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us to your families make short videos of your siblings parents best friends ex
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it so hello Yann from Paris I miss Paris there Oh glorious let’s go have a
special place in your heart now oh yeah for sure
I mean we’ve spent two months here during probably one of the strangest
times during our lives so definitely unforgettable
we’ll have stories to tell for years to come yeah Marjorie says what was your
lunch today so we made a smoothie Bowl for the first
time here and being delicious we put some mango Kiwi coconut foxy cheesy
spinach orange juice banana a little bit of maca powder which is from Peru I
guess so that was really good it’s a little bit different than the rice of
eggs we’ve been having every single day and it’s easy to make really good
smoothie fruit is super cheap and it’s fresh and bright and delicious and we
got our fruit from a car yesterday they delivered it to us which was a first for
us we saw a car coming up the side of the street and they had speaker on their
car and they were saying that was fruiting so we went out there we bought
food off the car that was pretty cool yeah because everything is closed
basically so it saved up it saved us a trip Derek Hale says how often does Alex
need to shave sometimes I grow out my beard and I grow it out for a few months
sometimes I normal cock says how is the weather in Cusco right now it’s a little
cloudy also sunny it’s pretty good it’s been good but we hear we heard in Casco
it’s actually going to be really extremely cold in the next like shoot in
July will see the coldest time of the year which we had no idea about it
because it’s the one that sent me here back home I don’t know for some reason I
didn’t but I guess 30 degrees Fahrenheit is like the high that kind of weather so hopefully stores
are open where we can buy some sweaters and jackets because it’s going to be
really cold will be wearing Alex Alex a haircut haven’t gotten a haircut trip I
give myself here because you’re growing out your hair so I’m growing it out so
right now it looks pretty crazy but yeah it’s in the bad stage
Kristen macaque so Mikasa Phil says hey Lindsey what part of Minnesota are you
from so I live about 40 minutes north of the
Twin Cities so not too far from Minneapolis and st. Paul Caesar salad
can you show us the outside we have this setup right now pretty doing and it’s
better if we don’t move it but maybe in a little bit ask the question again and
we’ll show you guys the outside and hopefully yeah maybe towards says hello
Alex and Lindsey I’m from New Jersey and where are you going next in Peru my name
is king we’re playing well we’ll probably sing Cusco as a base to see a
lot of things for at least two weeks maybe yeah they haven’t seen anything in
Cusco yet we got here and the block don’t happen the next day so we kind of
do we’ve been in Cusco for about two months we saw nothing so we’ll do that
for a couple weeks and then yeah then probably secret Valley remember the
jungle it’s possible that it seems not far from where we are so we’ll see and
then you know which i think is really like to be tacos mm-hmm yeah we’ve been
excited for the Lake Titicaca and everything around there
and then hopefully if we’re able to go into Bolivia from there because it’ll be
so close no Lauren the case Liz why are you both drinking
so we’re thinking the same thing well a little different I put some like cream
or milk in mind which is the Peruvian traditional drink if you’re not peruvian
most of you probably do know what that is okay Derek Hale said where did ones
you get that have been it’s wonderful Thank You Derek I actually got it off
Amazon for super cheap I got like a pack of 20 headbands for a few dollars so
Amazon has everything it’s awesome you can either one so stars did you find
a home for the lovely dog so ya know that’s a big question mark it’s not that
easy with walked out on border closures and all that so we haven’t yet we’ve
been talking to a few people including my parents of including people that
Lindsey knows also including some of you that have reached out but you haven’t
found it for sure or somebody that really for sure can take him no matter
what time we could get him anyway I really don’t know what’s going on we’re
hoping to bring him to the States no matter what the problem is a block down
left soon we want to go travel around but I don’t know if he’s going to be
able to really do that so we would maybe have to just find him a temporary home
here in Cusco until we can fly out of here so if you guys know anyone and
Cousteau very close to he’s going to take him for a little bit that would be
a huge help yeah we need smoking during this Robin
Sonny says what will happen to the Travel Channel like yours I think what
you mean is what will happen to this channel after lockdown maybe but we need
to plan on continuing these travels so we’re going to travel around Peru and
then we really don’t know right now what’s gonna happen after that
but we’re probably going to continue traveling and making these videos every
two or three days as much as we can for how long even-steven Mendenhall says
2:30 a.m. here so we’re trying to do these lives at different times but we
can’t please everybody last time it was really early in the
morning for a lot of people and this time it’s early in the morning for a lot
of people even though we’re doing it at a completely different part of the day
so we’re gonna have to ask you guys what’s the best time for most of you to
do these lives so that next time here yeah and someone did suggest that we
could do a poll so you guys can vote on one’s best so I think they might
actually do that next time yeah routine mine’s pretty much
non-existent Alex did do a workout for the first time yeah now that we have
this large yard I ran around the yard and then also took a big blanket put it
on the lawn some push-ups and sit-ups and climb the tree that’s Derek Hale
says does your family know you have a doggie with you
yes most of our family watches our videos and once it’s part of the videos
so they know everything that’s going on right now absolutely skips and what’s alex
drinking we’re both drinking the same thing it’s a marvelous hour and also I
saw someone asked earlier if we’re able to buy alcohol no technically I don’t
think Ward’s supposed to be able to so I like the bigger stories that won’t allow
it but if you
like the Tengu will markets on random little streets they’ll sell you alcohol Burt no David Burke said hello from
Washington State I actually lived in Washington for a year last year so
that’s cool what do you feel mr. potato I from our clumsy
yeah a little bit of whatever we’re having we have dog food for him so for
the most part dog food aids great sweet potatoes potatoes rice he
didn’t like the sweet potatoes too much are you – learning Spanish we haven’t
really sat down and focused on actually teaching yourself Spanish but we’ve
definitely picked a lot of words up as we’ve had to like navigate the language
when we buy some of the market or if locals try to talk to us my walking the
