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yo what’s this welcome today ray I
thought these champions may have been the ones right it it seems idle area is dying consumed
by war and discord this task now falls to you I have strength but you must
choose let’s do it l but oh I need that LP
thought so let’s do the hi so be it so be awaken warrior this is your
bastion from here you will summon them train champions to fight the dark one
and his shadow you have chosen your first champion but
one champion is not an army use a mystery shot to summon another champion
at the portal then the game sounds off Warners people in the chat already hi
random hi mr. glitzy man hi Seth how are you all
how’s everything going this weekend now you change to pray hang on subscribe to
help the paid up the steam heed subs foundation this was that yeah we started
earlier today you changed profile picture I don’t think we did I don’t
know if you’re talking to mania or somebody mr. glitzy man man I’m gonna do
it that’s no mystery shot someone blah blah blah ah I can’t press anything except press
to someone well random said settings but what did you do there
can you press that X button it’s like a main menu look for settings what I’m
looking for index champion chem five Oh
is it still like you know training crap because I can’t go anywhere except that
okay half so see it off King time I remember and gradually begin okay have
fallen into the shadow okay I have to help them then okay okay okay all right
still don’t see any touch to stop eleven generation blah blah blah basically I
have to help them so what do I have to do your host Pat crash when I have to
mouse all reason okay let’s queue to keep on maybe don’t
they do will not fall easily light out the place where I select him don’t really have a
team do i what do I do do emptied every next about me just
press next time see what happens if you show your champion anything match up
against a not really understand but sacimata I don’t have to do anything we just
watch okay victory blah blah blah and reward
okay okay what CP quite say can you hear us
fine over the game sounds I wasn’t talking there because just when I was
checking it on another device that sounded quite loud think Patsy did good
said set already off we got our first lg for life hello was that that was kind
haha you missed one hair industry man is here hello let me maybe you’re alive I
love you live streams thank you for joining Anna we actually started early
today same welcome to the an early stream for once
stink pants got up early so I’m still waiting for someone to let us know if
it’s too late out or not is you need to go for the still got to try and figure
out turn off the the game sounds so random says he can hear us kind says no
so which one is it stinky pants but then again k noise has issues the volume is
good so should we leave the game sounds on or
put on the music track over the top because they’re saying well at least
Anna and random both said it’s both good so I can hear you guys the volume is
good okay well that’s fine then maybe we’ll leave the game sounds on wait guys
put it out anyway well then you get in there and you do you stop stink pants
you the legendary gamer but you do what are you doing there grabbing at issue
when you’re meant to be attacking its do it automatically
I don’t have to do anything really Oh stool what it does it does have to press
okay I have to show us the right one I think say it’s not a you don’t actually
attacking it well you’re attacking but you don’t have to touch anything just
like you and me I don’t want to touch you get girl germs
ah stop touching me boys rule girls drool it says ready here we go
we’re gonna have all of the are g-body arch-nemesis Anna Remmel always on your
side random he’s sticking with the boys on
this one he’s gonna be on my side mmm-hmm yeah no no response to that day
you can choose game sounds or not it looks like our they say she’s saying you
can on whether you want to leave it on or not it’s up to us say he’s in a
fighting mood he’s always in a fighting made who likes creating many
arch-nemesis or never say it looks like so how’s everyone’s week and weekend
been so far we’re gearing up for Christmas scene it looks like but I know
if we’ve gotten way to you naughty or nice people in the stream are they going
to get their presents from Santa or maybe not
what do you think stink upgrade I’m on your side peanut thank you came no one’s
ever on my side particularly when it comes to the musical challenges they all
vote for distinct pants in the cap what do you think
vines one of those videos say not sure what you mean by that Seth if you could
clarify that a little bit and it says I’m on both you sides but girls are
usually right not in this household stinky what and I
said she’s on both sides but girls usually right haha
not in this household irony you and the cat aroma so she’s getting
universe snackies already we’re gonna left and men are at the right side paid
off would you be happy if you lived up to 105 years old a spicy fuzz in really
good health I mean we have longevity in our family I actually had two uncles I
think that your great-great grand uncle’s you’d call them they both lived
beyond 105 I believe without both in their hundreds I know that much so yeah
I suppose song is a stink pants takes care of me no you have to take care of
yourself will you be like in your you’d be 90 something then anyway your uncle
smoked like you 90 something mmm you play your game bad example because
men are always right peed outside is never wrong if you’re not on paid
outside our rate of stink pants I agree rude stink pants stink you take care of
me that’s what they’re saying you gonna do that stinky you’re gonna change my
adult diaper do you what do they call it douche bag what I think that’s the
technical term for it the douche bag what’s also worried if you call someone
a douche bag you’re a douche bag stink pants that’s a bit of an insult
what is it mean you may when you bein in that environment where they’ve got to do
stuff in a bag in the back what didn’t you say that made the old people’s homes
and their nursing you must have seen it what is the back it’s where they do
their business because they can’t control their bladders anymore you’re
talking about nappy not not a nappy it’s actually attached like you get a
catheter it’s a dude you have a catheter thing I don’t know whether we should be
talking you know you’re talking about the colostomy bag yeah like that I think
maybe the generic term or the layperson Simms douche bag because like how
pronounced colostomy like he’s thinking you just want one because you take lazy
to go to the toilet I don’t want that’s really great to have longevity you tell
him you stink pants oh Lima place is here how the hell are you uh yeah we’re
good thank you welcome to the stream again look at this we got nail Jay’s
left right in the center at the moment hmm Manorama was biased she likes saying
the girls cuz she’s a girl I’m inclined to agree with that well they she did say
on both our sides so I better not say too much there yeah make him some soup
and help him get to his room to rest CK knees he’s my he’s not my
arch-nemesis anymore he’s my ally he’s the Robin to my Batman
he’s the booboo to my Yogi Bear boo-boo are you ready for a picnic hello boo-boo
is that how he does it that’s my Yogi Bear accent stinky did you like that one
yes my response from the stink random random just wanted me here to hug you I
should have brought my boxing gloves man why did random do that you gotta be nice
random picking fights with everyone left right and center pierot that’s Chris yes
it is oh my god you and stinky a weird there’s no doubt about that you’re weird
I you’re a weirdo you stink pants well tell me you dump all their is I
don’t know why people have a problem with these sorts of things everybody
does it by night unless you cap done do you know that car team uh where the cat
and the dog are attached to each other that’s kind of cruel it’s a cartoon
though and it’s funny oh I watched the crew version one so then fades pirate
channel by subbing if you don’t sub peanuts channel will starve this is true
too well I don’t know if anyone wants to
talk about YouTube at the moment but jeez I’d like to get some things off of
my chest I don’t know if you guys have been
attention to all of the changes that are coming up one will be on the 10th of
December and another one’s going to be on the 1st of January not good news by
the look of it me and P dot no longer arch-nemesis that’s so true
Kane they get us started with giblets here that see I don’t start with the
giblets conversations think bears right but you’re gonna get in trying out on a
good modern came as a bad might here we go again yeah you and I YouTube’s
changing again and it’s not the I mean it’s early days to tell what’s really
going to happen you know what they’re like they sort of they’re not very
transparent although they’re trying to be a bit more transparent I guess with
in particular the change on the 1st of January but it’s got a lot of fear in in
a lot of people and it may have a big impact on us because I guess you’d have
to at least for now consider us a gaming channel oh and it’s gonna have big
impact on gaming channels by the look of it and say not good but I got a cat dog
sex noise cat dog he’s got a cat dog DVD collection I watched a lot of cat dog
when I was younger no I never watch I only watch the modify
grew some versions which is no good is there yeah you better not stop picking
fights with came random I have to back up so far if YouTube gets to be bad do
you mean two different backup channels on YouTube because I was looking at a
different website altogether however me Davis is here hello how are
you we got to welcome every need to the day oh geez she’s been turning up every
stream hello she’s on your side stink pants girl power there’s no size two
days what are you talking about what are you trying to do yeah that’s right we
shouldn’t be we shouldn’t be dividing people should be we’re all a team at the
Dale and how are you this weekend everybody
my singing says Seth nice singing says Seth stink pants when I was singing the
cat dog theme song because you think I can’t sing at all is that the response I
get gaming channels made you too big you are
not wrong at all my son’s watch cat dog when they were
young two different platforms Twitter and sound
oh yes say you can sort of I didn’t know you could upload videos directly to
Twitter I know you can do it on Facebook and Instagram so we’ll have to wait and
see and it is the gaming channels made YouTube big but the problem is they’re
going to force people to yeah this is if you guys stay mind me talking about this
a little bit they want us to categorize whether or not we target children and
they haven’t really defined that they just said kids in their description
people are assuming that means 13 and under and we ever range from you know
people our age and older mean ethion Jane’s is even older than us he’s well
we retired the youngest I can remember is maybe eight or nine years old so how
they’re gonna say yes we we do or don’t target children I’m gonna be interesting
to see what happens but it’s going to affect people’s income as well and not
that we have one yet I’m good thanks how you yes we’re good just enjoying a new
game here if anyone knows how to play it let us know the food the food is the
path my weekend is Bane okay how’s yours it’s been good stink pants actually got
up early for once didn’t you stinky I got up early because a cat jumped on you
know why’d you get up early I always get up I just don’t get out
not I constantly consider getting up meaning getting out of bed why is lying
in bed playing with you fine isn’t really getting up what are some Chinese
food and KFC Gator the table go on YouTube search are there starting with
the food already and eat until the stink pants is already
getting him to the what are you eating this time Mario’s she’s eating Oreos at
the moment you’re picking things that are quite noisy when you open the
wrapper and noisy when you crunch isn’t it stink oh he wants to see Jake
we loved the Jake’s you know that one random say fire away I need to get some
dinner we’ll look look until I return no worries let us know what you’re eating –
Anna we get tortured by food a lot in the streams so hopefully she’ll make me
jealous and then I can say hey stink pants you’re gonna make that for me for
lunch whatever it may be I already cook a lot yesterday whatever
you happen you said you’re gonna cook more today I already put one in the
freezer because I don’t think you’re gonna eat tomorrow fair enough
no I mean here we go with the water look at all of the hinge they’ve cut now you
got giblets you got water but hang on no everything’s from Australia from memory
surely you pronounced what are the same way I do unless you don’t have that
country draw don’t forget whom others from England so then how are they saying
water you say it again I think it’s water
you almost say it like I did a Pepsi Cola Cola what is that what is that
that’s funny I’m sorry if these benefits you’ve pretty say Jake look in the
mirror did that joke was directed towards here not wasting pants you want
to say Jake look in the mirror I got a Jake fire
your any does everyone know mr. whippy is or what’s the other
version mr. whippy or mr. mr. swirly mr. wait call it mr. whippy ah I don’t know
if they have another name in the States do you know who mr. whippy is well pal
gaming’s here how are you it’s great to have you in the stream as well as he
went Kim being so far I saw it pout gaming’s been playing a game that
we’ve downloaded but we haven’t played yet so I guess technically if we ever do
play it I’m already doing some research because I’ve been watching his gaming
he’s very very good guys you want to see a good game it check out powered team
whose channel they check us out now stinky you’re all right aren’t you
mr. glitzy man Red Lobster restaurant come now we don’t weed we don’t have a
Red Lobster but I’ve been to one when I went to the states you’d love it stinky
I want to go get a bucket of shrimp or something like that
what do you think after the commercial about Red Lobster Pete I’ll be eating
like a king after that and all that way you gotta back it up tree
why not lobster ah good question I don’t I oh so sweet the relatives they ordered
whatever and ebony says that you say water correctly
apparently I still don’t I went there for cousin’s birthday Red Lobster I
don’t know what mr. whippy is what’s the other one
mr. Softee do you know who mr. Softee is yeah they might call it mr. softy over
there when therefore don’t know what weepy is he I enjoyed watch you your LS
Brown oh yeah though we enjoy having you here as well powered gaming if you know
how to play this game we’d be happy to get some tips stop checking your phone
stink pants 1% what your birthday I don’t know you’re asking that – Seth
probably someone in the stream I hate seafood and she’ll feed nasty sounds a
lot like me Kane well though I like some of it not
all of it stink pants loves the stinkiest of seafoods don’t you you’re
all up in the seafood stinky isn’t it with your fish sauce and you whatnot and
that other thing that you have with the shrimp in it oh it smells so bad
we’re back with the water what is wrong with the way I pronounce water we’re
gonna have to put that on some match and dice one day I don’t know if you can
have copyright on water but all try trademark on what I do you think we can
do that ah stop sending text messages on your phone stinky app – is about my work
ah work snack I don’t have to do anything about this anyway
ran through flea three floors in my house to get my cha job
no he’s battery’s running low and he’s fine already birthday January the 14th
Fassett will have to remember that see you in the discord at all I think you
are they changed their names all the time so I really can’t keep up with
these who Manjeet my Nan’s here as well hello how
are you is their friend from India the LG – oh hello how’s your day been so far
and I welcome early for this train I like man I Jade we we lend from him a
lot ah what did you learn I’ll let the dipawali and Diwali are the same thing
