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Queensland BrewLab

The Queensland BrewLab
is the centre of technical expertise
for the Queensland craft brewing sector.
In the areas of quality assurance, sensory
and consumer science grain quality and new product development. Queensland BrewLab is going to offer brewers a whole range of services
that they currently can’t do in-house so the things that I’ve seen
today that would be pretty important would be things like access to a sensory
lab with proper cubicles and lighting. Consumers should really
be kept at the forefront of all product
development in order for it to be successful in the market place. Brewers are continually evaluating their products for consistency, for taints, as well as the suitability on the marketplace. Here we
have access to specialised panels both sensory evaluation panels as well as
consumer panels and through Queensland BrewLab the participants and brewers
will have access to all of those facilities. I always say that the
difference between a good brewer and a great brewer is measure and control and
the Queensland BrewLab offers a wide range of analysis services for brewers
to continuously improve their product. It’s widely known that the breweries
that are brewing high quality product are the ones that are growing most
rapidly in what is a rapidly growing industry and so those brewers who are
focused on quality, focused on great shelf-life will be able to access
markets not only locally but nationally and even for export. Queensland BrewLab
will also provide new and emerging brewers with a space to scale up their
current formulations or develop new products. The production space in the
Queensland BrewLab will be scaled for a double batch of up to 500 litres which
very neatly falls between small-scale home production and
full-blown factory production. We employ more people per litre than the
non independent brewers. If we can grow the independent
brewing industry then we can create more jobs in

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