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  1. Gov. Cuomo, Can anybody tell us how many cases have actually recovered from covid 19 since this has started and numbers have been recorded?

  2. Even before the virus, no one has ever been forced to go to work. If you’re nervous, you idiots can keep on staying home. And people with healthy immune systems, or who love with the consequences of their actions can go out. Also, my new word for taking a crap is to take a cuomo.

  3. Great. Now. My mom is already dead as of last week. Nursing home staff must be tested twice a week???? Smfh… a little too late. After reporters right in that Albany room have been asking over and over about nursing home regulations, issues and guidance. Staff out there protesting and now in May, staff will be tested twice after one already infected my mother. Thank you for the Mother's Day gift, Governor. (And no, I'm not a "bot" or troll)

  4. Governor Cuomo is a example of how to be a Governor! Just love him….New York is blessed. Stay safe!! ?

  5. Who is as tired as me of listening to these politicians just telling us what we want to hear and NEVER following though?

  6. Since I can't expect Cuomo to come be my governor in NE I want him to be president. Boy, what a difference between him and that whiny, blaming wanna be dictator we have in the White house.

  7. So what about what people are saying about the NY hospitals and how they are treating black Covid-19 patients?

  8. No one has asked him if he is laying off state workers, which with a hole in the budget like the state has, he will. If he does, then washington should not bail out the state.

  9. If you tell corporations they cant be open, the only choice they have is to layoff workers as salaries are biggest outlier of funds. This economic crisis was brought on by covid, and is being continued by government. I will be really surprised if a mass exodus out of NY does not come after this. He talks about love, yet he hates upstate NY completely.

  10. Pedophile governor cumo the child killer on Epstein island killing and eating children sick abomination don’t u think

  11. The two Cuomo’s are the best thing on tv!!!! I look forward to Gov. Cuomo in the morning and young brother Cuomo on CNN at night. In between when Dingbat Trump opens up his big mouth saying nothing except to drink Clorox I pick up the dog poop.

  12. Can anyone pass a reminder to Gov. Cuomo that he should stop touching his face during the speak? Thank you so much.

  13. This man is a God sent in dealing with the terrible times facing us. I can only hope that the future will place him in the position of being our President.

  14. The Democrats have proposed 2000 dollars per month per person for a year but the republicans say no. The Republicans spent trillions taking a sovereign nation out of business the last decade but can’t help the citizens make it until we get a vaccine? Look we can’t open up until we get a vaccine. Gov Cuomo keep New York sheltered in place. Constitutional rights don’t apply to endangering lives with idiots walking around without a mask. Gov Cuomo if you see this you’re doing great keep NY paused until a vaccine and force the Fed to do more stimulus payments until a vaccine. There’s no other way none! The economy and politics shouldn’t be in the equation. Millions of lives are on the line and too many lost already with a president who wants to inject bleach in veins! Steven Spielberg couldn’t make this up !! Joe Biden 2020 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Cuomo! Andrew you have a beautiful mother and family! ?

  15. Nursing home operators do NOT want an ill individual or an asymptomatic individual arriving at or returning to their facilities! They lose revenue when lots of people die, there is no financial incentive, quite the opposite!

  16. Trump has absolute power? But he takes no responsibility.

    Coumo does this every day !! Coumo is a leader,
    in a severe hurricane.

  17. Coming from a guy that put infected carriers into nursing homes for treatment !! Over 2 thousand elderly American senior citizens died because of that order !! Nice going Gov !!!!

  18. Still.. Coward is not showing that!
    Wearing a mask because he'll look weak, it's so stupid action ?
    You should be saw it.
    Why didn't you get it?
    Saw your examples to wear the mask.
    If you're looking for wearing a mask, you save lives of 100 Deaths.
    Stupid and useless governer!
    Why do you get it? STUPID COWARD!

  19. Keep the state on lockdown. Please. We really need the vaccine. The reopening in other states are making people think we are safer? We aren’t. Masks and gloves are necessary. More sanitization stations please.

  20. Why would hospitals be releasing covid positive patients back into the nursing homes ? You would think keeping the elderly in hospital till completely cured of the virus standard practice.

  21. Cuomo you are bigger puppet to corporate America than trump is. Why did you bann flavor vape if you are about peoples health so much.

  22. Wow, Americans 1st Law is simply brilliant – every company should rehire their staff so that unemployment falls OR pay back government bailout money!!! Preach Governor Cuomo?????
    Always humanising the message at the end with a family or testimony of goodness and love? Happy Mothers Day Mama Cuomo? What a lovely broadcast ???

  23. Why are they asking the same question over and over again about the nursing home? Do they have ADD? if so why are they not taking med for it?