street yeah we’ve been meaning to learn more Spanish but just putting up these
videos every two days it means filming a video all day and
then editing a lot of the day well we got a super chair our first super chat
guys from diem Swede thank you so much and sweets says cheers guys I have to
get back to work love the channel thank you for taking a little work great thank
you so much thank you for being here hopefully the next time you can be on
for longer it’s awesome alright that was our very first super chatting yeah now
we know how it works so you guys see that you get highlighted in the comments
if you have a question you really want us to answer then it’ll be there for us
and you can see it because it’s going really fast for us right now we’re
trying to get to your questions but there’s a ton okay what else tatiana lima they talked the
other she says how to give some money to help with mr. potato so i know on a lot
of our videos who’s been alluding we are gonna put that together in the next few
days here we just want to make sure that we’re doing it right so we don’t want to
just rush into making it and get all this money for him and not know we’re
gonna do with it so we want to be responsible with the donations that were
getting which is why we’re taking our time to make it so hopefully by the next
video it’ll be a part of the next video or the next one we’ll put a link to it
and want to go fund me and antonio and a hundred Big Bertha says mr. Potato Head
looks like an old house dog but not lost or abandoned he does sing he is a really
good dog he seems to know what to do in the house he doesn’t pee in Valentino he
might have been somebody’s he might even still be somebody’s but we didn’t think
about that and we let him go outside constantly in every place that we’ve
been in we gave him hours to roam around and go back home if he had a home he
never went home he always came back to us so I don’t know we’re giving him the
option if he does have a home we don’t want to take it away too many here guys try to say something
in Spanish how about you guys tell us what you want us to try to super sad and
I see that for some of you super chat isn’t working in your country that’s
really weird but from Brian Bell tones I don’t want to say that maybe thank you
so much thank you that’s awesome and the questions he says
any dish you are looking forward to trying also shout out to Don coya
Woodhaven restaurant in New York City a dish we want to try so the one that
keeps saying I’m really we’ve heard this a thousand times the most self thought
there was something that we have to have chicken and then koi Kuwait was we’re
supposed to try that clean it quickly I think and then pop us on one time and
the one that we really want to see yeah good question thank you on the super
chat that’s awesome mister potato from Marjorie she says mr. Potato Head takes
a bath in the next video that would actually be a good video we have a hose I have a feeling he’s not gonna like it
we’ll try to do that for the next video another super chest vagina from Elena Oh
from Elena c22 six thank you guys for being so
respectful to the Peruvian country and culture greetings from Long Beach
California where I’m from well thanks for saying that we we do
have a big respect for Peru and they’ve been good to us lockdown so we’re
thankful for that we’re loving it here we really want to try more of the food
when we can get out of here get delivery we’re gonna try as much as we can and
just experiencing as much as we can no okay next to protect from Marlin sb
thank you Marlin thinks he’s intact maybe you already have an itinerary for
Peru are you going to Machu Picchu when this is over I wanted to see it when the
time comes obviously Machu Picchu was at the top of
our list we were hoping to do that within a few days after we showed up
here and then the walk don’t happen if it opens up we’re just not sure but if
it does open up that’s gonna be first on our list as soon as possible yeah if there’s anything we’re missing that
it’s like really cool to see units maybe off the beaten path or not super
touristy we want to know about those places too so yeah so a lot of my guys
have been giving us stuff for the itinerary crew and I’ve actually been
writing it all down on this big list so we have a ton of things so we’re always
open to more if you have any hidden gems or places that you’ve been that it was
about you want to write that down and go there a super chat from yon petting with
no question or anything no thank you I think it’s just the donation yeah
thanks so much for that that’s awesome No so another super job from Henry you
which this he says any plans to hit Machu Picchu not to according to thank
you hon are you sorry we just answered that if you have another question we’ll
try to find you on here yeah yeah you don’t have to do a super chat
if you find your name we’ll do it which I’m not to miss anything hi Simona thanks for being here yeah
you’re always so good about watching your videos and commenting it’s always
funny here for me mm-hm she says I hoped I’d Cuba planned for
November this year but watching her guys’s but watching you guys during this
quarantine I really want to put through now it’s safe for ladies travelers no
men with them push my I think so how have you felt it’s hard to answer just
because we’ve only been to a limited amount of places I’ve never really felt
unsafe and I have walked around them myself a few times so I think it would
be okay yeah so we’ve heard that Lima isn’t so safe but we did go to Lima and
we felt safe while they’re there so although my credit cards got stolen so
we can talk about that yeah I think it is safe I think you should go to grow
even if you go by yourself I’m sure you’ll be fine for sure but Cuba would
be cool also that’s kind of at the top of my list we’re hoping to get there
maybe do both if you can yeah thanks for your question and thanks for the
donation another super chat from Marco buck who I guess just gave us a donation
and super guy Thank You Marco alright well Derek Hale says your videos are
helpful to me to keep my English level high since the core teams started and I
stopped working at something interpreter hmm
yeah that’s pretty cool we also had fun comment saying that she
showing our students our videos so that they could learn English and see what
the quarantine is like in other places well in their country so pretty cool
people argue money Nick Thomas asked what about visiting the Balkans
so the Balkans an area of Europe I’ve actually been there and travelled around
that area like Croatia and I would love to go back and I’m sure
Lindsey would like to go to so if we go back to Europe we’d like to do some of
Eastern Europe and then some of the Balkan states would be awesome too Thank You Jorge thanks a lot she says
hope this helps really anything helps and also hoping to meet you in person
my question is what Peruvian dishes would you like to try besides the one
Gelardi tried so we kind of answered this earlier a little bit sad to say it
again it was the most soft oh that’s one Papa so that one kind and we want to try