in the last string I think it was a last string he didn’t educate me how do ya
random must have a big house basement starting kitchen room kitchen the living
room and bedrooms and then ran back and orgy we should be taking I should be
taking made of all of these birthdays so we can celebrate maybe even do a special
stream if we’re available but you laughter – as well in the the discord
say that I don’t forget but guess what I’m just gonna write some stuff down now
so that I don’t forget good luck we’ve already celebrated one Jenai that canes
don’t you remembered a late one oh boy a day
wasn’t bad and what is that August 5th why right that the 5th of August so
that’s one and then there was the other one Seth so I’ll have to try and
remember these stinking I’ve got to put that on stinky to remember ok they all
look like they’re American they do the month first makes no sense to me
it’s a 14th of January and the 5th of August not the dogus Oh January you know
if we if I could ever have a dream house I’d do it the American Way I don’t have
a basement I have an attic I’d have a den which is like a living room like a
second living room or something oh I’m starting the egapp already maybe doing
something I think he is it night for you guys no it’s some morning for us still
say normally we would because ThinkPads to say lazy and she’s like a bear in the
morning she doesn’t get up until about this time and then it takes her what an
hour or two to get ready because she’s a girl stinky hmm that she’s ignoring me yes say no it’s only 11 just a little
bit past 11:30 for us what time is it there let’s see that’s why I’m here in
the ring and kiss tink he’s texting that’s right and someone said something
funny what right I’m a bit gaming’s laughing and nightspots here
and he’s not saying what she’s not saying a lie to me they’re saying latest
stinkypants hello nightbot me yo every I don’t understand what that means at all
fake nights fake nights bit not sure what that means either
there’s the old food tags again but well yeah you’re not gonna get me today coz
stinky cooked so much good food yesterday and we still have a lot of
leftovers as well saying we’re sitting pretty today don’t we stink mm-hmm
classy bollocks is here how are you I remember classy he’s actually I’ve got
a reply to one of his comments cuz if I’m not mistaken class you actually
suggested to the Nintendo games I have a feeling that’s what his comment on one
of our videos said sorry and I should say he or she I assume Alex means he now
if that was you Alex can you just clarify that whether Nintendo games is
an actual game or whether it just means all Nintendo games so wait for that and
we’re good how are you what are you talking about Nintendo is just like he’s
saying yay did well Clash of Alex left a message saying game suggestion Nintendo
games which just want a bit of clarification on because if it’s
Nintendo games we don’t even have a Nintendo system doing so that would make
it kinda hot it’s mainly the mobile games that we’re playing at the moment
and I’ve got to think even though crow X ISM here his last
suggestion was great we’ve gotten more views on that than we in a week than we
ever have before so if you choose a really popular one like that because
that had 61,000 ratings or something on it in the App Store very very popular
well okay now I’ve missed a bit say where are we
food girl take 13 have many seconds to get ready for an event that’s true you
thought I wasn’t coming next they play war robots I love you stinky pants your
voice is very sweet sigh say something stink is that it that’s the one you like
you got a detain night pot no pot loves your voice yes I did any mean 10 day
game so we may struggle with it bright lightnings here hello how are you
we’ve got say many Dale days here at the moment
most of them at DOJ oh geez awesome to see it’s 6:00 a.m. in the
morning for Manjit well he’s up early in the morning in the morning
Wow everything is asking stink pants how are you I’m good thank you and you so
wait for an answer for that one random I’m doing a 10,000 dollar cab to give
away well I want in on that how do I read the system so I get the 10,000
although I don’t know what cab means so just might mean I want the actual
dollars American dollars would be even better
more like Canadians probably stronger than ours anyway it’s fine if you don’t
have a Nintendo system yeah no we we mainly do the the mobile games at the
moment because we’re cheap we don’t buy anything
having said that Diablo 4 is coming out and we’ve been contemplating whether or
not to get that because we’re both big Diablo fans are you really you like your
dad much B did like number two yep you finished that didn’t you yep so we may
do that and that’s one game we can play together say and all I don’t know if you
can get other people to do that online via the PlayStation you probably can
we’ll see what happens it’s unsubscribe I’m not gonna read that
out random stop picking on Kane this is a Jake Jake Kane tape II offended if you
do that you win and stop picking on attacking Peter your great guy thank you
so much for saying that ah see you’ve got you’ve got nightbot and a banana on
your side I’ve got Kane and Seth on mine we’re dividing Matteo geez now we’re one
big happy family here isn’t it and another water comment they love the
water that is gonna be another in Jake isn’t
it really that and giblets and everyone’s probably forgotten about
professionals wear gloves because we haven’t we
not late at a normal video for such a long long long time back for me what was
the what back for me what was doing for now that quite understand that one
bright many members come here to here stinkypants voice but I’m here for the
stream and both of you yeah we love mange mm-hmm isn’t it they here for your
voice and unites a meeting all you do is make funny noises really isn’t it then I
got a I’m not sure if I’m trying to think you ever it was that time stamps
the last stream they were awesome for doing that there was one moment in the
stream last life that was very funny oh you want me to mind me yeah my make it do you know how to do anything in this
game I don’t know what’s what I just know when I die like that
yes like that there you go well that doesn’t apply to this game yet keep
winning who don’t do the free minecraft I want to join your world track down
your IP find your address and visit either of here with your face this is a
joke oh dear I’m worried to be apprehended 13
peeps in the stream yeah looks like it I think pirata has his pen or pencil out
and his lake book by him writing down game suggestions this is very true
stinkies playing a game and patatas just drinking hot sauce and eating Jackie I
have no snackies at the moment on that night just let you guys know I’ve
actually set up a I don’t know what they call it on our computer better Excel
document I guess you’d call it to put down all of the games now say I’m not
just writing I do write them down on a pad and pen during the stream but then I
put it on that because I’m gonna have to show some people in discord to help
decide which games to play in the future I think okay I’m on your side Peter
buddy yes but he still likes your voice mange does
huh you barely get a comment out of here we don’t we’re on your side pal this is
great but they’re never on my side when it comes to the musical challenges I get
like three votes if I’m lucky unlike stinky who’s won every single
musical challenge so far maybe not the next one we don’t your call an amazing
stink pants your call that amazing you guys are awesome I’m getting a big
head big head I’m not gonna be able to fit through the door with my massive ego
now oh yeah and you fit through the door massive ego yeah no you’re humble aren’t
you stinky yeah the greatest greatest game commentator ever I agree with
everything you think yeah that’s more than one syllable that time good stuff
Peter now we’re on your side awesome got to go good luck Peter oh well thank you
for joining for as long as you did Seth I hope you have a fantastic rest of the
weekend pleasure seeing you again bill G for life bye
I haven’t played shadow legends yet says Clash italics say this is the first time
we’re playing as well Alex say it looks like no one in the stream actually knows
how to play this game or they haven’t played it say I was really humming and
hiring on which game to play for this stream this wire was kind of last-minute
say random couldn’t do the spoiler alert too early ha ha ha
I really didn’t decide until early this morning I loved I like love comments what that means Jessie age is scared
la Jessie look at this we’re getting over the regulars come meet sand every
stream love it and get to know each other through the chat non each other’s
channels by the way kids I know I visited everyone’s I don’t always have
the time to do it sorry for that but you guys join the discord if you’re not
already unit and talk to each other in the chat cuz they’re all great people
aren’t they stink hmm we’ve gotta we’re getting the dirty
laundry gang happening and it’s growing might have to give them all nicknames
one day ha ha ha if we can ever get the animators to do an animation for us on
the cheap nothing happy it’s gonna cost us a fortune to do that we’ll see what
happens dot XML skip don’t know what that means
join Pete outside look at out I’m getting I’m actually getting people to
back me up now sticky because you don’t comment enough then you fight with me
too much and they will be enough your honor not enough for you
thumbs up from the class of Alex I’m on both side says ebony what’s happening
we’re playing a new game like Jessie ages say if you know how to play raid
Shadow legends we’re happy to get some tips here but it looks like Stinky’s
been doing quite well have you actually been winning every time so fast you okay
because you know it’s easy first right and then rather than you might not win
every time and you have to do it again and again the tax I mean to gain more
experience and equipment Europe we know winner chicken dinner so far awesome
I’m on both sides what’s happening alright see you Peter buddy in the
musical challenge awesome well stink pants you have to do some
practice SATA why actually isn’t it we’ve got a I still haven’t worked out
what we’re gonna do because we we do have to go away for a little bit next
year do you know how long we’re going away for steam two weeks or something is
it not sure yeah I’ve got to have something lined up because YouTube
punishes you if you don’t do things on a routine and regular basis I’ve noticed
and we might not be able to stream during that time say I gotta try and get
some videos organized so we could upload them when we’re over seas we’ll have to
see what happens some on both sides up with Gian way behind in the chat wait
did I sue I’m Way behind sorry guys let me just catch up on the chat now
you’re sure I can’t be on the stinky side because she’s my arch nemesis yes
came that’s right stinky smells like a skunk true to rape the game one out of
ten dude can you give it a rating yet or you don’t know yet stinking random love
spoiling the games there wait did I suggest this game this was suggested a
long time ago I remember downloading this game quite some time ago so I can’t
remember who recommended it but if it was UK and shout out to you
evany there’s no secret message in there my message as a secret message I’m like
yours yeah random does do that and put secret messages in his gibberish stuff I
played rain shadow legends oh Jessie I didn’t know that there is a game called
raid shadow legends is it like this one more different or what just clarify that
for us who suggest this game random might have yet could have been either of
you guys bright says apologies I can’t stay around and busy where I am enjoy
the stream everyone else here well thank you for joining anyway bright we
appreciate that he’s a great supporter you haven’t checked out his channel
already go check it out you know just like doing this why I remember asking in
the last stream what he means and I can’t remember someone didn’t tell me
but it’s it’s new the kid the young people or younger people of today use
all of these language that you know I don’t know where it comes from water
means if you heard no I see it a lot but how you spelled it it’s like thats a big
use small w big you that’s how they write it oh that’s that’s like a face
why does this and what’s it main like happy face sad face yeah show me it
again we will yeah so that’s a mouth and this is the eye
and what is the main lane eyes good positive emotions the way my secret
message Shia played everyday video is what does that mean when do you play CAC
Peter buddy so Christmas come around we definitely yeah they’ll definitely be
a stream around Christmas we try to sort of leave it to any kind of special event
at the moment and the main reason for that is we’ve been given so many game
suggestions that it’s taken a long time to get through them all and we kind of
have to mix up clash of clans with these other games see that you get a wider
audience as well having said that so many people played clash of clans we may
end up I’ve been contemplating doing this whether or not I should do a
midweek stream without stink pants and then that may be a clash of clans one
the only downside to that is to get the kind of use that we do on our streams
you need time to allow for it to grow you during the week if that makes sense
saying we’re still and not sure if you guys would get sick of seeing two
uploads a week you know I know that when people upload everyday sometimes subscribers are not they’re just gonna
not turn on the notifications or just not watch as many videos because you’re
just uploading all the time so no answer to that love to hear your suggestions
regarding that and saying let us know and same with the ALF than you’d like to
see clash of clans Kane’s once in a while it’s copy okay boomer who it’s a
face yes say everything just clarified that and clashes doing clashing alex is
doing you after anyway I boom is another one that’s a really recent one people
have been saying boomer what do you know what that means
I mean I know what are you talking about say I know what a baby boomer is which
is a generation above like my parents generation yeah and your pets
yeah they’re baby boomers yeah but I don’t know if they’re using it because
we’re not baby boomers even though we’re much older than them they’re still my
baby boomers so clarification on what a Boomer is as well a beer boy we’ve got a
Jake now our bear walks into a restaurant and says I wanna grill dot
dot dot dot dot cheese huh the way that says what’s with the pause
the bear says what do you mean I’m a bear yep maybe you gotta read it bear
walks in the restaurant says I want a grilled cheese and then the way this is
what’s with the pause and the BS is what do you mean I’m a big pause PA AWS pause
lasting pants you don’t get any jokes Bobby it’s called a find as in school
today wouldn’t that be a Saturday or a Sunday
feed depending when you are like Jesse maybe he’s got Sunday school who knows
wait for a clarification on that oh wow look they’re all phases I know so
there’s a number of them I only know smiley face and frowny face
they’re coming up with more of them these days whatever boomer boomer is an
old person a grandpa like you you peed on instinct pants but no guys we’re not
boomers baby boomers they are they’re taking that from baby boomers for sure
and that’s how parents generation not our generation I can tell you now I’m
Jim what am i a Gen X Gen Y no I’m not Gen Y if you don’t su a boomer no okay
no I’m pretty sure that’s not our guys I think I’m a Gen X and what are you Jen
why I have no idea you might be a Gen X to you but yeah we’re not baby boomers
my goodness they’re all the old retiree ones that were born you
know after World War two around that time Marissa there you go hey peanut
buddy I have shared your channel in my COC what’s up great thank you for doing
that man G I really appreciate that love man G he’s helping out the channel like
this day tomorrow three cheers for man G I know chance yes
yes that’s funny I’m not a previous stream she got my
jokes now she doesn’t sing pants what’s going on
