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QA Consultants solves mobile testing red flags

So, we had a client that approached us
who was a financial institution an insurance company here in Toronto and
they were facing challenges with their delivery. They had engaged a big five
consulting firm to help them develop a new iPad application for their frontline
sales staff. Every time they would get a release from this big five consulting
firm it didn’t meet the requirements of what they were looking for one major
concern was that they were using a vendor to do the development but that
same vendor was doing the testing that’s something that we saw a red flag right
away. So, we went ahead and we got engaged we got one of our senior QA architects
who has a lot of strong experience in the insurance space and then not only
did she raise issues that she identified she also put together a test
strategy on how things should work. It wasn’t just about an iPad application
that front end user interface that they’re using, that was certainly one
piece to the puzzle, but it was also all the downstream applications as well,
the full end-to-end solution needed to be tested. Once we delivered that to them
they decided that you know is this something that you guys would be able to
help us with would you be able to actually perform this engagement
actually perform the actual testing? CRM, was a part of this integrations was a
part of this, reporting data, you know everything was a whole a whole bunch of
things that needed to be considered and you know obviously QA consultants this
is what we do. In our Test Factory, we have a test lab where we manage an
inventory of test devices, that’s everything from mobile phones to tablets,
watches, smart devices, everything. So, for this specific engagement it was for iPad
devices and we have a number of different combinations, of different
versions, different sizes, different OS, versions as well so kind of the full
coverage in that they needed to meet. So, for this specific engagement
they were looking for 15 different devices which was had different
combinations and we were able to supply all of those as a part of this
engagement. In addition to building out all of the
test cases we help them identify a regression test set, a smoke insanity
suite as well. So, they were able to add that to use those specific test cases
that they needed in order to complete additional cycles even when we’re not
there after we left there you still using those things today

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