in someone other than other than us cooking it I want to try more ceviche
ceviche I mean drinks I thought we made chicha
Morada so always have that enough but I want to try it from an actual story
because I feel like we might not have been making it the exact correct way I
liked how it tastes you made it but maybe now let’s try it
on the restaurant or something yeah I’m sure it’d be so good for the
restaurant it’s one of our favorites already just out of the packet so and
then quick we just want to experience that because that is that you didn’t
want to room you know when she’s freaked out
yeah well I just want to experience it yeah
Ursula thank you for the super chat and that is just the donation with a little
dancing tear and hearts thank you for that I’m sorry that super chat isn’t
available to all of you we’ll try to get to your questions no absolute escapes
that super and Castillo is coming a baby travel there’s a lot of traveling I want
to do before that happens not make an entire row of kids but it just makes it
a lot yeah same probably will wait a little while we both want kids one day
though yeah so we got a couple super chats here one from AC Martinez what
would Cusco mean in your lives up to this lockdown experience regards from
Alberto and yoga Peruvians in Australia Cusco will always be a really special
place to us I think it already would have been special even if this lockdown
hadn’t happened it’s just from everything we’ve heard and everything
you’ve read Cusco just is one of those places that’s really special and
different it has a lot of meanings who wrote a lot of history but since we’ve
been here for already 2 months and it’s probably going to be three months maybe
even longer places grow on you it feels like home no always that a special place
for Cusco you know and I think it’d be cool like five ten years from now to
come back and like just free love yeah and experience yes never knows how to
pronounce it thank you yeah the super javi we’re gonna have to
figure out how that’s your name she said hey nice to finally talk to you guys you
are good people this is for mr. Potatohead food we have a water boy
likes to just push it around throw it around
and if you actually boy he acts like a little puppy we’ll get him some things
we’ll show you in the video can find toys yeah once lockdown EMG source says have you had surveyed yeah we’re not sure what it is if you
may be alright kilo Abby what’s up guys thanks for
being here arsalan cetera any idea that the lockdown to be lifted in through
after 10th of May so good question actually I think the president is going
to be speaking today about that it hasn’t already and we’ve heard mixed
reviews might get extended lifted partially so all right we have another
super chat from Tatiana elite Maya thank you you’ve always been really supportive
and you watch all their videos and comment thanks a lot pop you got night
just some help guys with sweet mr. potato
yeah another one another super chat from Sean Fitzgerald thank you so much Shawn
he says I don’t have a question or anything just wanted to give you guys my
support football as well Thank You Sean yeah that’s loves your
guys’s support we couldn’t have this channel without you guys are so
supportive with the comments they’re like super craftsmen just watching all
the videos it’s been amazing and all these super
chats we didn’t really expect not on these super chats and not even just for
questions just to support us so thank you Shawn I do everything else he’s
doing this right now the next super chat is from David Burke
what kind of transportation be going will you use to get around if this means
Michael Amy like in Peru or in South America typically we’re using buses
buses to go from city to city long-haul buses that are 10 or 12 hours long
overnight buses that are actually pretty nice and Peru besides that it was using
kind of like yeah so they have depending on the country or and they usually have
their own type of uber situation which is really inexpensive and super handy yeah but if you mean to expand on that
if you mean like just traveling in general I’ve also been there like before
where I traveled in my own van around the u.s. for a year so that’s a mode of
transportation of use and usually I like we just like backpacking
so that’s budget airlines buses trains back and I think hopefully we answered
that right what else thank you guys for all the questions there’s so many here
we’re trying to find Cyndi mean what’s the first thing you want to do when you
get home you can support Lee amazing your food yeah food isn’t good here it’s
just we have our favorites from back home one Diego Flores tell drone says
try to go to the Cordillera Blanca northern Andes it’s beautiful so we’ve
heard that before I don’t know if those from you or from other people but I
wrote that one down on the list so hopefully we’re gonna get up there
because that does sound amazing when I looked it up and looked at pictures it
looks good yeah so we were told after lockdown let’s that they’re giving to us
like 45 extra days on their visa to be extended so we’re gonna see as much as
we can in 45 days and I guess I’ll have to fly home or go to another country look well it’s going fast
Melyssa barrel sense did you guys try to make muslim hora out of the teacher do
you remember what that is yeah it’s like some dessert I think it looks it comes
up the chicha Morada and we have seen packets for it I guess we just haven’t
gotten it yet but it has been on so maybe I’ll show you something to try in
the next few days oh it’s pronounced smile from easy to remember all right
we’ve got a new super check this is from live your life for you also YouTube
channel and good supporter Alex and Lindsey love the new channel Alex I’ve
been watching your videos for one and a half years you’ve inspired me to travel
and follow my dreams thanks a lot man that’s awesome you told me something
similar to that before and that’s the best thing that I could hear whenever I
heard that from my old channel and all the other travel videos I did it was
just amazing to hear that I could inspire someone to go to a specific
place or to travel in general so that’s just awesome so thank you for that and
thank you for the support wait okay it’s okay Derek Hale says you
miss American food what dishes do you miss most from the USA for me I miss
American diner food like cheeseburger fries and a milkshake that’s kind of a
typical American meal that you can have and I just that’s pretty much my
favorite meal in the u.s. well I think I mentioned this in a previous video I
miss Chinese food but it sounds like they have some really good Chinese food
here and Cusco so yeah chief up yeah we’re gonna have chief up for sure
right when we can hopefully for delivery itself like nine spades sighs where is
mr. Potato Head we’ll bring him in here pretty soon
I can try all right we have super chats from jr. see ya made a donation no
question thank you so much for the support and from Jizo eight four one
another super chat donation thank you so much all right
right answer your question okay that was him all right there he is