well it’s getting harder you said you might stream midweek but would oh yeah
well that’s true like Jessie’s say I think maybe can I say this without
sounding like cocky arrogant but how do I know well all I want to say is I hope
that these guys actually look forward to the streams I know two of them one of
them does two of them maybe say that it’s something to look forward to once a
week and then hopefully it builds up the suspense and anticipation of your
wonderful commentary stink you hear that wonderful commentary
people that stink pants for you stinky he that’s funny
beers something walks into a buffet he eats a lot of food the manager asks why
are you eating all this food and the bear says this is a buffet though and
the bear eats even more the manager complains the manager complains again
the joke is so long I can’t say it here I don’t get it I do look forward to
watch your livestream there yeah there’s another one Jesse one of the day LG’s
pretty much everyone’s a dlg in the stream I’ll say it in the discordant
Keys so I’m not going to get the end of the Jake until I get a discord Thank You
stink pants and think you paid up buddy you’re really great persons Manjeet
spirit kind isn’t he wonder if he’s like a Gandy incarnate
Gandhi or Gandhi Gandhi I I don’t know how you pronounce it correctly I’m gonna
say how would I say God and now they’re gonna make fun of me saying that
probably water water’s fine everyone loves water great persons
always look forward to the stream there’s another one I’ll look forward to
watching this dream I every off I’m gonna start tearing up now stink pants
okay do it cuz I gotta look at you I would say I’m so teary-eyed now cuz I
got a little good stick bats I look forward I can’t say the jakey
cause it’s too long and here we go with the food spam again pandas breakfast was
what is that looks like it should be bamboo shoots I guess cuz that’s what
pan is ate peanuts breakfast is all junk food canes got all the food they’re
walking aboard a water water your pronunciate it was right it’s Gandhi
their game hmm he’s a great man he was there there are
there’s some things about his personal life that may not be highly regarded but
he still did a lot of good stuff that’s what I say okay ain’t you stinky more
good stuff than I’ll ever do in a lifetime
even though I’d like to they’re doing this famine is with all the emojis at
the moment feet up the stinky does stinky tu resemble an onion kiss your
tiara tearing up she smells like an onion that’s a stinky onion girl
stinking no honey he’s an Indian freedom fighter that’s right did the did the
passive protests when you know there’s call for an uprising Gandhi said no
peaceful do it in a peaceful way which is something that we should strive
towards now I hope I don’t get into trouble with YouTube on this one
yep your troublemaker am I even allowed to say American president or are they
not gonna like that because it’s and I’m not even talking about the current one
that there was I watched a video that had one of the American presidents
talking about what’s happening in the world today and calling out people
online and through social media and that sort of thing and saying how it’s not a
not but it’s not a good thing but don’t think you’re changing the world for a
better for the better just by doing that and I agree
so like doing they can’t use talking about canceled culture saying that it’s
not a good thing because all you’re doing is getting the masses call
somebody out and then they think they’re doing better for the world just by doing
that and they’re not and that’s true like you want to improve the world
around you you’ve got to be proactive about it do something like plant a tree
or pick up some garbage or stick up for somebody that’s being picked on that’s
all being proactive see what I’m saying stink pants mm-hmm no comment okay
stinky got nothing for me well hello yeah we’ve got more people
are joining I’m Way behind in the chat again just bear with me a my friend is
here gives stink pants and put up water water water water water again hello I’m
Indian hello Naveen welcome to the stream all away from India awesome to
see you how’s the weekend been so far kane says a mum walks into the mall
mmm-hmm she went to buy an expensive makeup she has their son with their and
the son says mum can we go to the arcade mum says no son no mum says knowing son
says why mum says we don’t have enough money already that’s right
hello I’m Jesse he’s saying a lot other people in the stream there I think so
the mum went to the a tub is more he sees started laughing with Jake haven’t
finished yet so the mum went to the ATM machine
and she received millions of dollars Naveen says I’m here from Manjeet site
he shared your channel in what sir awesome man jeep can’t thank you enough
for that be very supportive of the stream got another there I’ll let you
guys know now that believe it or not the most views we geta from India we get
more views from India than any other country by a long way and then some of
the other countries might surprise you Indonesia is right up there Kazakhstan
is up there Russia’s up there and then America
rounds out the top five so kids have water
Payoneer me told you guys the goods I came running in your stream I will
appreciate that Naveen let us know where you’re up to these days I’m done sending
the joke I’m Michael Samuels is here from clash of clans hang on Michael
Samuels is this album Michael Samuels one of the AG’s in Clara remember Mike
Samuels from the clan from Western Australia if I’m not mistaken yeah is
this you because if you’re still in the clan you’ve changed your name again
hello peace in the clan at the moment from wi because i know that they’ve
changed their names I have a feeling like you might be there mmm-hmm but
definitely Mike Sam Moore Mike Samuels the name is gone but the name might have
changed so just clarify that for us yes it is indeed says Michael Samuels Wow
awesome guys this is one of the original members from when there but in clash of
Clan yeah when the clan actually started he’s one of the first ten members to
join he used to hate me and I cuz I was quite harsh to those guys at the start
right we had rules if they didn’t follow the rules Michael even had his dad in
the clan – wow wow your men back in those days I’m trying to think of he’s
the name that it’s going to annoy me now I’ll try and
remember it okay say is that one spear with me I’m
still behind in the Chad here well water water step of user coming from the
Russian websites the repost your videos yes I think they are say we get a lot of
Russian websites I see it in the analytics as well
thumbs up for you guys from my side thank you well thank you Naveen that
helps us a lot so we appreciate that oh it’s coming ah so how long is Michaels
handles been in the clan these names finger ATP ah who’s been in the clan for
how long I didn’t even know that was you Michael they iPod buddy sees my friend
say how do you two know each other is it through school or university or work
I’m assuming it’s through school in the same grade together it’s great to see
you guys hanging out online in the stream that’s awesome maybe if we end up
playing a game while we play or play clash of clans it sounds like might
might have to do that but I don’t know how they can play with us in clash of
clans yeah that’s right / I remember / aha except I was like gunman Ross but /
he stopped boring so we had to beat him out cuz he didn’t change she’s setting –
not warring otherwise I’d be happy to have a slash back / it was awesome he’s
one of the founding fathers of the clan fuck
oh yeah he’s actually a dad too if supercell does not bring back global
I’ll call a Finland police and arrest the supercell employees that’s a good
point came I’m still it’s not good if you have a small clan you are going to
struggle with this new system and we had a lot of infighting say stink pants was
telling me after the last clan war League everyone was complaining
complaining the people weren’t attacking and by the same token they complain when
it’s 15 vs. 15 and then they get booted out and someone puts
themselves in this like no pleasing everyone is there thank you please
everyone that’s right say he’s a little bit lazy like stinky
pants he is little asleep so he went back to sleep big a you’ve got someone
just like you came in to say hello minutes now I’m going back to bed haha
but it is early for mandates I can’t you know you you die leads weren’t even open
at 6:00 a.m. what if clash of clans they bring global
I will continue to bully game I don’t think even if they brought it back that
came it’s random and stop bullying came we know each other from clash of clans
and I’m not a schoolboy I’m in college I think Manjeet said that in the
previous stream as well college didn’t you don’t have to answer this if it’s
too personal but I’d be very curious to know what you’re studying you may have
told me the last stream I’ve got to apologize in advance I’ve got very bad
memory isn’t it stinky Pete up back when the Town Hall 11 came out did the Eagle
artillery had like a laser pointing and it came down and shoot out one ball like
thing from it I can’t remember I think maybe it did the Eagle artillery and
channel living came out come ma how did it Zack I think if you look at one of
our old streams that might show you because it’s like definitely these knees
I don’t know I can’t remember how it was then know how it is now but I did stream
as a town all 11 say there should be or even posted videos as a town on 11 so
maybe it’ll show on one of those I don’t know sting pants I like how you barely talk
let’s say that ever me that I just encourage you not to talk anymore
why not stink she just be sarcastic yeah that you got to talk more stink pants
what do you want me to talk about tell us about ya crazy antics say something
funny you’re funny we’ve gotta think of
anything people don’t realize how funny distinct panties
particularly when we fight it’s funny and she’s I try and get at a fight with
me during the stream she won’t do it she just fight with me in private why
don’t you stink nobody I can tell you what I’m studying after all you guys my
friends like you’d never be angry on me awesome so just waiting to hear what
that might be Michael Samuel says that hasn’t played
in a couple of years but I’ll see if I go in twos under his accountant Linda I
guess technically Michael I don’t know whether I should be calling him finger
ATP or Michael or Mike Sam he’s gone by a few different names already ah save
any saying food to talk about food what are you gonna feed me when we go
overseas I’m not thinking of doing a you know food montage for these guys so I
can torture them back and say look at what I get paid
you name a dish that I haven’t had yet do you think I’d like I don’t think
you’ll like I named a lot of fish that you don’t not gonna like it
yeah you name a dish and then say what it’s anything within the organs you’re
not gonna like I’m not gonna like inner organs this is a real no it’s not just
Asian thing like Westerners do it to you but it’s a real acquired taste to have
you know I don’t know mentees name and Jake let us know Dean India hmm speaking
of which I found a being a naked and afraid’
new series that you haven’t watched on YouTube they’ve got another XXL one
where they’ve got like you know nine ten twelve people in it I have to watch that
mr. glitz man says fuck the poo don’t need subs foundation by subbing everyone
food says M&E hashtag fortnight is getting banned a youtuber channel
you tuber cheated at the game and got permanently banned see this is what I’m
talking about these changes that are going to occur on YouTube now biggest
problem at the moment is we’re desperately trying to get monetized
before the changes so hopefully it makes it a bit harder for them to I don’t know
if it will make it harder but you know hopefully they’ll be more accepting of
what we do but we’re still last time I checked there’s I think five hundred
something hours to go on watch time so it’s not that far to go it’s probably
another half a dozen streams or so but trying to get there before Christmas but
who knows if we can get there before January and be better because that’s
when these big changes are coming okay dudes and dudes I need to go I’ll join
you later take care stinky pants do change stinky pants and be do be more
stinky be more stinky says Mandy okay you didn’t have to put up with there
last night then I have stinky she was everything you go to KFC if you’re
hungry are they talking about the junk food again you know you know I get
minutes junk food we’ve got so much good stuff in a home haven’t we mm-hmm
yo don’t call for time they got too much good healthy food at the moment I am
looking forward to having some new stuff but not be you know organs not into that
at all it’s finger lickin good this is true actually on that note I got a
couple of school friends that we’re gonna catch up with next week a little
group of friends then they’ll have you know a couple of times
mm-hmm so be looking forward to that I dare say we’ll end up going to the
places we went during our childhood they like reliving memories hmm KFC’s lastly
yeah it’s not like healthy for you I have to say he’s like mmm but I like
wicked wings yeah well I was actually stink pants I was talking about
eating inner organs because she likes them so did Manchin answer uh he had
because I didn’t answer your question we have to find out next time okay okay if
say his chicken isn’t it yeah if you are playing this game what kind of character
will your shoes always geez like the barbarian you know the Diablo character
what say like a big barbarian day well they have like Dark Elf high elf which
I’m choosing high elf yeah they got oak and they got like some
kind of sacred sword man no sword woman he’s the big muscular guy though awk
I guess I’d be the orc oh okay making my mouth water now mashed potatoes and
gravy stinks as cane that’s her favorite from don’t know it dgt means mac and
cheese but I actually don’t eat that a lot neither do i I can’t big favorite
with some people but two meats and I guess maybe kids like it more or lay
adults definitely like it but it’s very popular with children but even when I
was a kid I didn’t need a lot of mac and cheese you know one of my friend she’s
Lebanese but she was born here in Australia and throughout her life I
think roughly 20 years so never have mac and cheese never never
she doesn’t know what it means mac and cheese so after that we just show her
okay how about this you eat this you know the ships mac and cheese Megan
sweet flavor oh that’s not the same thing that’s not even close I’ve had
those chips I don’t taste like mac and cheese and look we’re making have any
hungry now Yuri if it had more to it like bacon and stuff then I’d really
like making cheese so I told her oh you’ll be
alright I never have chicken parm I either and
she’s like what is that oh you did you gotta have a chicken a good chicken
parmesan monday stinky it’s one of my mates favorite meals to
have it out what is it actually it’s like a chicken schnitzel
it’s got a tomato not Bolognese but like a Napolitano I guess sauce you’d call it
on top mm-hmm and then slice the ham and cheese
on top sounds like a burger baby now bodies
yeah without the bun sort of I guess everything Gator McDonald’s and by
quarter pounder 10-piece chicken nuggets Pepsi for a drink and a Big Mac she’s
kind snot tank urging healthy eating at all is he I don’t think she’s that big i
healthy aiding me you could do that they couldn’t you stink your food Packer I
can’t believe how easy this game is he really don’t have to do anything there
you say how does it work you just choose but you have to kind of what do you call
a skill and hatched like this one I don’t think I gonna win so he gonna kill
me the big boss yep so then you have to
redo it again to gain more skills and I got some gem and whatnot he better climb
stuff they have a guy everybody’s saying Dade healthy get a salad and more time you put that on a t-shirt
od got Klan as well I can join the Klan yeah you can join other people member
one out of 30 maybe not Matt what there’s a whole ape
of the man I was hoping that there’d be other people name a stream that played
