How Insurance Works

PIP Coverage or Personal Injury Protection Coverage

So we had talked about Personal injury protection coverage What we call pip coverage in the business And that’s triggered when you’re involved in an automobile accident And what that does is it’s responsible for paying the medical bills In Pennsylvania the statutory minimum is 5,000 dollars Frankly if you can afford more you should probably get some more coverage And in New Jersey there’s alot of things going on now That have changed the terrain but There is a minimum of 250,000 dollars in coverage If you get what I call legitimate insurance And that’s certainly plenty But that’s an important consideration Because that’s the entity That’s going to be responsible for paying your medical bills Now in New Jersey ther are lots of other kinds of coverages In terms of pip coverage And you can elect your healthcare Coverage as primary In New Jersey But the problem there is If your healthcare coverage pays the medical bills they’re gonna want their money back And if there’s a limited amount of policy to go after And they’re gonna want their money back That’s a dangerous position to be in So again That’s something that you should talk to your lawyer about To make sure you’re adequately protected

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