say hi to everyone who saw speed yes hey you doesn’t know what geez oh eight for
once it’s a onesie you are very jovial do you have a sister I do not have a
sister I have one younger brother who’s about 18 months younger than me what I
always wish I had a sister but it just didn’t happen so I have some cousins I’m
not close to who are pretty close to sisters anyway Norma Cox says Lindsey
now let’s come back soon to Peru hope you come back with your children that’s
a possibility we probably if yeah if we do have kids
together we probably would bring them here it’s a cool place all right I’ve
got another secret chat from chat on coffee guy thank you thank you uh he
says I hope who gets the point where we are over here and Vietnam they relaxed
social distant distancing a couple weeks ago oh that’s awesome
it sounds like some places are starting to lift restrictions which is awesome
yeah it might be happening here soon we’ve heard just a big mix of stuff like
we don’t know what to believe until we hear what happens today from
jr. again jr. see thank you my super chat again give that dog a cookie have
you guys tried tamales the food if not try it so we’re familiar with tamales I
I assumed that they were a Mexican like tamales yeah I’m not sure where they originated
I thought Mexico it might not be but as you mean
like Peruvian tamales we did have some and they were pretty
good yeah that was delicious I think we had one in Colombia nothing
against Colombia but for some reason like we had brought it on – it was huge
and it had a huge chicken bones in it which we’re just not used to it might be
a thing back home you don’t put bones and Jasmine McCord says no the tamales
alright once we get out of here we’re gonna try more tamales because you guys
keep saying WOW someone so did try it Oh Oh Copa there which is the I think
we’ve you guys have told us is like a green sauce I’ve been trying to look for
it every time you go to the market I assume it’s like a prepackaged sauce I
try to look for it haven’t seen it at all
so we’ll keep our eyes up for that I definitely wanna try it we have a super
chat another one from Emily Doolittle thanks a lot Emily for the super chat
you guys a mr. Potato Head are the best thank you lots of love from mistakes how
do you guys get out to explore soon what’s your favorite place you travel to
back in the US that’s right there are so many cool places in the u.s. to see like
really diverse um well maybe I’ll just name a few yeah for many national parks
them to mind like Olympic National Park in Washington that was my favorite
national park I spent like a week there telling around by myself and a van
it’s just dreamy atmosphere it was awesome and then Death Valley in
California that place it looks like another world and I feel a different
planet it’s not really a place so it’s fun more than like a day or two it’s
just so fun it’s it’s amazing nothing is like Death Valley and then New Orleans
of the city and then just driving through the the states in the middle of
what I think are kind of in the middle of nowhere being from California like
dragging through Kansas that was actually a lot of fun because it’s just
so different from a place like California what you’re going to see
driving um Tatiana Lima says please let me not pick two names in Instagram so we
have Alexandria travel um yeah which is his Lindsay underscore travel bomb which
is mine and switches basically kind of like a couple account we post mr. Potato
Head on there that the travel boom Deanna means us alright
dunno Spencer what survived by a sister in life but Riley wants to meet mr.
Potato Head in person hopes he can join the family miss you guys thank you for
watching I didn’t even know you guys were here well hopefully Riley alright
I’ve got another super check from Liz W thank you
she says have you guys heard the coin whip wrong gonna party no sauce yet you
guys are such lovely people from the UK I love
so we haven’t yet we we’ve had the Peruvian corn we’re not sure if is even
a name for it but the corn that has like huge hurdles yeah and it was really good
but we just had a kind of plane I believe we haven’t tried it with the
sauce yet but we love that sauce and we’ve been using it a lot so we have to
try that soon thank you again Liz thank you all thank
you for the donation that’s awesome and the kind words you know just so Jesus
says yo bro where’s your Pisco Pisco he’s further along harold snide since
have you tried food delivery yet if not who’s cooking tonight
so we got some peeps a delivery yesterday which was awesome and it was
super inexpensive I think it was like dollars and then we’re having some
trouble getting other types of food delivery really because we are in
Spanish and our phones don’t really work here so if they don’t have whatsapp we
can’t really call the restaurant and get deliveries something to figure out I
guess Derek’s house is your Airbnb cuts this one was yeah the last one we didn’t
really check if they accepted pets and we brought him there and they didn’t
accept pets but then we offered to pay the equivalent of the equivalent of $20
a week u.s. dollars a week to keep him mark and
she accepted that she wanted the money but this one loves dogs and she said
bring him over you can sleep inside and everything so you really like this house
in this place perfect Beto’s so Lazar says I love Alex for
making those sunset dinners those were awesome
there will be more like that even better so yeah just stay tuned for
the next couple videos I’ll be doing something pretty interesting in the next
few lessons I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve
Alex is very creative with that kind of stuff Marcelo Lima says big hug from
Portland Oregon thanks for being here in my solo always absolute escape sense of what were your
jobs before traveling so I was a psych nurse for about five years before I
started traveling for several years making the travel YouTube thing so if
you guys haven’t heard yet I have my other channel called Alexander travel
book so if you want to check it out I have over 200 videos from chocolates
around the world absolute escape asks how did you meet so
we have a couple of videos about this if you go to the old channel you’ll see a
video called meeting up with the stranger meeting up with a stranger and
so we met through YouTube she saw my youtube videos and sent me a message we
started talking on Instagram for a while and after a couple weeks we decided to
meet up so we she flew from Minnesota the u.s. IP from California and we flew
to the middle so we hung out for like four days travel together and then
decided he wanted to continue well just pretty crazy looking back that we pretty
much met up in the middle yeah it’s a really it’s a interesting video you
should go do Alexandra Chando bought my book for that video you probably liked
it uliana iu7 says try a little coke though do you
know what that is I think it’s a spicy sauce riding wants its Lindsay do you miss
your job I definitely miss my job I am fortunate enough where I love what I do
and I’ll probably do it further so when I’m not traveling anymore we go back to