it cuz I love it when they join us live like in the pixel 3d game
you know yet couldn’t didn’t have enough spaces for the number of people that
wanted to join and we’re gonna have to stop talking about water because of the
way I pronounce it probably say instead of say what is a cordial is that a
neoprene it’s pronounced cordial they probably don’t even know what I’m
talking about why they’d call it what would they call
I don’t think they call it cordial in America oh then what do they call it
flavored drink ah what water flavored drink sweet water water
I don’t know what they call it that’s why every new you knows what I’m talking
about do you call it cordial air came do you even know what I’m talking about
what cordial is I love quitter oh that’s funny
well I used to love it but I don’t drink it anymore
I’d say says noisy so it’s like a how did you describe it sugary syrupy you
grab water and you put these swipe stuff in it do you have the name of the brand
like black khat ease as well cody’s makes clothes for something big
foods big foods makes cordial so basically it’s a very concentrate kind
of juice concentrate juice yeah and you know flavor and sugary so you just put
like 1 centimeters in your class and then you put the rest what yeah all
right I’ve got a story to tell you now it’s what about sprinkling water says
mr. glitzy man what do you mean sparkling water
sprinkling water here it’s a spring what it’s colored water says ebony maybe they
call it sprinkling water a water that has flavor that’s right now let me tell
you about pink pants had never had cordial I think
before she met me was they had but we don’t have it here like back to my
hometown we have our own things and different flavor right cuz when she came
and stayed with me for the very first time she said what’s this and I said
it’s cordial can I try some she said oh really okay
she poured herself a whole glass of it yeah yeah he poured a whole glass and
started drinking before I could I got out no wait
and she had already taken a mouthful now then you should have seen her face my
goodness if you get a puckered up face because things are sour you can get the
same thing when you drink straight cordial oh my goodness she’s like that
is what the heck is that how can you have something that Slade
like well you didn’t let me finish stink pants you gotta add water you can’t just
have straight cordial and she said what do you mean I said for this class you
put in like less than oh I’m gonna use centimeters here but you know half an
inch or whatever of cordial or sprinkling water and then the rest in
water they’re stinky pants she’s crazy what understand work or do so I thought
oh it’s just another type of flavor water you know not concentrate you need
to dilute it it’s concentrated and then I did because I thought it’s just
another flavor which is really yucky since say Ratna Francaise I did the
stupidest thing ever since I didn’t have a case I wrapped my whole phone with the
tape it’s another joke what seeing is you didn’t have a case for the funny rap
the whole thing and take oh the volume buttons were going crazy the vibrator
was triggering like crazy then my phone crashed and restarted trying to get the
tape off that’s funny tinfoil hat too random
tin foil wrap maybe not my tinfoil hat that’s what I’m saying
whatever he’s dying of laughter I think either because of what random did with
these phone or the fact that you drank straight cordial and I would like to
know if anyone knows what tang is denoting yes I know
have you ever had it straight Oh what it’s a powder and I put a spoonful of
Tang in your mouth I know maybe you should try that you happy tea in
Australia we used to see you I haven’t seen it for why I haven’t looked for it
but we might still have it unless it’s been bad
why bad stuffs not good for you I’ve had kool-aid is really bad for you
we don’t have that here they’ve got that in America they they serve it up to
their prisoners as its basic kool-aid is like cordial except that I think it’s
also a powdered thing a thing no color tan what’s that mean color 10 Tang is
what I was saying the stink pants thing that’s all right I laughed – ebony if
you can imagine stink pantsed he’s going for straight cordial we’re sprinkling
water kool-aid whatever you want to call it you’ll wait I tried to warn you but
you just too fast it was like don’t do and she’d already taken a mouthful you
get a smile on your face now don’t you stinky we’d call a Yakko ladies apart
powder but I’ve heard it’s not good for you the prisoners this was from watching
a prison show a prison documentary that they reckon that they get really bad
health effects from drinking too much kool-aid why did it do that because
that’s what they get served oh really yeah in their prisons they give so it’s
like a cordial yeah but powder like Tang bit sweet so
at all do is gonna be like concentrate yeah now I
have it concentrated but yeah then there’s also dangering the kool-aid
which I don’t know if I should be mentioning now this is something that
happened to me in history that’s not good
kool-aid juice kool-aid juice or the one you squeeze it on water which one
kool-aid juice or the one you squeeze it on water I think they get just a packet
version in the prison all right say oh now I’ve seen it pre bottled as well
like they’ll shade this is the kool-aid this is what they give us say there is
something about it’s not good feel liver or kidney or something like that and I
maybe bought both why which which you put into a large cup thing whatever it
is and add sugar and enjoy stink pants have just tanked I agree we won’t have
to go to the shopping center and get some straight tang
I don’t like Tang yeah it does doesn’t it tastes is to drink a bit of it when I
was a kid then I had it once as an adult and when I can’t believe I used to drink
that as a kid huh stink pants this type of thing yes getting encouraged more and
more disturbed straight Tang there stinky cane saying yet go go down to the
supermarket gets up is it sour yeah I would imagine that even when it’s
diluted with water its salaries and it tastes like an artificial sour orange
drink it doesn’t play sweet it’s just to ID if you show that I don’t like you
it’s got that Tang eNOS – and hence the name – well it tastes slate says random
he loves sour things puto drink a bowl full hang on I thought we
were trying to encourage stink pants to do it not pooed on I don’t know everything’s still laughing at us I
don’t know whether it’s again because of what you do once you’ve done a few ugly
you just say the word that normally I don’t say that way which one hard no no
no no start with Jay Jay Jim nope do you go nope
Jambo what we just talked about juice oh yeah how do you say juice juice that’s
not how you say it say it do we yeah you do Jewish that’s
how you say it orange juice juice but you’re probably
right you know I mean you pronounce the letters ju i singing juice yes that’s
why it turns out that way but you said juice yeah which is a different tone
right it is and plus there’s no obeying pronounce their juice yeah why not a
silent blink again that’s the thing is it just like salmon I also before he
writes a foul one which with L that means why wouldn’t I be correct why
would that as a the way I would say it is salmon which doesn’t look anything
like it’s spelt no it doesn’t sound anything like it’s spelt breathe you’re
not breathing we’ve got Evan Ian stitches at the
moment what do you think stink hmm you haven’t got any great quite ceased rain
like the last one what are you talking about you got that great quote from the
last rain myth where the guy time stamp that I thought it was pretty hilarious
when I had it like stinky you’re on fire we need to put you out like a bushfire
I’m sorry for the crinkling bit stinky you’re hungry that’s not me that’s food
on don’t blame me we’re on it’s such a small hole you made
a big one Oh what color did you get that I want that talent that doesn’t mean
your space to go sneaky sneaky isn’t it odd that I say this on YouTube
all the time where people just eat and drink what they’re doing videos why is
that you wouldn’t be able to get away with it unless it was part of the script
on TV or in a movie but for YouTube anything goes I hear a candy wrapper yep
there what are they called snakes with 25% less sugar snakes are good and you
don’t miss the 25% more sugar I can tell you that they’re still kind of sweet now
Cain says do another pixel 3d stream again cuz stink stink is drawing the
shooter arch-nemesis called the doc that’s you did have the arch-nemesis as
a doctor new and let’s face it we had that many good plays in the stream for
that one everyone that was in the team was pretty spectacular playing the game
this is why the first person shooter one’s a as long as they play it now
because I was almost going to do I get you to do another first person she doe I
had one lined up this is why I was humming and hiring I’ve narrowed it down
to about four games this morning and then basically through all the names in
a hat and picked one out oh man you’re doing this everybody’s still laughing stinky you’re funny you’re not really
boring boring old grandma hey gun in the game man keep upgrading because I can’t
win Oh what I thought you were winning all along I told you it’s getting harder
oh look everything he says this is to try and Vegemite delicious yucky I keep
telling you it went the first time you tried it and particular get this I
bought Vegemite fur from my in-laws for stinky pants as for
emmeline and they grabbed a spoonful of it ate it and then threw it out how rude
throughout my gift all away from this country to theirs they thought it some
prank oh my goodness you just need to know how to eat it you
have if it’s on toast grab yourself as much butter as you want
spread that on the toast and then when it comes to the Vegemite thin very thin
layer you you really don’t need much a tiny bit of Vegemite goes wrong way you
still got to have some on the knife there to spread on it just a tiny it’s a
smidge a smidgen of Vegemite and the number of times I’ve seen people online
Americans in particular let’s try Vegemite and then they poopoo it and say
how disgusting it is that’s because they put too much on and when you try to
actually no I don’t think you ever tried it in front of me because you had it
before you met me right huh you’d have Vegemite before you met me trying to get you to eat it and you’re
like no and I said he’s some taken back to your relatives and you said that
won’t like it Vegemite so awesome you just need it and
a you know try it on pancakes if you like put a little bit I’d like pancake
and it’s thank you that’s why I don’t want to let your mind can we have
pancakes today no no okay you got so much out of crap and sitting what
what is Sevigny sister try dagwon what the heck is that
it’s Vegemite God’s gifted food be right back she had no butter or bran I see
evany she got it wrong miss it nice eat Evan he just said this is why people
don’t like Vegemite she had no butter no bread just ate it off the spoon just
like your relatives that’s not our yet Vegemite even Australians are going to
struggle to do that even if we love it we’re going to struggle to have it like
that and it’s good in cooking too that’s the thing you’ve never had a
rigid Vegemite meal like when you know you had to say for example like
coca-cola wings from KFC oh yeah you can have Vegemite not as a spread like that
but you put it in as part of the ingredients of something else to make a
sauce very very nice if you get the right recipe more if you don’t have the
holes but people when you get your Vegemite donated straight and use very
very wet you’re talking a tiny amount it’s one of the great it’s like hang on
that ain’t calling men veggies say no mental black you would think about it
it’s molasses-based yeah you would put it in the same family as what they would
call jelly we call a jam no it’s not the same but it’s something that you spread
on toast say butter jam messy sweet yeah it lasts long which is fermented and
it’s bit salty it’s a Sun all right look peanut butter jam or jelly whatever you
call it if you’re American call it jelly if you normal person call it jam no one
laughed for that Vegemite seem the same category I only
put on toast prieser food that’s what I’m calling it you probably give you if
you put enough of that spread over some food it might actually keep it for a
long time because it’s got a very high salt content to it it’s delicious
salt on the bread if it’s not back that’s that I can’t breathe again I’m
making our laugh what’s Vegemite yeah you do you have it on bread and toast
with butter that’s the way you start not straight from the spoon
think of it like peanut butter but unlike peanut butter that you can get a
big heaping I like peanut mother it tastes bad I’m not gonna convince anyone
Vegemite is great you’ve just got to do it very spare you either love it or hate
it the and I hate it spin and think what what something that you have paper thin
like a crepe what’s even thinner than a crepe crepe
yeah yeah yes spread it like air nothing hey you
got to think of something that you just you know where you grab like a pinch of
salt or selling or a pinch of pepper you know I have like a lot of pinch of paper
and I’m fine with that are you putting a lot of pepper I got to
think of something when you use a very tiny amount you know where you don’t be
like saffron right no one uses a lot of saffron in their cooking because it’s so
expensive so they treat Vegemite like saffron it’s
it’s a delicacy it should be worshipped by the rest of the world
ah Wow there you go heaven he says Vegemite is good became if you had
Vegemite you know don’t think you have you got a trying on you know my mum and
dad my uncle sister or uncle I wear uncle P dot Narnia stink pants try some
Vegemite have it with some hot sauce so I can eat it out of the jar what is
saffron we were watching this yesterday on TV oh you don’t know saffron yeah
random doesn’t say saffron is the like is ingredient just like vanilla beans
yes but what is it if a whole lot different level of expensiveness and
rare so it’s it’s a rare item do you call it the stamen part of the flower I
call it in English I think it’s sustainment don’t quote me on that but
it’s like the they pick a flower and then that stamen which is a middle bit
gets pollinated if right so it’s that part
it’s one of is it the most expensive ingredient in the world or one of one ah
bless they weren’t off to be safe they say it might be they I’m gonna hazard a
guess just like I’ve had it it has it but you
have to pan picked it yeah you have to have use machine and you got to be very
careful when your hand pick it to you so that you can tell what’s the real
saffron and what isn’t because they they serve up fainting or sell fake stuff as
well stinky is not my arty she’s my grandma
hear that your grandma’s ding pants okay what’s
that granny baked some cookies that’s right
now this granny doesn’t make cookie kids granny played granny didn’t your granny
I need already two times that’s right yeah right get ha say we were watching
some Iran Iranian cooking from Iran mmm it was very interesting they had some
awesome looking dishes we have to try and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an
Iranian restaurant yeah there must be one somewhere we have to have a look
always curious to try new foods is an instinct pants what would you guys
always well not for me not always are you’re pretty adventurous there’s not a
lot you won’t try what something you wouldn’t cry but you might maybe you did
try it see maybe something with what do you
called it mutton I don’t like it what what I didn’t try because I didn’t know
it yeah would you eat mutton from that Indian place you like the Indian food
already it’s just like and they they slow cook it I don’t know that it would
be that strong flavor of lamb it’s really strong yes stronger than lamb
tastes just like lamb you haven’t tried yet even he says stink pants stinky you need
to talk more polite talks more than you that’s right stink what do you got to
say for yourself make me carry the streams make me play the games you’re
not playing the game I’m playing it right now no I’m playing I’m playing that’s right I talk too much no one
