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Quality Assurance Framework – Key Assets trial results

The Quality Assurance Framework focuses on safety, wellbeing and permanency. Key Assets were really excited to participate in the trial. I love using the QAF, as I think it’s really good to focus on a
child’s health and wellbeing and the way that it’s going to help and improve
a child’s outcomes. The SDQ questionnaire really fits well
into Key Assets practice because it focuses on the wellbeing of children and
young people. Probably one of the main benefits is that it uses and generates different questions for what we may think of in our day to day home visits. A lot of our assessments are done in written form so it’s really helpful to
have assessment where the carer and others external to social work can really see
how the child’s going how they’re tracking I really like using the SDQ …it’s been very beneficial. The key benefits of using this this in case planning, is identifying
children’s needs and if there’s been any gaps in their care. Key Assets approached the staff around the Quality Assurance Framework and especially around
utilising the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire with a level of excitement,
we saw a really good opportunity to use the tool overall in our practice when
working with parents to affect change in children and young people’s lives.

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