its owners I miss my job to job I’ve been doing basically traveling I miss Derek Hale says won’t you upload videos
on the channel Alexander chapel book anymore I will
once we’re on a block down it seems like people might want these videos more but
most of the videos that I’m going to be putting on the other channel are gonna
be tips and how to’s and like how to travel cusco and the best things to do
in cusco in those kind of videos so then what would be so much that vlogs like
we’re doing on this tomorrow so this channel for vlogs the other
channel for that too some tips of all that yeah it’s just easier to organize
it that way yeah but once we leave lockdown man I’ll start putting because
who wants to watch how to travel videos when they can’t even go yeah and we have
probably like seven videos that we’ve built up that we’re going to be posting
from my travels and through and Colombia Jenn Garcia asks Alex on average how
much would it cost to travel for one year planning yeah it depends but I
could just say as a budget traveler and as before I was traveling as a couple
when I was traveling by myself I would spend as a budget like low budget
traveler maybe between 500 and 800 US dollars a month yeah there’s one from Simona sure I
again don’t know your last name how to say it I think it’s Romanian says where
are the Colombia everybody goes so we traveled to Colombia right before you
came to Peru and made maybe 10 or 15 videos from there they’re all gonna be
released once lockdown is over we’re just we’re spending so much time on
these lockdown videos doing those every couple days that it maybe makes sense to
put all of those videos and some chocolate videos at the same time so
once it starts looking better here then we’ll start uploading those another
super check super chat you won’t be thank you thank you how do you guys feel
about coming back home with all the controversy about some states wanting to
stay closed I’m some to open now so what what’s I don’t know we don’t have a
strong desire to come home other than to see our families there’s a lot of
protesting which is stirring up a lot of trouble because a lot of people are
feeling disrespected by that a lot of health care workers we’re risking their
lives by taking care of the patient personally that’s part of the problem
for us going home and for me because my job is basically traveling making this
videos while traveling I’ve been afraid that if we go home depending where we go
we might get stuck there and then I can’t do my job or gonna be stuck in one
place for who knows how long so here we stay
yeah I don’t like figure out until we get more answers we’ll be there all
right Mario Valencia says what a beautiful couple thank ya thank you
thanks a lot we’ll the dose those services just join what’s up guys what’s
up thanks for watching thanks for joining right a little bit about that it sounds
like she’s kind of like a spiritual ceremony experience and you can do like
these three-day cleanses your spiritual cleansing or something we need to learn
more about this apparently it can help you feel like past traumas and yeah so
we really we are thinking about it renamed Alex and Lindsey it just got
here so good to see you narrative how are your families to calm are they god bless you both no my family’s pretty
much all Minnesota they seem to be you’re doing really well I think the
doors like to say at home order in Minnesota but I think that’s starting to
lift so there’s certain to have more freedoms and stuff like that right what else
one Diego Flores Calderon says it was risky as long as I’m sure you have to
have like a great mindset going into it and also do it was like a proper guide
we’re not gonna % sure if we’re gonna do it it’s just something that you know
Caesar salad says have you listened any proven music we haven’t we don’t know
where to find it we’ve been on lockdown but I do I like Spanish a lot of people
in type stuff like bad bunny I don’t know but Luis see so hey guys
once the lockdown is lifted don’t forget to get some Chinese food for Lindsay and
fries for Alex true I need fries a little time right away sorry chicken in
cream cheese along one Reyes says have you made any friends maybe the friend
named Colin yeah we met him on the street and episode so he’s very
interesting guy besides that we’ve been on lockdown you haven’t been able to
talk to people we do have some neighbors well they’re trying Belarus and Poland
yeah we might make friends with them soon we talked to a few times their
neighbors kind of similar situations policy update says where is Potato Head
we’re gonna bring him back sometime soon if you weren’t here we got him up maybe
10 minutes ago he’s masking
yeah he’s camera-shy someone said I want to hear mr. Potatohead bark and I don’t
think that we I I swear you’ve probably heard him bark twice and entire monthly
upon him I think we’ve had a longer for a month that a month actually but yeah
he barks at his own shadow basically note at night he sees his
reflection in the door occasionally and he’ll bark at that because he thinks
there’s a dog like right in front of him but besides that he doesn’t he’s such a
good dog all right we got another super chat
fromming yes Carl who says I had a great time in Cusco and I must tell him dates
and honestly a little jealous but I’m sure your situation is also a bit
difficult cheers from the USA yeah we’d feel really fortunate to be here we’ve
heard a lot of people talk about Aguascalientes it’s on our list but I
don’t yeah we’ve been putting a lot of things
on our list things to do improve but since we don’t know how long we’re going
to be stuck and we can’t actually go to these places we haven’t been doing like
a deep research and seeing what these places are all about I was coming in
this is on our list for sure so hopefully we’ll be going there and
we’ll be making you guys a video about it so thank you yes Mario Valencia says
once the lockdown is stopped one of the countries are you planning to visit well
let’s just say what would we visit if lockdown it wasn’t a thing if everything
was open again where we go after this I just want to see any place new I’m
pretty open to we’ll just name a few you did Egypt Morocco media Iceland Estonia
Latvia Ecuador once we can go there and Bolivia Chile in Canada and that was calling my
favorite trip I’ve ever been on so we’ll have to go Ron juice says did you get a
stimulus check Alex hasn’t received his yet but I got mine in the mail
I can’t cash it because I’m here but yeah they keep sending us checks – yeah
we’re talking about checks giving a lot of us during this point I took thumb
line she popped up right away other people pop up and then you know no I
isolate it’s really nice we’ve heard a lot about Iceland seen the pictures seen
the videos it looks otherworldly and so it’s for a long time you know it’s super
expensive and that’s Bogdan talkgroup says – Romania hey I can do it I spent
several months in Romania loved it yeah Alazar says Alex what’s the
tattoo on your left arm I’m not sure which one you’re talking about
