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Progress Update (January 2020)

Hi everybody. Mark Wild, CEO Crossrail
here. I’m here to give you an update on Crossrail and the opening of the
Elizabeth line. It’s certainly our expectation to get this railway open in
the summer of 2021. To do that means that we need to get into something we call
‘trial running’ in the autumn of this year. We’re confident about that and I’d just
like to explain what it will take to get there. We actually had a very
productive 2019. Where we are today, well all of our electrical systems are
energised. The platform screen doors are installed, the train control software is
at a maturity that we’ve never really seen before and it’s stations like
Farringdon that I’m here today, you can see for once I’m not wearing a hard hat
or a high-visibility jacket. That’s because we are what we call PPE free and
a lot of our stations are at this point of completion now. So all in all we’ve
had a very productive 2019 and now it is the task of integrating all of these
systems and getting the Elizabeth line open. So we look forward to 2020. What’s
to do? Well we are committed to commencing what we call ‘trial running’ in
the autumn of this year. That is a pivotal moment because from that point
on the trains run at their full capability of 24 trains an hour and we
shake out all of the bugs and get the system with the highest possible
reliability. To get to the start of trial running in the autumn there’s still a
lot to do. The assurance regime on Crossrail of course is complex, challenging
and a lot of it is the integration of assets such as public address systems,
smoke alarms, fire suppression, everything actually that a modern digital railway
has and of course Crossrail and the Elizabeth line is at a scale that’s
certainly never been seen before in Europe and is the biggest thing to
happen in the UK railways for many generations. We of course will try to do
that as soon as possible. A lot of it will depend on how trial
running goes but we’re feeling very confident about the signalling and train control
systems, a really very good job done by the Crossrail team, Siemens and
Bombardier has put us in a very good position but for the first time we have
signalling train control software that we know will do the job and we’re very
confident about getting to trial running in the autumn of this year. So lots to do
in 2020 but certainly an exciting prospect
to look forward to as we get the Elizabeth line open. Thanks for bearing
with us. We know that everybody needs this railway and rest assured, we’re
doing our very best to do that. Thanks for watching and I look forward to
keeping you up to date in the future. Thank you.

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