wants to hear me they won’t come for the stink pants because I’m not tall because
you’re funny because you’ve got a nice voice unless I
put on my deep radio voice but when I put on my deeper radio voice it goes a
little bit softer and more quiet Mike so Exley’s yeah how are you welcome to the
stream again x-rays x-rays like one of the dlg AG’s been around for a long long
time sounds like everyone here well repeat
you are on repaint more today ah just because they’re old ALJ’s that’s the way
I look at it I have you bein XA it’s been a while since we’ve set alight but
he up to on the weekend and as you wake Bain and let us know talk to us about
something exciting because I’m getting bored by stink pants yeah boring boring
stinky pants first I think stinky is looking at Potok weirdly she always
looks at me with idli Tai Chi stink pad says some how do I put it
classic looks you got some very entertaining looks when you’d stare at
myself and the cat sometimes that’s your stinky stink pants at Vegemite just
Vegemite we’ve still got some in there we’ve got some in the cupboard you’ll pay me for it I ate it I’ll pay
you to do it damn add in the strain right now oh
you’ll pay me with my money yeah I’ll give you some time not you what don’t
mean because it’s your money anyway yep Kane wants me to do the radio voice
again what do you think about this when I try and do it a little bit lower but
it gets quieter that’s the only thing welcome to the sounds of the 80s where
funky music is your home do you like that stinking my home yep
yeah busy in exam prep feels nice to be here say is this sorry I can’t remember
exhale I’d think you he or she might have to do what do I do
I think this is where you gotta take it in turns on that one stink
what exams have you got coming up you don’t have to answer that if it’s too
personal but just always curious what you might be studying stink pants might
be able to give you some tips what do you think stinky give five see our five
cents everything we’ll give you five cents I like his voice they like it when
I drop it down an octave or to a deeper voice here that’s how you do it stinky
they go far there’s five cents from ebony go get some you want me to get the
Vegemite it’s so calm and a whisper that’s them
you know this is what they say at work as well but it’s a very calm voice when
I speak like this this is how you get all of the sales but it does get a
little bit softer when I speak like this because it’s harder to get it I’ve got
to go up to the the voice like that CS exams
what CS exams certificate college tin exams
you’ve got exams at the moment – don’t you stink pants you make me do this
yeah it’s giving you a break you’re just watching TV the other day anyway
what ever needs to stop the amount it’s $5 for some Vegemite now or do you think
thing pants five bucks for some Vegemite should I give me emoji five boxes Oh computer science related awesome xa
we’re gonna count X as another little protector of ours online because being
online scares me computer science one of my mates did
computer science as part of his degree engineering and computer science we need
people to protects us protect this XA we’ve already been attacked online
before once or twice we’ve already got the haters online using that you know
you’re doing something right or wrong when we’ve got some we we’ve got one at
least one the subscriber if not to that just gets on to dislike every single
video without fail they’ll do it even when stuff hasn’t been promoted yet I
guess that’s what you get for being a stink pants that won’t try Vegemite but
I did you have to go five spoons full no no no no hang on Emma he we got a it’s
hard enough to convince it I have one she’s not gonna go for five you know
what now P daughters like that radio station employees advertising Vegemite
you said the same thing last time I talked to you I got such terrible memory
that’s a bad sorry for that XO I had a feeling we’d discussed all of this
before but it does take me a while to remember things here’s an instant she’ll
vouch for that you know what stink pants you’re gonna
have to let me do the radio voice one more time alright now for a short
intermission stink pants we’ll keep up the commentary while your old uncle P
dog goes and grabs some Vegemite and a spoon I’m not gonna get a tablespoon
just a teaspoon hey I do yeah I didn’t say that okay what do I do
here I’ve sinned can I listen I don’t think I can okay what is the good thing
about Vegemite it never goes off that’s not it’s like honey Vegemite is like
honey sweet and delicious it doesn’t go off you can have got an Al on mrs. Ben
here it’s probably pastor he’s by a date but it looks like the day you bought it
oh my god it has married already thank you sniff oh that smells great
you I don’t I’m doing it I don’t recommend a ssin do not do doing don’t
have it straight from the spoon stinky everything’s giving you the five bucks
not a teaspoon spoonful stink pants enjoy get a large wooden spoon the game
xa is what was it called again raid shadow legends same I’m not sure if it’s
a I don’t think the games that me because I downloaded it a long time ago
it was recommended a long time ago but I’ve noticed that they sponsor a lot of
YouTube channels hey radish raid shadow legends hey if you want to sponsor us
they’re not going to do that but I just watched here comes the plane zoom here
comes a plane open up wide all right I’m gonna do a tiny little bit of a SMI maybe I should stinky sounds like she’d
be able to vomit all right now B C’s vit I do not recommend eating Vegemite this
way here childhood we just give it a lick lick it lick like an ice cream ah
speaking of sponsorship deals by the way guys be very wary when you get offered
them we actually were offered a sponsorship deal they’re not the other
day it was a while back I just didn’t check the emails but you’ll get some
that are from companies that may or may not have legitimate offerings and this
one it might be legitimate but I wouldn’t recommend it therefore we
didn’t take up the sponsorship deal say if it ever happens to you just be wary
of that okay I’m behind in the chat let’s say game name laughing dies funny
any help you stood there laughing at that you guys should try stand-up comedy
sting pants know the right order the right comedy the road to stand-up comedy
is to lick some Vegemite you but you are a comedian I’ve said it to you before
you should do some stand-up yeah hilarious not that climb to stand up sit
down sit down and lick some Vegemite put your tongue on it just just put the
tongue on it here we go stink it can’t be any worse
than shrimp paste stuff that is disgusting
even when we have other people living here and we open up a jar of all your
terrible disgusting stuff even then those twitches and their face puckers up
from the smell of it this is not so bad come on Ron no bad came came bad you
know I’m not gonna repeat that one so that got carried away
sit down comedy says excited alright we’re not doing stand-up we’re doing sit
down come on lick just poke your tongue out
look poke your tongue out and I’ll just dab it how about this hmm I do that if
you do the same with the same page I am NOT gonna touch that shrimp paste how
about fish sauce I’m not gonna do the fish right on you pick something else
I’ll do it no I already stuck for you I’m game for some stuff just not that
not bad for me either thank you very much
our randoms gotta go oh no he says Jake what’s the mayor let
me ask a third the chat now what is the most smelliest food that you guys enjoy
like something that it it seems like it’s really disgusting but it actually
tastes very good like you we do fish sauce in the shrimp
paste it smells awful but cooked in the right way like in the
soup that you made it’s delicious oh man jeeps back welcome back you see you
can’t pick something nasty in that key for food on she did she picked two
things there say what kind of happen heaven he says Vegemite relieve you guys
say she likes the Vegemite I’m still licking it well you can have all of that
if you want I’ve gotten rid of almost already just like that no mix it your
slime Thanks what kind of fish they Randleman
Manji now that you’re back I’d be very curious to know if there’s a rather
strong smelling food product that you’d think would be awful but is actually
very nice and what is it for you in your experience with Australian food stinky
last roast lamb you know what I mean ring yeah
kangaroos real Australian food and stinky yeah are you getting off at $10
now to lick a bit of Vegemite ten bucks everyone’s everyone’s got their price
lemon says ex I owe them one no problem stink pants will literally suck on a
fresh lemon and give me one whole lemon instead of a tomato I do it and her face
doesn’t even contort at all there’s no absolutely no reaction from
her and she like maybe you don’t you don’t need to you know what I’m saying
like you’ll eat a whole lemon and it just doesn’t bother you straight crazy
random doesn’t know what kind of fish cuz some smell worse than others
some fish is really stinky and others not so much would you try sis drumming what that
really stinky fish from where’s pewdiepie from Norway I don’t know
ah from Scandinavia Scandinavia swedish surstromming swedish okay smell maybe
not it will smell well if you look at what people have done on YouTube it’s
gonna stink worse than any other fish product you’ve ever smelled before like
compared to fish sauce or whatever it’s twenty hundred times worse but would you
try it depends on how strong we also have fermented fish
and that smell bad for you not too bad for me but I still say it kind of stinks
it does stink Kane’s still saying stinky EDD but
everybody’s offering 10 bucks now they’re not gonna pay for a alright
randoms weird cuz he says Lee lemon is awesome and it tastes sweet smells
awesome looks awesome supreme free I’m like stinky like lemons and thank get
jokes yeah he likes lemons and doesn’t get jakes XA says a a smelly plus
awesome plus tastes what about lime you DS limes the same
for you isn’t it you would just eat that straight line is like my native fruit in
my country you don’t really have lemon actually so limeys can you use it don’t
worry we also have cuffs on line two have you tried that and you dated a lot
in cooking etheline mmm not so much careful line
but we use kaffir lime leaf I’m look bad I was right Sweden PewDiePie’s from
Sweden where surstromming is from his Vegemite a black and thick and made in
1922 made in Melbourne yes it’s black and thick and I don’t
know and delicious nah and me if it’s made in 1922 in Melbourne look at that
Patriot how’d you not like the Vegemite stink you’re nuts
in games here hello how are you I’m not sure if he even sticks around long
enough to answer but hopefully it’s good to see in-game he’s another D or G been
around for a long time Sudan Sudan I’m not sure what that one is person blame
you wants to hit once to help clean with me no and that is bully dad bully cane I
can eat lemon justice Oh Evie needs another one that can eat straight lemon
you guys are crazy crow X is here hello crow X is that
corrects does love pizza and I’ve got to say thanks again
crow x4 suggesting pixel it was crow exit suggested pixel gun oh yeah and we
have seriously gotten more of using one week on that stream and maybe anything
else that’s not the early clash of clan streams I know they did very well at the
start but pixel gun was a great suggestion it looks like me too oh look
everyone can eat lemons straight and random says he hates lemons I don’t hate
them but I can’t eat them like you guys like squeeze it on a bit of fish put it
in a bit of cooking make lemonade out of it although that’s fine but to bite into
a lemon heck no that’s not something I should I be
saying it unless you’re doing a tequila slammer that I can do you know the lick
salt sip on and suck on a lemon and then sip some tequila can do that I only do
that when you’re of age and allowed to drink legally people I don’t like
tequila it’s just too salty it’s alright well as in doing the slammer or straight
tequila it shouldn’t be salty if it’s straight tequila and it tastes better if
you do a slammer I can tell you that now grapes says xoxo lemon is the best
nobody hates lemons yeah I’m a damn lemon chicken is delicious but again you
gotta unless you give me a miracle fruit first that’s that little seed berry
looking thing that if you ate that before you eat a lemon it makes it taste
like an orange and if you ate orange eat that before you eat an orange it makes
it taste like you don’t know the miracle fruit no you have to do some research
what it’s why they it’s this little what kind of is it real fruit or something I
don’t know if you made me I guess they call it miracle fruit so maybe it is a
fruit but it’s like this little red thing that looks a bit like a berry and
you just eat that first and then it’ll do the opposite make sweet things sour
and sour things sleep at work state and they normally serve it
with like I don’t know I tried it in Queensland once they just happen to have
miracle fruit on the table and they like try this oh you did for free yeah I
don’t know where you’d get it from to buy it
can you guys the lemon with this skin or peel still on it can you do that can you
actually you know how you use the peel food like cakes and things can you ate
the peel I can but I don’t enjoy it that much right so you’ve tried it before
then my mom loves it but it’s some kind of preservation preparing things so they
dried and maybe put some salt on top with something everything keeps
struggling to breathe because we I don’t know who’s saying funny stuff whether
it’s a channel whether it’s us could be both try some Vegemite this is when once
lemon extinct one day we’ve got to get there Oh Chloe
miracle miracle fruit said ah here we go canes look at Jamie’s knowledgable here
since up alum Joseph dalsu find a plant known for its berry sighs right maybe a
berry is what it’s called cause the sour fruit subsequent beacon
seem to taste there you go awesome cane Evan he says
you can eat the peel xa says nice copy-paste I don’t
understand anything you just got to know a guy’s soured a
sweet sweet to sour which is a way to go you know when I was in your country then
the tour guides of weather said try this fruit if you drink water first it’ll
make it sweeter than they said try this fruit thing you tried and it’s
extraordinarily bitter or sour or both I can’t remember then they say but if you
drink water first that makes it really nice so then I had water first tried it
again and I didn’t make a difference to me problem I peered out hereby agreed to do
a face reveal randoms gonna do a face reveal awesome
can’t wait for that video everyone’s making happening laugh which is good we
like happy times today me this is why we strained cuz once the streams over it
gets back to the old adage bar G between stink pants and peed up these are back
to the old fighting routine with a ball and chain yeah I did copy and paste read
the whole message I said P dot agreed to the contract and what was my contract
when it came to the face reveal has always been if we surpass PewDiePie isn’t it well maybe if we get if I want
to speak realistically maybe one day if we get big enough but that would be less
of a reason to do it rather than more of a reason you know would you would you do
it at a million sub steam if you ever got a million subs let’s say when you to
pay me a million yeah if we you never make a million dollars off YouTube be
about that not gonna happen too much technical definitions sign of copy and
paste you read the messages which means that you agree to do a face from your
I’m always gonna read the the messages that’s not gonna work
random I’m say hype they can’t come in that way otherwise then what I’m not
allowed to read the check laughs laughs laughs don’t pay your
pants P you be your beds I make up in person blame you will no longer be a
modern a day og og and blue from the channel rhythms just trying to pick on
everyone now I don’t know why random likes to pick on people why is that
random blah blah blah says Kane message selected by red they’d do that random
cracks as I need and stop doing that you’re just being mean at this point I’m