but maybe this one and this is the swallow it’s a very traditional tattoo
with a lot of history basically sailors would earn it after a certain amount of
miles traveled and so I got it after I earned it after traveling for six months
to get up so yeah let’s travel talk to Norma analysis five times Bob Pike said did you travel around the
UK yeah I loved England and I went to at me bro – there’s so much and I’ve
travelled in England I’ve been there a few times and then also yeah all right
we have another super chat I believe junior already gave one or two thank you
thanks so much it’s awesome are you going to visit Machu Picchu we’re both
really bad with these abbreviations that’s OTC and ofc – you guys – we’re
really bad at this what is he from journey we answered this earlier if we
can go to Machu Picchu if we’re not sure if Wenlock dome ends if Machu Picchu
that’s gonna open right away we’re really not sure if Ternes tic activities
are gonna open as well at the same time if they do of course much would be soo
is that the top of my list there’s one from Jana
hey guys have your saw other animals never seen before
bugs lizards birds well I’ve seen the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life no maybe the jungle from Giuliana Ching says say hi to my
son kyun-jung please young fabulous CEO says have you
experienced any cultural shock culture shock not the only really two major here
no I mean it is different than back home but nothing that yeah not really
Peru has been pretty yeah I was in India a few months ago and there is a bit of a
culture shock there more so than culture shock I usually get a reverse culture
shock when I travel for like six months say when I was in Southeast Asia for six
months and then I came home I kind of got a reverse culture shock and once I
got to the US because it was so different so that’s what I knew this
more so so nothing really improved I bet when we go home yeah Quinn Quayle Stone
says has Lindsey still been talking in her sleep I think I said something last
night she did something last night but I can’t besides that she hasn’t lately to
it but I’m trying embarrassing for me I don’t know when I do
like I don’t know if it’s when I’m overtired so yeah we got another super
chat from your OB thank you thank you you guys should get along with tattoo in
commemoration of where would we get it maybe a huge back piece Joe Clemente
says hey guys hey Joe thanks for being here
uliana says suck Mario Valencia says that’s a traveler you’re scheduled
visiting twice a country in what city in the US would you like to live I haven’t
found the perfect City I would like Minnesota’s great but I don’t love the
winters if it’s super super cold like you can’t do really anything outside for
many months of the year yeah I mean California has been great it is pretty
expensive I’m getting more expensive in California I did do a then tour of the
u.s. it’s hard to really picture a lot of places living for a long period of
time but Austin Texas was pretty nice and seen that everything yeah it’s super
hot yeah it’s just like if the place is good to live sometimes the weather won’t
be too expensive so maybe we’ll find the perfect placement the Nelsons
Danelle Spencer’s is Boise Idaho yeah I think Colorado would be probably at the
top of my list but it is yeah but the winters there are pretty
mild it’s beautiful lots of hiking and outdoor stuff Bogdan talked me thought
cool I really don’t know how to say bug didn’t the puppy gave us Romanian looks
like money for mr. Potatohead bring him in front of the camera Derek Hale says
why my facial hair doesn’t grow as large as Alexander’s haircuts I’m not sure you
just got to let it keep growing try it try going a couple months maybe it’ll
happen all right yay Colorado Nina the ip68 for Oh
Lindsay is carrying potato and he’s mad how does it work out all right it’s too
hard to show you guys love here if we move the computer two months from live
ten it gets messed up yeah he’s on her feet when he stands up
we’ll bring him back all right mr. Potato Head mr. potato and hey all this
is about him Siana cabeza de Papa yeah I tried a few but we actually wanted to
buy like a bunch more yeah we’ll probably do a video all about
that once we can find me exact like real traditional Peruvian snack some candies
somewhere around here we’ll do a video we’ll try them all for you be honest
says my name is Kim I’m 11 years old I was born in New Jersey and my parents
are Korean and I love I can give you some tips
we love tips we’re always up for tips please Jaime Garcia asks Lindsey how
much money did you have to say to be able to quit your job travel very
inspirational they do good thanks for sharing
thank you yeah as a nurse so the thing is like a lot of my savings I don’t want
to use just for travel I go I’ll keep some for a house one day so yeah sorry I
don’t want to disclose the exact no junior seeing says how old is mr.potato
I had serious question we’re really not sure but we’re going to take him to a
vet as soon as we can and we’re gonna try to figure out how old he is I think
they can tell by his teeth or something like that yeah well I guess this is
probably like six or seven yeah it’s so hard though he’s a street dog so I
couldn’t age them faster yeah okay I’m still not sure exactly how to
say Mario Valencia sorry for the previous grammar mistake as a traveler
is it on your schedule visiting twice a country in your entire
life or just once for me I’ve visited many countries twice actually a lot of
them son I’m not really in the business of just trying to cross off every
country that I can that’s not how I do it so if I like the country I will go
back another time yeah not just that so I spent 6 months in Europe maybe 5 or 6
years ago and I traveled to 20 countries and then I did it last year again for
six months and I visited pretty much the same countries when I could have done
the other part of Europe and seen other countries I visited me saying once again
because I liked them I wanted to see them again I miss them and also there
are some people there friends that you need so you like to go back and visit
them so yeah sometimes twice sometimes three times yeah I think for me I would
like to see different places so for me I would like to see I don’t know there’s
are few places I would go back to twice Bunce Lama says how long do you plan on
travelling like this would you ever want to work for a travel publication or
website do you think you’ll eventually stop and do something else that’s a
great question for me because it’s kind of what I do
it’s my job right now and it’s been like this for a few years so I never really
saw myself completely stopping traveling if I’m doing like the YouTube channel
and everything else that goes with it I might continue just that a lesser rate
once I settle down somewhere yeah I think Travel will always Lisi says we still wanted we still
waiting so we didn’t do like a full video about how we met we did our code
but by your story and talked about how probably a good five minutes so someone
said the president’s know yeah put it in the comments here and let us know Carlene Schmidt says how is the quality
