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Praise, Confession & Assurance 200510

Let’s pray. Lord God, we arise and bless you
Our maker, master and friend Every time we witness
The magnificence of all that you have made
We are moved to praise you Every mountain and hill, every field and valley
Every tree and plant, every creature, large and small Every colour, shape and design
All move us to offer you our worship and praise We praise you for the way
you come to us through each other In the conversations we share; In each laugh and smile
Each tear that is wiped away; Each hurt that is shared We praise you for every experience of true friendship
And each discovery of what it means to be fully human And what it means to be ourselves
As you created us, in love, to be We praise you for the gift of life
And the gift of new life We praise you for the life of the church
And the deep fellowship that is ours in Christ We praise you that even when we cannot be together
In the one building, you can still be with us And we praise you that even in this dark season
You are drawing us together And we praise you that the joy, worship and fellowship we share now, is a mere glimpse of what you have in store for us, that is far beyond our imagining Father, forgive us our futile attempts to make ourselves somehow worthy of your love and your mercy Forgive us when we refuse to lean on you and rely on our own strength, counting ourselves better than others Forgive us when we are self-satisfied
Or when we feel we’ve arrived Forgive us, when we set ourselves impossible goals
Then fall flat on our faces, through refusal to trust you Meet with us, wherever we are, this morning
In whatever state we come Help us to know that you welcome us unconditionally May we extend that unconditional love and welcome to each other; So that we may live as channels of your grace for others. In Jesus, name we pray. Amen. The Lord has indeed
done great things for us, as ‘our righteousness is one that comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God based on faith.’ The good news therefore is this: In Jesus Christ we are accepted, we are loved, we are forgiven. 
Thanks be to God!

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