
has developed LPA Learning. This is an online course that assists producers
to better understand all on-farm practices required under LPA. By meeting all requirements
of the integrity system, LPA producer are protecting
their business and the industry, now and into the future.

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