of water in true we’ve heard that we’re not supposed to drink tap water and so
we don’t do that fairly copier to you yeah so but we buy bottled water
oh yeah Derek Hale says after this light rain check to prove me welcome news
president as many of my friends decided Quentin’s over and I lifted it’s only
two days before lockdown is supposed to end so hopefully that’s a good sign I
feel like it was gonna get extended that way told us see you man no Carlos says
that is the point and reason excited for two more weeks I like it got extended it’s just like how much longer is it
gonna go on it’s a very strict to watch now like I’m sure some people are
struggling so much financially can’t believe it Juan Reyes says the zelich’s of
allergies I think so yeah I knew about ladies and pretty unfortunate but
possibly even to mr. Potato Head but I’m not gonna let that stand in the way I’m
still gonna when we see someone you are several of you said bless you Alex thank
you know when a says the president just explained that they need to see that
these two weeks the numbers can be better and dementia cases Wow we knew
this could happen I guess we’re gonna have to extend our stay here at this
awesome Airbnb hopefully Rockstone says greetings from Switzerland so people
keep mentioning that it’s VE Day in those what they’re mentioning what is
the full forward for that VE Day and what is it we’ve heard about several
things going on now and this month and very soon so we’re not sure which is
which and what is actually going on today
Quinn qual Stone says one’s even mentioned you followed outs this travels
prior to Mena book is there anything that surprised you about him one meeting
in person yeah there was a few things nothing so he was a lot more of an
introvert but also another surprising thing is which I didn’t realize is in these
videos they were more like serious so was it surprising yeah so if you go
watch my videos on the other channel I’ll exhibit travel though you’ll see
that there’s kind of a different vibe than there is on this channel to see
more of our personalities in this on this channel but in the other one
there’s a little more artsy kind of poetic so you’ll see how I understand
how you could think that I’m a bit different because of the way that yeah what else guys what should we answer for
you suppiy nah says I love your videos huge favor could you please say hola I
like ethos my siblings hopefully will say oh okay I could have guessed that I
thought it was a Peruvian thing that they were okay yeah so you turned some
allergy medicine it didn’t do too much it did help a little bit but if it if a
lot of it is coming from potato head I probably shouldn’t be taking allergy
meds every single day for months so I’m just yeah then don’t phone says when are you
visiting the Philippines so I’ve been there before and I loved it and I’ve
been wanting to go back one of my favourite countries I really want to
show Lindsey it’s just it’s amazing there so I’m really hoping that we do it
next year it’ll depend on all everything that’s going on right now and the
flights if there is a cheap flight there she’s gonna love it too so yeah
Philippines anyone who hasn’t been to the Philippines
you should go best countries we don’t know if you would actually to them but
it’s like yeah I don’t really like that especially because here in this place
our neighbors I don’t think they’re stray cats but our neighbors have been
feeding them and hanging out with them so they’re pretty close there door and
the cats wait there and then potato had to seize them and just yes it just bolts
right for them and if he actually catches them our new circus yeah
occasionally he gets really excited when he sees a water wall up in the crowd and
he’s just so loud he just crunches this water roll around it’s crazy it’s pretty
fun drink Joseba Lido says drink peace go it’ll fix the algae well what if I
could I wonder if this is is this a coincidence tourism because I mentioned
it oh yeah Ilona gabon said when are you going to Georgia Azerbaijan and Armenia
which is funny because before I met Lindsey that was next on my list so I
probably would be there right now if we hadn’t met but now that we have
met she is open to going to those places and so hopefully this year it’s still
those places are at the top of my list like very close to the top so yeah
hoping next year we’ll go else you let links more what’s on for
them well we might do a little bit of filming for a possible documentary
project might want dinner not our documentary project but somebody reached
out saying they wanted help from us they wanted someone from like every country
who’s been down to be a part of the video yeah and that’s all we can say
right now you might be a part of this video and I’ll tell you about it later
documentary Nick Thomas says I’ll see you in Georgia
and Moldova nice sounds good see you there there’s some Spanish here that we can’t
really read muster ants Lester esos coca tea is good for allergies keep drinking
even having coca coca tea every day so pop teamö
Lima says talk about your art Alex I know you love driving yeah I’m actually
a bit of an artist I went to not art school and I went to Collins and studied
art I paint and draw things if you want to check out my art it’s pretty crazy if
you have Instagram go to artists Sala that’s artists underscore si la that’s
my last name and I’m there you’ll see my crazy alright follow me there say
something and all I’ll respond to it it’s crazy stuff we love basil so that
would be no be perfect we’ve all these dishes we still have to try if we don’t
get to your question on here you can do a super chat so that we see it but if
you don’t do that find us on Instagram and just leave us these recipes or
whatever we should cook leave things on there it’s easier to go through those
screen shot these things from Yeol again thank you for the super check and he
says since you guys are in Peru you must try Seco de cabrito yeah did you leave another comment about
that I’m not sure I’ve seen the words that go before but
sir we will we will have to try that but what is it we’ve never been together we
tried to go in Colombia but all the movies were just but I’m really looking
forward to the day to do more couple stuff then though says I love you videos
and make me want to visit Cusco that’s awesome I’m glad we could inspire people
to visit for real because which are says have you visited Kerala India I’ve been
in India and I visited Goa I was supposed to be in go out for a little
while which is that same area very close place but I got food poisoning and I got
sick of the whole time I was there so then I had to fly back up to Delhi
another part of India and I think intended me to get to see go up or any
of southern India so yeah we’re planning on going back to India we want to go to
the south because I missed the last time Mimi Hernandez says my fiance my fiance
is Peruvian and he always has polio on the Barossa that is one that we really
try to keep hearing about that all the time
what’s the restaurants open you should eat that for sure Tatiana we must did