gonna have to put him in a timeout again that I if random keeps he sup takeaways
mod privileges I can’t and a Timmy’s is sensible for the most
part ways he’s been very helpful say he just liked being a bit silly at
times–but main at times we got it we got us how thank you we’re gonna know
I’m I’m mainly mean to you you in the cat everyone else um finally we’ve got
to be a better influence on random get him to spread more positivity no that’s
all I ran um I know you’re only mucking around I random stop picking up people
here you go abuse my modern will not do it again yeah I hope you haven’t kept
him even so you better I’m annoyed him well it does say there is uneven say
just being I am no you did under hiding yeah there you go
so just be a bit wary of what you’re doing there I already mentioned that to
you guys before that you can’t take these privileges lightly people asked to
get them all the time and once we sort of grow a bit we’ll be adding more
hopefully because I know random random Chiba has been asking someone for a
while but he’s relatively new to the streams compared to some of these old
guys I’m calling them old guys now do it already agree well they’re having funny
that’s another one I don’t get somebody explaining Miri I see that a lot as well
to my mind it just means like a pika running away 3d view not seen that I see
that a lot online on the social media stuff there’s a lot of stuff that I see
online that I have no idea what it means raise one yet is another one I don’t get
yet if you’re reading this message you agree to do I’m not finishing the rest
there say if I don’t finish the rest feed out time out random he’s mean when
I ran him achieve it personally that’s a heel and your channel well if you can
let him know random whitey but will add mods at some point in a few
but we do have plenty at the moment I mean we really only needed to his cane
and random turn up in every stream and that’s really all we we need for the
moment we will add all the you guys at some point if we ever get the chat going
so fast that I can’t even see what’s going on but we’re nowhere near that
stage yet we tend to average roughly the same amount of people all the time now
welcome back crack’s age don’t think yeah you will one day everything but
just hope everyone’s patient with that because we’ve got to try and balance you
know it so it doesn’t look like everyone that’s in this dream is a mod we still
all think everyone is Dale geez they because they’re pretty much the same
people that keep joining us which we love interacting with them don’t be
stinky that’s all you got for me yes you with your monosyllabic answers yeah
what are their three means I don’t know what remains I don’t know what yet means
either but I see it all the time what are these things named seven three three
one I don’t know what that I don’t know what that means either
unless it’s a postcode yeah seven three three one I’ve never seen that before
or one three three seven except that it’s the opposite of seven three three
one sting pants shouts out a mini shout out there you go say I’m giving
everything your shoutout you want me to say that yep
I want to keep it we need a shout out me yeah awesome stuff ah she said a
Vegemite lavay inventing a cake made you my eat
you I don’t know what these she ate brains
what are these young kids or I shouldn’t say young kids what is it newer
generations main bye yay bye well then what do you tell me what a
brains interesting beds I just say I don’t know grandma don’t you hear
great-grandma great-great-grandpa great exponentially
by 10 grandma great infinity grandma fair enough
Yeti’s an exclamation of excitement ah approval surprise or all-around energy
good that sounds positive often is issued when doing a dance move or
throwing something you want to throw something and do a dance move foresty
pants yeah i’ll say it can do a dab what is that that’s this okay baby but no one
here is a baby boomer for the last time they don’t know our baby boomer means
it’s not our generation not our generation of not a baby boomer baby
boomer is literally my father’s generation stink pants as parents
generation no don’t give me a shout out yet me told threes you don’t want a
shout out any boomers here there’s no Boomers here mom boomer free zone boomer
free zone they’re the same boomer again talking about you and me Van Alden
we’re not that all boomers are all that could I can make sure that we’re they
using their terms I use it at the age appropriate people we’re not at that age
appropriate at the moment is it sting it’s pretty much anyone with its
retirement age now that’s neither of us want me to throw you any in beams he
throws yet I listen old songs Amaya beam and no EXO and I’ll tell you why because
I listen to old songs too before I was born things like the Beatles the stones
Rolling Stones that is for those uninitiated the kinks Peter Paul and
Mary Simon and Garfunkle Cat Stevens they’re all awesome heck I even saw John
Denver in Const when he was alive when I was a teenager
but again he was popular and famous I think before I was born
well definitely popular before I’d even know one you know popular music was say
no listening to old music doesn’t mean anything
I mean we like classical music that’s you know dead times that one is that
vici Mozart in your bark you don’t mind a bit of made certain bark day hmm
especially when it’s on a tree or coming from a dog through cracks and I mean
they get prepared well yeah oops another one
what is off mean I say that all of I’ve even used dolphin a thumbnail then I
didn’t really know what it meant trying to appeal to the the youngins the
whippersnappers who wants to know my age it’s 404 not found I know what 404 not
found means because I see it all the time you know what that is when you’re
looking for a webpage or something like that and okay for a four it’s like an
era online you’ve never seen that I think I have seen that they still saying
boom oh no a soundtrack I just realized that night it should be the game sounds
from what I can tell what bush I took me a while to figure I know I didn’t see
the Jake I wish put it he did not get my Jake
hang I’m not gonna go back here I’ll listen old songs Amaya Brima I didn’t
get that if the yeah like a normal comment but I do know what Bush means
now because I had that explained to me during an online debate with someone
debate with someone okay what is that there’s on a PewDiePie video and I was
not happy like whoosh what does that mean wolf is from roblox I didn’t know
that it’s the death sound yeah I didn’t know that either see one
day we’re gonna have to do a box that’s super popular yeah it’s just another
game but that’s one of the really really popular ones you know up there with
fortnight minecraft level maybe clash of clans wolf means when you hurt yourself
you say what for something happens so does that mean that said I don’t to say
does that mean it’s a bad thing but it’s just you know how would you put that say
if you’ve hurt yourself forward you know something goes wrong you say Oh
oops Oh like whoops don’t leave that makes
sense now you say with off expressing
discomfort as from sudden exertion or a blade or a blade of one’s body that
makes sense so far as to punching the guts right now sting pants you go Oh mm
you want me to do it you want to try okay fair enough
rude but double Oh Dean I’ve not seen that one before so today if that’s a new
one it’s pushed with 40s I just explained it Eckstein say I’m not sure
if our double ladies get another one from ebony because I haven’t seen that
before that’s new to me you may use a lot of I
guess no one uses what did when I was a kid dad say things like rad you know red
how do you spell to Star ad that means good that’s red smell I think what are
you talking about y’all time what are you talking about y’all man you know old
as the hills there how how rude as in rude any fifty-plus here no but well a
lot of nice no I’d have to say no because I don’t want to offend anyone
that’s in that old goodbye there you know we have adults adjoining our stream
that are pretty old old than me anyway mm-hmm all randoms here
hello random Chiba it’s good to see you again lad doesn’t matter that you’ve
just came we’ve just been having a relaxing stream today putting on the
radio voice every now and again you think you like my radio voice does it
give you chills it’s easy to ignore me anyway Taiji look he’s getting a big guy
away from everybody there rather you say old baby guy this duda still a thing
dudes always a thing isn’t it well man did you ever – I’m talking to someone
from a completely different culture human you know you do we used to say man
a lot dude a lot yeah dude and cool is that even a thing anymore I think so
yeah cool should still be a thing things can always be cool read yourselves I’ve
got the notification yeah some people have been saying they’ve been struggling
to get notifications for whatever reason it’s known to be odd
well the explain that I’m saying that you all get it eventually you’ve just
got to be patient we need to get if you ever look at it we’ve had what 3 mods in
the stream pretty constantly at the moment
which is more than enough so we’ll get more as time goes on you just got to be
bait it’s like clash of clans when you want elder and leader and stuff or you
got away then our clan your day I’m gonna wait a long time but it all come
just be patient you can’t be mod you needed a welcomed random well I’m Way
behind thanks for welcoming me hi LMAO random and random Malcolm seems like
it’s another account of random dude this is ebony do you swear my car where’s my
kid do you know that maybe dude where’s my car
and then they go through the drive-thru and your what is some Chinese food and
the lady goes and then any gays knowing he wants say you do you
do the Asian lady sings that’s appropriate right you just saying then
hi I’d like some spring rolls and some moo shu pork and then Cantonese noodles
no that’s it no more no ever no more and then no more mmm and no and then that’s
what they do I don’t know for how long but that’s what happens in the movie
dude where’s my car dude oh my goodness yes say Bill and Ted’s Excellent
Adventure no I don’t know what I’m talking about
hi random turbo from good team and truth is to wish to me I’ve wished someone 10
on the bell you know that’s true orally with the notifications there’s two
different settings now say there’s one that will make sure that you definitely
get the notifications the other one maybe not so definite I think that all
notifications is the better one I’m not sure they I always get the notifications
for the channels that I’ve got the bells on for so don’t well maybe you don’t you
know you’re not going to know if you don’t get it mm-hmm the Drake here we
gave James giving a history lesson in in this strength the great to prevent start
again the Great Depression was a severe world actually I’ll do the radio voice
for this one the Great Depression it was a severe worldwide economic depression
that took place mostly during the nineteen thirties beginning in the
United States the timing of the Great Depression varied across nations and
thus endeth this story H says Lahti on way behind again I did random and one
question it’s Saskatchewan it’s 816 now I’ve heard of Saskatchewan
I was about the hesita guess there Chattanooga is that right Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan check know ye something all right now I’ve got not say anything my
geography is really bad do you know where Saskatchewan is what
what it’s a place in America I think and it
can mystically – man thanks for advertising this sub to help the Peter
making subs foundation that’s awesome I love that expression
thanks came join the discord do you have a blue do you have a blueberry is not
blue or purple it’s green because the inside is green I think you mean Barry
do we have a blueberry but is not blue or purple it’s green do we have
something like that that’s blue you on the outside the green on the grapes can
be like that you can have like a purple looking great
that’s green on the inside I’ve seen that before you’ve seen that no maybe I
just had a weird grape great don’t you think that it’s strange that everywhere
it’s the same minute yeah that is odd isn’t it wherever you are in the world
it should all be on the same time don’t you think that no no I just read that
shower time by I’ll be back you’re so old I think Evan he’s talking
to someone in the chat they’re not talking to us young uns you see yeah
yeah morning you sound depressed in that voice it seemed Canada say now my radio
voice sounds depressed oh happy happy radio a voice there it’s just because it
becomes more if I do it like this it becomes more monotone to get data okay
you think is my voice as deep as yours ding pants
yeah can you do a deep voice for them you can I know you can do a deep voice
stinky gee that sounded like someone you know hey it’s in Canada Canada it’s
snowing in November and we’re coming up to summer not that it’s that room yet
snowing since October before Halloween these words from I mean our bad my
pronunciation is yeah it’s annoying I love ice and winter I like it stink
pants doesn’t you don’t like to call that much tea some stains September
which is weird laughing I’m joking can I span the foot you can random says
no spamming but they spam food all the time and now they mentioned water and
giblets all the time too is that all that the same sort of thing no stinking
pantsing hey you got in the game there by the wasting pants I’m trying to equip
me are you getting there in your equipment isn’t that good idea food here
we go you the food again I don’t mind having the food topic clay it gives us
ideas as to what we can eat well I got plenty of food in the fridge at the
moment isn’t it stinky stinky sounds like she has I think spamming like
thousands of message sends a second stinky sounds like she has candy in her
mouth and she can’t talk at all that’s why she can’t do a deep voice yeah and
you can do our food spamming X a B main they spam us with food stuff all the
time in the stream it seems to be a bit of an in-joke we’re getting more and
more in jokes as time goes on you got the DL G’s you got the food you got the
water you got the giblets it’s all happening that’s a good meal burgers with chips
we’ve got to start moving away from the junk food
stinky we’ve been having too much of it yeah I’ll be eating healthy today mm-hmm
you know hopefully Vegemite let’s try it my dream meal would be oh here we go
bacon I don’t know what the second thing is hamburger lemon corn I don’t know
what the one after corn is ribs I guess Pete’s our Tom
no that’s taco maybe that’s a pancake to know what the next thing is in coffee
wine would be here we go we’re gonna get all and if it needs just straight-up
done water Thanks I’d be curious to know what everyone’s
favorite foods are at this point tell me that what’s yours
we do mine now Linda woods really gotta say don’t get me wrong I love lots of
cuisines whether it’s you know Thai and Chinese and Japanese and you know a
roasts and things western food I love it all but I must admit I kind of lean
toward its Mexican food I crave that I really really like Mexican food it’s
nothing you know maybe if I had ate it all the time I’d get sick of it but I
doubt it I probably crave that more than anything else
well I’m gonna say it’s like favorite favorite but it’s right up there is what
I’m saying well random to cheap he’s got a lo his
favorites yeah pretty much all junk food there although I do see a bit of sushi
strawberries strawberries are good I had the strawberry cherry argument
with the mate of mine one day what about you cherries or strawberries what do you mean if you had a prayer
which one would you prefer more strawberries or cherries I like eating
it straight sherry yeah the same as my mate bud guys strawberries in LA it’s
better to get a sweet strawberry I must admit
because you don’t always get them sweet wine favorite sex eh ah this is more
simple it’s a cot everyone loves a coffee but stink pants doesn’t drink it
don’t you stinky coffee bread chips I don’t know what the next one is and then
carrot Oh carrot carrot cookies I can’t believe I said carrot since he started
