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Millionaire reveals why he has *ONLY* $2.5 million of life insurance (is it enough?)

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  1. If anyone in your family: parents, wife, kids depend on your income – you need a life insurance.

  2. Life insurance is great to have. SGLI seemed like it was enough but after a while, you realize you need your own life insurance and more than $400,000. 🤔

  3. It’s so important to get life insurance while you are young and healthy. Yet, so many people ignore it (no, I’m not affiliated with life insurance in any way).

  4. I've neber bothered with Life Insurance. I just use the POD option on all of my accounts.There's enough there to cover a very lacish and unneceddarily expensive funeral and then some.

  5. I have zero life insurance. At 44 I JUST started into credit cards and building credit. Late starts are fun.

    I'm gonna die. It's gonna suck.

  6. But with term life insurance, doesnt the monthly payment increase every year? So by the 20th yr or so, its def not $16 a month.

  7. Not a fun subject to talk about but absolutely necessary. I like how you used the 4% rule to determine your plan. If I was to give my family anything after I die, I'd love to give them enough to be financially independent!

  8. Great video! I wish people understood that everyone can use some life insurance. Even those that claim that they're never going to die… ha ha ha If that's the case, then get an EIUL or a VUL…

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  10. For some reason this topic is a taboo. „You're gonna die “ is a fact. There is no wishful thinking that can schratch that itch. This is a good way to deal with it. Good video, man !

  11. I am not an insurance agent. But I have done some research on whole life versus term life and it does seem there are ways to cause the policy to build cash value sooner depending on how it is structured so that you can use it as a cash flow tool for business or personal use and there are tax benefits When flowing your money through a whole life insurance policy structured properly. Food for thought.

  12. But your monthly premium when you're in your 60's will go up, right? because you are now older and the risk is higher??

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