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Predictive Maintenance as the first step towards Intelligent Assurance

Artificial intelligence is emerging the defining technology of our age, unleashing its potential in the telco industry. Predictive maintenance is already becoming a significant part of Comarch Intelligent Assurance and Analytics solutions. It empowers you, letting you control and monitor various network parameters, and shape services designed to raise levels of customer satisfaction. When enhanced with AI, it gets even better. Why? Being more efficient, more comprehensive, more accurate and faster than human beings, AI redesigns the entire service-monitoring process. We humans are now mostly decision-makers in terms of policy and strategic management tasks. The machines focus on operations. What’s more, smart and precise application of AI helps to optimize operational efficiency, providing continual service improvement. Depending on the level of AI involvement, machine learning algorithms can be used in the detection, decision, execution, validation and adaptation parts of the assurance cycle. In the open-loop model, humans still intervene. Within the semi-loop model, AI makes recommendations. Finally, the closed-loop model brings full automation. The reward of such deployment is improved operational efficiency, and Comarch is the partner best-placed to accompany you on your journey. Starting with automated situation detection that optimizes root-cause analysis, the Comarch solution facilitates third line of support efficiency improvement thanks to automated, optimized problem and anomaly detection made possible because machines can identify event patterns that humans might miss. We are at the beginning of an exciting journey, during which Comarch intelligence within Assurance can help you: Better understand complex telecommunications environments Support less experienced team members Take advantage of the knowledge accumulated in the system Make OPEX savings Choose Comarch and take the first step towards intelligent assurance.

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