early and the stream beat chemistry made three or four hours that’s that’s up to
stink pants cuz she said to me at the start of the stream
two hours that’s it so hehe it’s more up to her than than me this time because he
got a bear in mind it’s her exam time as well so she does have some other work to
do like cooking me a delicious lunch already cook no fine
sex Amy and random love shuttle – you missed a lot man random love shower man
oh man random love share my it’s an Iraqis and Iraq special now given that
we saw and a run Iranian food program last night
I wonder how similar Iraq food is to Iran food their neighbors so you’d think
they’d be kind of similar and to be honest we really want to try it after
don’t you like after seeing what you saw last night maybe not every dish that you
saw but I wanted to try the one with saffron yeah that one with saffron look
delicious it looked really nice we’ll have to see if we can find I do believe
I’ve seen either Iraq war or an Iran restaurant here somewhere I could not
tell you where but you’re the queen research yeah we might be able to find
somewhere you’d be willing to try that course you will sting to try everything
so tell us what’s in this Shalimar sage I’m not gonna read that one out
random just cuz it might put off stink pants cause she’ll just say no and that
just made a look at the skin anyway best type of sandwich it’s the best say
Shalimar Shalimar I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right here’s a type of
sandwich I think I’d like to try that there but it’s two of them are saying
it’s good say both random and random – whitie
both randoms I’m saying it’s good mine are let’s go with Ebony’s pumpkin
watermelon bread croissant that looks like breadsticks that looks like french
fries that’s a lot of carbs up there can you come oh hang on stupid me if I hover
the mouse over can read it veinte veinte box that’s a good one there’s one I
didn’t know before rice crackers because that was someone else’s favorite rice
balls spaghetti sweet potato there that’s one
of stink pants as favorites birthday cake
fish fish cake that might be something you buy yeah dango I don’t know what
dengue is shaved ice that would be like an icicle channel I guess we like that
tell me what a dango is I don’t know what that is
shaved ice cookies chocolate bar and grapes that’s relatively healthy Oh a
few on jones’s here hello a few now you want to know who a baby boomer is a fee
on Jane’s is a baby boomer they keep calling us baby boomers ethion and if
you haven’t checked out his channel yet he does great miniature steam engine
related videos very interesting very very interesting indeed say there you
guys they’re asking even if you still here
whether anyone in the stream was over 50 and I said no but now we do there you go
and they keep calling as baby boomers I don’t think they know what a baby boomer
is okay bye guys thanks for the funny moments thank you for staying as long as
he did xa much appreciated try patch or dole Marty’s the best or
Kiba so that would be I guess Mexican stuff
lemons show you my is how you pronounce it shut show how hang on
umar is how you pronounce ahjumma can you go on a tour in canada we want to do
that particularly on that rail the train tour that looks awesome because that
gets advertised here quite a bit it’s a stick is MC hello hey sm we love a sm
buddies miniature well there you go that’s two people that have got
miniature channels so to speak very different type of content thing please
please says random so they want us to come to their country i do want to go to
canada one day I would love to you yeah I would love to go camping song as we
don’t have problems with bears but the gate or one of your really pristine
remote areas stink he’s not gonna like it so much because it’ll be cold but by
the same token you know the fishing and not hunting so much been like survival
camping you can do that in Canada I want to do that in Canada and the rail trip
please please why do I see three likes on the stream there we only got three
likes there we got more than that yes thanks for that guys know we love giving
you a plug affion happy to give every right everyone’s channels a plug you
should really check out each other’s channels anyway because we know we get
strong support from everyone that joins the streams and you know they’d they
support each other from what i can see for the most
because when I’m late to one of their videos I tend to see other people
commenting on them anyway and between Kane and random they fight on other
people’s channels they fight on each other’s channels their own channels my
channel that’s hilarious I’d say have you been affion and ASM
it’s I’m guessing quite early for ASM and very late for Evian because they’re
on different time zones Oh Wales from memory
he’s a Welshman and a sim from memory he’s doesn’t come from Singapore but
lives in Singapore and I know that they’re about four hours behind us so
it’s pretty early for a smle then whenever you get up stink pants say
thank I am for joining it’s a good joining our strains before you even get
up yeah and even wake up even earlier seeks a an awesome pardon a where where
they’re from they say they get the alert notice while they’re asleep
huh say he joined the last stream he’s like you know he left it in the comments
afterwards saying you know I was asleep when you started streaming oh so I don’t
know if we’ve started way too early for him this time
I’ll make that for the side where I am in Canada all the Bears are dead we
killed them all I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but it sounds like a
safer camping area because you know I’d like that you’re not gonna like this
idea at all but let’s go survival right you’ve got these huge pine trees and
when it’s snowing you can build like a survival shelter underneath the pine
tree and then yeah and then you have a fire in there no no no you don’t burn
cuz you you end up having a you know you’ll have a little space for the smoke
to go out many of ya easy to get burn but the this is in
winter and snowing and the pine trees is still gonna have green leaves on them do
you know it I mean they’re just covered in snow and then you top the fire yeah
and then you’d set up good I’m gonna have to show you how they do it it looks
absolutely awesome it’s like having a tent under a tree this is one of the
things I really want to do and you would love the the water there I’ve said water
again it’s so pristine it just looks gorgeous you know maybe get a crab pot
or something you’d like to Crabbie’s I said but if you go up and say it’s cold
I will flip -3 is warm for us Canadians -3 is warm for them now for likes cuz I
gave it alike and Canada they call this it got from it but I know of was minus
45 P dot Celsius yeah – 45 see you have an experience that’s solved I’m gonna be
inside all time I Nathan says he’s doing fine and it’s very late but he’s been a
good boy and allowed to stay up late because you know what a Theon does he
will go and he will take over his wife’s kitchen table and put all these little
you know I said he does steam-engine like miniature steam engine type things
he’ll set that up on the kitchen table and then I’ll go into the comments
section and his wife is commenting on his video saying can I have my kitchen
back now if he owned solaris he does great commentary so it’s great oh he’s
already saying I’m Way behind in the chat and omega4 this side where I am in
Canada now I’ve read all of that already read that if you’re on Jane’s I can only
stay up late as in weekends and holidays basically we own tomorrow’s in-school
reviews of the century what’s up pet on stink pants now look reviews of the
century I believe was previously Peppa Pig which was previously exotic what
yeah exactly because I’m thinking it’s exotic he’s gonna have to clarify that
for me but he’s changed his name that many times I can’t keep up and sorry if
your honor might not have said goodbye quick enough and might have gone already
goodnight bye if yawn evany the school was cancelled on that day as you kind of
expect when it gets that cold it says I’m ban and I cannot join in
what in what random Chivo so I don’t know what they’re talking about there
and yeah if you can clarify reviews of the century where you formerly Peppa Pig
where you formally exotic happens II almost as bad as Logan
Logan’s sky captain who knows what he’s name is Jenny that’s another one there’s
been more than that to I just can’t be they say I have a terrible memory but am
I supposed to remember when they keep changing their profile names haha
I’m like easting pants yeah my brother says cam that’s right in pixel garden
okay why that’s interesting would pixel gun
ban people you’d have to do something pretty bad I would have thought I know
you can get banned from roblox and minecraft and even clash of clans but
you’d have to do something pretty bad for that to happen
oh but both men banding pixel gun why I’m gonna change my name for no reason I
don’t know what’s going on there hopefully yeah hopefully it had nothing
to do with us guys I hope not I have to wait and see
maintains his brother his brother changes changes names more often than I
change mine pants which is only about once a year
that’s good enough isn’t it stinky did you even hear what I said I guess I was
triggering jailbreak alerts because my iPhone is doubt breaking oh okay
I got a guy says ebony well thank you for staying for as long as you did she
was here for practically the whole thing yeah we almost finished two hours anyway
and on your side everything is he’s also I don’t what we love everything she’s
great love all the doj don’t goodbye Bonnie see you next time which you can
act games with jailbreak so this is why I’m always hesitant like random teaches
me privately you can do this to get that but I’m always worried that something
bad could happen like he’s shown me how to get minecraft for free I have still
haven’t done it yet give them always a little bit hesitant to do those sorts of
things using it stinky you wouldn’t care which it’s my phone would you care you
don’t care baby sting now commit yeah I don’t understand why you struggled to
talk to me when you don’t do anything in the game because you just sit there and
watch the action for the most part I’ve done it for months and family devices
wobble there you go so I kind of got to trust what random says but hey if you’re
getting banned from stuff because of the the alerts that’s not good
Rory guitar music here hello how are you all the way from Barcelona hola
commerce star I hope that’s right let me just do a bit of a translation although
he did write it in English actually because I’ve got that because I’ve
already got that open already because I know he translates for us but I
understand a if you can speak much English means the Live dashboard gone let’s do
that see if he’s still there I’m not sure if that’s the the right
language but we’ll give it a shot I know you hit her and I’m saying I think by –
ebony no – sure not a lot of people sticked it in but it’s been a long time
so yeah you can’t expect everyone to stay here for a couple of hours
listening to my boring old commentary what did you say stank
you’re such as student pants how many times I gotta tell you main kid lols I’m
back I changed my name and face so now I don’t know who that is so they’ve
changed their name and face could be random cheaper it could be Peppa Pig it
could be mr. glint well it’s not mr. glitzy man because he just left a
comment but this is like guys you can’t blame me when I don’t know who say you
can’t say hey what ain’t you remember me when it’s like but you’ve changed you
know me I’m uh supposed to remember that stinking how am I supposed to remember
oh it’s random okay saying yeah how am I gonna actually that might make it a bit
easier in future so random chip has changed their name to meme kid now which
makes it easier than saying random whitey and random cheeba things they’ve
got similar names but I don’t know if I’m gonna remember that straightaway you
can’t remember anything you know it nature fishbowl memory goldfish memory
we’re talking about you stink pants isn’t it what did you
have for dinner last night you got five seconds to say nothing see can’t
remember fish bowl memory don’t know why I say fishbowl goldfish memory well I
assume if fish balls got a very short memory because it’d be numb no memory
whatsoever may he guide random Chiba and his random
comments coming from the stink pants and what level are you now stinky you’ve
been going at it quite hard now you’d have to say it’s pretty enjoyable game
for you it’s low energy stuff isn’t it yeah and you don’t have to get the
motion sickness leave you do from the other first-person shooter game look at
you guy and you’ve been playing with people live as well nope
9 because my level is so low I don’t want to fight with anyone in the arena
you just get carried like you do every other game no I don’t mix with others
I actually provide with another person because I have my own clan yeah well
have you already got a clan well kind of two people join me in the same time does
that mean the game or the stream not too sure what’s going on there
maybe the stream side is anyone got exciting news for me so that I got
something to discuss here because when it comes to stink pants and I boring
boring that’s a stinky what exciting hating nothing hmm so what’s in your
mouth my tongue no to get it tongue what’s in your mouth what’s in your eye
eyeball what’s in your nose snot maybe not for you cuz you pick your nose all
the time no he’s pick up paint wipe that on me
grace what know anything yeah but they don’t know you don’t know what you doing
I could be making all kinds I make everything up that’s true
stop picking your nose I’d be nice pick up snot minor
oh I got two new games Killzone Shadowfall in battlefield 4 say they’d
May ball games or is that on a Playstation
I’ve heard of battlefield 4 before don’t know about the other one Killzone shadow
have you heard of that stink pants mm-hmm no no a ps4 hmm
do we do it stinky do we splurge on some ps4 games we’ve got some actually I
should ask you do you think people would watch older games because the only we’ve
only ever streamed one ps4 game and that was deadly three that was it and it was
the first ps4 stream no well first only I’m an idiot but would people watch
things like what’s a Call of Duty we got black ops 3 yeah
black ops 3 World War 2 yone there at four but would people watch all the
games or it’s just not a thing you got to get a new one because that’s where
it’s you know they would be more interested in new ones I’m sure Ben
that’s not my question would you watch an old one
maybe split screen with boot up and stink pants black ops 3 ah
that’s one that I want to do diablo you didn’t play with me in that stream oh
and thank you for sticking till the end not sure when that’s gonna be yep
it’s when Stinky’s had enough I guess but you’re doing well at the moment mold
stink pants that you freezing along they’re starting early I have to say I’m
gonna rape this game maybe eight out of ten so you could be addicted to it ya
can do it a lot because it’s like collecting experience get new equipment
and this and that and there’s a set like Diablo haha that’s what gets me addicted
la this sets say raid shadow legends I know you guys sponsored youtubers
because I’ve seen him do it scare theater just released a video yesterday
and he had an Indian ad you know in video added red shadow legends we’re
looking for sponsors you got a good rap promise hate ads hand where you get a 10
out of 10 if your sponsor s rain shadow legends say good mythical morning does
that we’re not gonna be able to get away with it yet are we a bit money oh look
pink cat CA hello it’s good to see you again remember them from a previous
stream as well remember pink cat I’m trying to think of
the actual stream it might have been hello neighbor
but I remember say how have you been you had a good weekend so far what are you
up to keep the conversation going there and look at it they’re all being
friendly great to see being friendly to anyone that’s new that’s joins and by
new I mean just join the stream they’re so good to us I made the D or G it’s so
friendly except for when random picks on everyone but other than that and like