  24. I hope that NY families that had elderly family members who died because of Cuomo putting people with the virus INTO NURSING HOMES and killing thousands of elderly sue the crap out of him personally!! Trump made Javits Center and a ship available to treat virus infected people. Instead Cuomo FORCES the nursing homes to admit sick people. He deserves to die. Not innocent, elderly, dependent people. Their families couldn't even get near them as they were dying. Think about that! It's Cuomo's fault. NO ONE ELSE'S. Now he's charging nurses that came into help from out of state, NY TAXES!!! I hope he dies from the virus. He is an evil, incompetent, egotistical sociopath.

  25. Bill Gates



  26. Doctors and nurses ordered to let patients die ( to make trump look bad)

  27. I live in Vietnam I want to get acquainted with all of you. Please support me, thank you very much

  28. We know that Bill Gates and Fauci are responsible for working with China and creating and patenting Covid-19 so, why do you align yourself with Bill Gates to be involved in New York children's education system, some leadership huh. You speak of Love as if you know Love. You speak of Love as if it was true in you. Prejudiced and racists people can never know Love. They will only speak of Love as if they know Love and as if it is in them. Love is absolute.Being a governor of a state, you put yourself on a chopping block, as you allow the mistreatment of different races by your law enforcement, yet you speak of Love. If there is but one governor that has Love in them, we would see a dramatic change in community, city, county and state areas. Love, is not for the cowardly. Love is for the brave. Love does not live in an unrighteous heart, just as fruit does not grow from infertile soil.

  29. President Xi continues to take zero responsibility for what happened to the world.
    Is the world really going to give China a free pass and go back to business as usual?


  31. Cuomo is looking like the deep state putting infected people in old age homes and adding ALL deaths as covert deaths just to exaggerate the numbers. This man is destroying America with his lies. He is pure evil

  32. Schoharie County laid off 95 employees as it was to be a “win-win” as the employees would possibly make more money on unemployment than working. Meanwhile, county sits on $16,000,000 non allocated fund balance. We don’t foresee the county bringing all these employees back. It’s not only corporations that are doing this.

  33. Let 200 scientist (Experimenters) get on national TV and tell everyone to wear a mask DUMMIES!!! Not taking the word of Liars who won't bluntly Condemn homosexuality in Public DUMMIE!!


  35. not that anyone will ever see this comment but all you paid sycophants are welcome at NY hospitals that are being operated at the direction of this self-appointed god who runs these hospitals like roachMotels- once you check in you will never check out except in a counted body bag. no one with brain or money will ever seek healthcare in nyc again-but he can fill with the criminals he imported and like elderly nshome victims, easy to con to sign consent,body count continues

  36. Just think all those New Yorkers living in Apartments, with a shared Ventalation system. Your all screwed!

  37. I recently buried a good friend, a physician, 58 yo, a father of 2 adult children and in 3 weeks died of CoVid19. I also have my best friend of 40 years who is 52 yo and has been inpatient for 4 weeks now. She is being transported to rehab today. I’m an at risk person and scared. I’m staying at home.

  38. I can’t wait until Judgement Day when The Most High comes to lay the smack down on you pathetic actors; “reporters/journalists/anchors” and politicians

  39. And there are plenty of my MD and RN friends dying because we are the ones treating the CoVid-19 patients. I have lost one good friend, an MD , already. I pray there’s not more.? We are loving..we are caring for our sick brothers and sisters. It’s the essence of my profession as an RN. The first Mothers Day I spent completely alone but my kids are all healthy. I’m grateful.

  40. his obscene, outrageous and disgusting display withhis mother on mother's day, after mothers died being deprived of visitors and loved ones because of him and his bad rulings, forcing diseased seniors into the nursing homes should be part of lawsuits against him and he should pay for the suffering he imposed and the arrogant selfish public display of affection, making the pain HE CAUSED boomerang and haunt him

  41. Mr Cuomo you should run for president I will like to vote for you and you will be a good president,be safe Mr cuomo

  42. I thought the comment section would be enlightening. Instead, it's full of a bunch of whining cry babies.

  43. It's not about Cuomo. It's about the blatant incompetency of the staff at the nursing homes. Legally, they are the ones that are liable. Obviously, isolation precautions were not maintained. The same can occur in a hospital setting as well. When this occurs, the staff responsible needs to retrained. If it continues, the patient/nurse ratio may need to be improved. Testing alone will not improve the competency of the staff.

  44. He wants money for police and fire dept…which the State of New York should be paying them…not the federal government …I tell you fraud Cuomo…take all the extra ventilators that you requested and never used and sell them off to pay your police dept and fire dept…and I'm sure you'll take cut out that …

  45. The truth is that the movie “Idiocracy” has become real here in the US now. It is not a joke and will not happen in the future. It is going on now. I’m glad that the governed in the US is still smart enough and know how important life is. One thing they say in this news report is very good. If you are not satisfied with your unemployment payment now, go to apply for the job as an essential worker. Those jobs are really lack of people now. If u only want money, only want to risk others’ life, but don’t want to take responsibility, nobody else should pay for ur selfishness.

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