you buy souvenirs for a number yes so we have proving sweaters we have cute
little wallet pens and there’s like they have so many cute souvenirs here and so yeah so we have like this so we got
several of these and we might even send these out
yeah and bracelets we might even send these out with a tour patrons so if
you’re a patron or if you want to be a patron we have patreon link below and
that’s where you can get these postcards and little souvenirs light lightweight
souvenirs and if you join that you’ll I’ll probably draw something on here for
you and maybe get potato heads paw print or his signature is somehow and then
we’ll both write something to you guys so if you want to join patreon link
below it supports the channel and you can get some cool stuff from us yeah goat meat is really good there’s so many
things I know we didn’t know before we came to Peru that Peru is a culinary
destination so there’s a lot that we have to train Cristiano says can you
show us outside in the view we wish we could but if we try to move around this
computer too much it could mess up the connection but if you didn’t want to see
the outside and in the next video ordinary will be showing you more of
that we’re gonna do some pretty cool things outside pretty good little picnic
or something so just keep watching the videos but yeah right now it’s really
cloudy so it’s not the best anyway so right now we’re at an hour
we’re almost at an hour and a half here we’re either gonna go to all right so
we’re gonna do this live session until 1:00 an hour 45 so that’s another 20
minutes it was like y’all Ivonne Okafor says by all by Yvonne
thanks for being here uh Ryan oolong says can you see the stars in Cuzco so
that’s actually kind of a little bit what we’ve seen the sky seems to be
pretty clear most days so you can see some UFOs that’s what I’m gonna be
looking for she’s gonna be having a romantic night at the stars and I’m just
looking for aliens come so I’m 28 because one time you told me 31 times 33
but turn through well Tammy Tammy s says we were supposed to leave for Peru on
the 14th we love to see how things are going with you to help us know when
they’re scheduled any suggestions at this point can you plan to yeah I’m
sorry to say it but we thought that this might that may 10th which is just in
another couple days that this whole lockdown was gonna be lifted but now
it’s been extended another couple seasons yeah and it just keeps getting
extended every time we’ve heard good news and it sounds like it’s gonna get
better it keeps getting extended so I wouldn’t
make any plans we’ve heard some stuff about things being closed for another 3
or 4 months so I’m really sorry to say that but it sucks we’ve really had nothing but good
experiences with so yeah nothing really it’s hard because of lockdown
everybody’s in masks we can’t an example are smiling there’d be a nice or
anything like that they have them nice though and everyone in the comics all of
the Peruvians Peruvian Americans people that are watching our videos you guys
are so nice in all your comments and everything so we have not no bad things
to say about proving people it’s been great our exam Edina family could you
give my father Marcy el-medina a shout-out please he’s
the one who recommended your videos he’s always looking we love getting comments
like we have a super chat from Bobby Salameh thank you again thank you for
all your support you’ve been so supportive all the time I love your late
I love your luck will you please do a video with a day in the life we were
thinking about doing that that would be fun what exactly we we do a team like
that one minute maybe they sleep maybe within one of our
videos potato head segment Marilyn Toledo says please shout out my mom in
the Philippines and they read that hey Emma Rita Quinn Kwan what I had a church plan to focus on buddy and cartoonion
March and had to camp subdue to coal bed but what’s our favorite out of those I
would say I really liked Bogota Curtain enamel is great too but it was so hot
yeah cartina is really beautiful but it was very hot there were a lot of
tourists Cardenas seemed the most touristy to us which isn’t our favorite
thing but it’s one of the most beautiful cities there so it is good time and then
all the side trips like we’re gonna start putting out our Colombian videos
pretty soon you can see the pink sea of Gunnar Gunnar a Samba that was amazing
so make sure that’s close – Kurt – hey and then you should go to select Oh or
you can write horses and jumbled and also the palm trees yeah Kokoro Valley
so write that down – coral Valley the pink C those are some
of the favorite things in Colombia that is a great question
those are the type of videos the nomadic nomadic n om 80 I see that is my travel
bagg that’s been my channel guide for the last year or so and it’s amazing so
that’s my main one and then the wandered provoke is kind of my day pack which is
also really cool I’m gonna do more videos about that stuff but the channel
I have a bunch of like packing videos and stuff and people really like those I
told you about all my gear and everything it’s like a good size it’s not too big
yeah and another thing with all my gear all the gear that I use and pretty sure
I’ll add Lindsey to this but if you look below any of these videos I have all the
gear that I use for traveling wings below this is an Amazon store and what’s
better stuff on there so you can see all of that stuff so no we just got super
Chuck from re the sunt oh yeah thanks so much alright right ulong says each or jungle okay ray once it’s beach or jungle that
is a really tough question yeah that’s a great question like beaches like jungle
is more of an adventure how about when I was in Costa Rica maybe five months ago
I had to trek through a jungle for an hour to get to a beach like my own
private beach at the end of this jungle and that was an amazing experience
yeah our connections not good yeah if they keep stopping we might have to go
earlier than we thought you can try it give us one second and see if we can fix
this well if people keep saying stuff then we’ll stop flash a loon give on a
loon given says what’s your favorite country in
Europe for me easy I’m serious Italy Italy has been my
favorite country for a long time actually not an easy is it Italy it is
the first one becomes my my other is Spain I also love with Spain so Italy in
Spain my whole area I just I could live there I’d love to live there
I love Switzerland the moss it’s so nice but it’s super expensive okay sorry yeah okay guys hopefully you can still
hear us we’re getting a bunch of notifications on here that there are
errors and this video might not be working anymore we were gonna give you
another 15 minutes but it’s not really working so we’re just gonna say bye now
and we will do another live in maybe a week or two yeah it’s soon and we’ll be
doing a poll so you guys can vote on what’s best so sorry if we didn’t get to
your questions find us on Instagram hasta say sure Lancer more in our next
video see you guys see you guys thank you so much for being you

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