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MassMutual’s LifeBridge℠ Free Life Insurance Program

I think being a lifelong learner is something I think a lot of people should embrace. My parents, from the time I was really young, taught me that education is key to be successful. I was, like, a dad’s girl — he was one of my best friends in life. I was in cheer practice when I was pulled out by my prinicipal and we believed it was a blood clot, that went and gave him a heart attack. He was always there for me he was like basically he was like my number one supporter. So shortly after my dad died, I think my grandparents got a call from MassMutual I went in and my husband was watching the news and I said you won’t believe the call I
just got He said, “well do you have any information?” and I said yeah I got his name and
telephone number so he called them and talk to him and they said yes this really is the money, and it is for her education and then my grandpa called me and told me about the LifeBridge Program and you know, I had an education trust, and I you know, at first we were kind of in disbelief. I remember when she found out it really was true she just about did a happy dance
saying now I get to go to college! I was very surprised. we had no idea what sort of, or that this policy existed but it was a very good decision it has helped Polly out tremendously, and we’re very grateful for it. I really don’t know if I would have gotten to
the colleges that I went to without the
LifeBridge policy. So I think the fact that I have this trust… really opened a lot more doors than if I didn’t have it I think for anyone that has the opportunity to do this, really should do it I mean… you never know how long you
have to live and you don’t know what’s going to happen to your family after you pass, so… I would think it’s very
important to anyone who has the
opportunity to just to sign up for it that they really should do it take advantage of… someone wanting to help you. Graduation day, whenever I have
a diploma in my hand, I’m just gonna look up and
say ‘thank you’ like, it’s the best thing you
could have ever done is help me with my education.

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