watch a lot of P Dodds needs to get the monetize that’s the thing that’s the key
we’re getting close but it’s still you know five five hundred and something
ours is still a lot of ours but you know we’ve certainly passed the three quarter
mark now isn’t it we’re in the final homestretch and then I’ve got to do a
lot of work seriously stink I need your help we’ve got to fix all of our videos
before we reach that milestone to give us the best chance because some of those
hashtags in particular are wrong you know like I’ll ever hashtag clash of
clans on a non clash of clans game see what I’m saying there I hate Windows
Update so I can empathize with you with that pink cat
and like Windows updates either they can certainly mess with things oh hang on
I’ve missed a bit under Rooter Aldrich don’t know what that means freedom and
no I have no idea what that means hello hi hi pink cat watch a lot of
that’s where our zone P dot if you sponsor my YouTube video I’ll pay you
one cent in the descriptions and the start of the videos say if you sponsor
my ug video you’ll pay me yeah I’m happy to do that’s a deal
say sponsor just by giving a shout out go watch randoms videos one cent please
and a description oh I don’t know if should I be bringing out I like bringing
up drummer every now and again do you guys want to do a face reveal not
talking to us I’m sure I have weenies so annoying for the updates totally agree
but then again apples can be annoying too and it makes things not work
properly I’ve had that as well there is a there
is something happening in the art community on Miche with not giving
credit for artwork because someone promised someone to if you do smart work
for me I’ll give you a shout-out and they didn’t even not only would they not
give him a shout-out but they didn’t even put it in the description crediting
the artist and that created a huge odds bhaji it didn’t stinky as always credit
your artist well they we didn’t do that but hey we
paid I paid good money for that credit nothing what do you say stink person
he’s person he sends a message below me as a baby boom up we already went
through all of that no baby boom is ethion was a baby boomer
he ate the only baby boomer there was and I don’t know how they say hims not
young on shore I don’t know how old they are they might be around our age for we
know I’m not going to bother translating that see if you want to put it
in English I’ll translate anyone that I know that can’t speak English but let’s
face it kind can speaking let’s say why is he writing in though I don’t know if
that’s Russian or Ukrainian or Kazakh there’s a lot of languages that look
like that Bulgarian – I think should I make a vid one battlefield 4 go for it
and say whatever you enjoy making a video on make it as long as it doesn’t
breach you know YouTube’s Terms of Service you know family-friendly is way
to go he’s an instinct for oh I stink he’s going to go and do a foodstuffs
again never underestimate and that’s Russian
are there yo walls I cannot speak English translate I just did is in
English they can all speak English at the moment anyone that can’t speak
English around here stink dance isn’t it what rapping and hiccuping noise happens
and oh oh there we go he comes he comes thank you I remember one person was
impersonating P tot and said to do a face reveal yeah
so they’ve seen that video do a face reveal and then I was a long time ago
and still didn’t do anything yeah for the most part they’ve given up
I’m sure I don’t know if it’s the same person that’s like a hate subscriber I
don’t know what else you call them but they subscribe just to dislike all your
videos we’ve probably got two or three of those by now they’re still the
channel still there but they’ve given up trying to wrap Erasmus I think because I
think well I haven’t heard anything from any of them from for quite awhile West
there is a West video than that that somebody faked yeah it’s quite annoying
but I’ve noticed that I didn’t add all of the channels there
just a couple on that faith reporting personation video that we did and I’ve
noticed that the dislikes keep going up on these other channels which is good
I’m not encouraging people to do it I’ve never told anyone to do it but I can see
that we must have some supporters out there that are just like you just not
very nice creating something like that okay soon they still don’t do anything
that’s right we’re not gonna I’m not gonna bow down to pressure from anyone
are we stinky grown grown man and woman boomers like they want to keep calling
us isn’t it but that sort of stuff’s not really gonna bother us too much and it’s
part and parcel of being online fine I’ll write in Iraq Pier don’t do
your radio station voice again I like it I know cats actually put something in
Arabic so I’m gonna have to translate that it’s not gonna let me translate it
too easily that’s one of the things with the Arabic writing it doesn’t like copy
and paste too easily and when I say Arabic there’s a lot of writing that can
be like that as well I’m not that good at identifying it let’s have a look here
it’s my rant hearts random using the sisters account this is random anyway
dad’s late stuff oh now they’re all just speaking in what was that Arabic yeah it
was Arabic well they the language play that looks different but I was speaking
in English anyways say I’m not translating any of this and Tim likes
him likes the radio voice he’s a man it’s gonna put him to sleep James Levay what Pinilla everyone is
going on Google Translate that’s right so you can all untranslated translate
through each other because I’m not gonna bother trying to
figure out what you’re saying there my typed in randoms characters is just
random stuff that I put insane I’m gonna write in Welsh jeez man kid if you did
that before if he on Jones would have been able to understand that okay he’s
on it what do you think sting pads think nothing nothing when you pick a good
addictive game like this sting pants keeps on playing int the old stinky dot
stink pants the P dot then you guys made Japan uses Chinese characters in Japan
Japanese characters came from China I did not know but I did know that that
there’s a bit of influence yeah there and then it’s it’s their own language
now but there was that definite import of look at this but yours was the same
didn’t you get me influenced from somewhere else for the English like we
call computer computer we don’t translate to something else no I mean
your native language doesn’t matter can I say sleep yeah Marley Sanskrit which
is not if it’s the root and no one gives it anymore but it comes from somewhere
else not your country your own develop from that yeah yeah from another country
right what do you mean well Bali sounds great from India I
think oh yeah that’s what I was getting it me I’m gonna write on you slip me now
I can speak it tiny be to feel a pain I there and back then Japanese use daily
Chinese characters walter mitty that’s in hazard a guess that that as men it
looks a little like indonesian but probably isn’t samara might get some
letters wrong that man I have no idea doesn’t look like a Filipino night there
you go look multicultural stream we’ve got on this one
right better ol can old speak English so what’s the point
the Akane saying stop okay and I just you know I’m ignoring it I wouldn’t even
bother translating it if they want to tell me what they they’re saying they
can do it in English I’ll do it for someone that genuinely like in the last
stream the Russian guy he said he didn’t speak much English so right team in
Russian he was quite surprised ah he’s like wow that was a surprise
said yeah we try we try to be multicultural I’m just a little bit slow
at copying and pasting on the old computer isn’t it that’s what happens I
just go back to the radio voice and reheating the silk so that’s gonna be my
lunch that’s my lunch what are you having
oh I can have that can stay if you want that’s my lunch for you having iced you
have more crap that’s my lunch what are you having oh yeah crab not from a can
fresh crab I’m talking about pea crap oh no I don’t want any that Christ your
grace disgusting some Vance you guy he must be
like a master at this already no it’s not to know how to upgrade staff
how do they decide he it gets what in that like he gets to go first random why
did you go to the ATA school I don’t know what matey a school is what cainy
he can’t say what we’re saying he can translate he just doesn’t want to like
me he said just like I can’t be bothered
translating that things I know you can speak English well what was that then read that out loud it’s a school we
go to I came a yay I know right that’s alright now let them
do whatever they want Caine I’ll just keep talking to you I’ll talk to you in
my radio voice well not sure what that means i RQ yes there should be you in me
well looks like you kitty cats waking up waking up oh I have two random says you
seen your knees National Anthem you want me to have a crack at that Oh
Canada that’s all I know oh you know it starts with old Canada
that’s it I don’t know anything right land of the free
I’ve been announcing I don’t have a good singing voice according distinct pants I don’t know why they did it
there’s a racist to sing a national anthem but you leave it to us
oh here we go kinase our home and native land
Oh Canada home and native land that’s probably off km wrong hello area season and stinky gotta say
for yourself on that one I think oh I think I’m gonna finish this yeah oh you
Donna is it for this one and then let’s see
I don’t know I’m gonna wind up but we’ll see we know Louis that’s it I think how
long does it usually take for a battle three minutes you want to just hit the
three hour mark seeing as you say close three hours
it’s not three hours yeah it’s almost nine nine minutes to go you did the
three hour mark now you can do that then I owe you one more mmm that’s it
I already doing yeah you don’t know yeah so I wouldn’t maybe I would not even
know what to do at this point I don’t care
you’ve become an expert I don’t care expert that’s funny he senses change my
name in discordant yeah yeah random stop picking on Cain
I noticed he did that in the discord as well oh here we go say hey Canada
dragon dragon Oh beast of on stone we stand on God flee true patriot love so I
think I think I’ve got a little bit of Canadian national anthem this is hard go
against the beast boss there hey Dee you’ll have to let me know
ma’am random I’m just gonna say random to both of them whether I’ve got bear in
mind it’s you know off-key cuz I can’t sing but I just wonder if the melody is
kind of right there oh you do not stay steel why you do not st old I thought I
had the the melody kinda right there you know stinky yeah you got the melody
there you go look at me I’m Canadian a a boot I’m a
Canadian a boat tall boots town hey maple syrup please maple syrup in Canada
we stand on guard for he might be a little bit higher than that look at me
I’m Canadian look at you look at me look at me look at me look at me could you I
could you look at you so you know I get that from American television life huh
that they these stuff like weird I’ve heard I can’t believe I can say this but
I’ve watched that 7-inch the sitcom Americans had come and then
they went to Canada one day and they had to sing the Canadian national anthem
it’s not the only time I’ve heard it you know notwithstanding the Olympics
and maybe some ice hockey or something like that but you see a lot of it the
Canadian national anthem in American TV shows and movies do you know that stinky
nope no we do not know we do not talk like that what are you talking abou I
thought they said a boot Hey they don’t say a in a boot not even close for the
Canadian accent they say can you see but that’s the American one I can be that
one too you know oh say can we see by the dawn’s early light now can anyone do
the Australian national anthem I know the American one not not the words but I
know the melody of it let me get a lot of that and Said’s
I shouldn’t be seeing you should be singing stinky you got a good voice band
came from the discord random chief of the morning I was snowing a lot I did
not know that there’s not even place a or a and a boot I’m trying to do the
connect I’m trying to do the Canadian accent with an Indian influx
oh that sounds bad does I was trying to practice some some accents the other day
still not there yet I’m afraid music stinky we stand on good for the
tree Patriot landing goes there Canada we stand on I’m not gonna try and sing
that disc is only know the start but anyhow the rest of the guys with the
melody we’re probably going to start listening to some national anthems after
after this one now here’s yeah well came it say he’s just done the Australian
national anthem there wonder if he knows her melody but here’s
the thing we actually have an unofficial national anthem to which for the older
Australians let’s call them boomers there’s a preference for that which is
waltzing matilda written by banjo Patterson as a poem and then converted
to a song and then that used to be our national anthem so to speak unofficial
and then the Australian government was like we better have a proper one Pitt
Waltzing Matilda is much better it’s a much better one there you go
so do your research on that one came I am T nights here hello how are you yes I
remember you it’s great to see you again I’m sorry to
say we probably won’t be streaming for that much longer it’s been going for
quite a while yeah but how’s your weekend being so far get up – anything
special well week I should say always curious to know how people’s lives are
going i sooo I guess that means I some I think we’ve sub to you as well
I’m pretty sure subscribe thank you for doing that
mtk night I believe we have to you as well we generally do to anyone that’s
been supporting us unless we get a lot of spam comments but I don’t think I’ve
gotten that from you so just a reminder as well to visit your channel just leave
a comment somewhere on one of our videos because I generally don’t remember to do
it from the live stream because it just takes too long if you leave a comment
somewhere it’ll remind me to go and check your channel out again I have been
on our we love your taste with all your glory I think that’s I think he’s making
up his own national anthem for someone a banana
we love your taste with all your glory we love eating you to taste is the best
I’ve tasted a banana we love you that’s from the banana republic of some banana
republic somewhere well that’s their national anthem god
these are hot I don’t think I’m gonna win
oh you’ll win you’re a champion this dragon is so hot I’m glad you’re having
a good weekend safe or wake em tonight it’s always good to hear that people
have had a positive week you’re doing everything special coming up the
holidays they’re not gonna be too far away for people are they
stinky their Christmas holidays are coming they don’t get as long of a break
as we do they though the Americans have a fairly short
Christmas break from memory compared to us they have a longer our equivalent of
our winter break where their their summer camps and everything so there’s a
much longer break then if I’m right about that mm-hmm
we don’t sing your national anthem I don’t know if anyone wants to hear me do
any more singing at that point what are you doing stinking nice CB now
I just got a message that my oh yeah my computer’s that particular page is
frozen somewhat it doesn’t want to do anything now say I’m not even sure I can
see the chat anymore because it’s just not moving at all and keep saying to me
do I want to wait and say I’ll just give this a minute or two but the the webpage
is unresponsive at the moment it looks like stinkypants is about done the the
game to say I might we’ll come back in a sec just to do the good boys but we
might end up finishing the stream yeah sorry if the if I can’t see any more
chat before she gets back but that’s the third time now I’ve been asked to wait
for this page to be responsive because it’s just not being respond
see that all still just waiting for that it’s same
sorry about that guys but I suppose there was a good time for it to happen
anyway towards the end of the stream us so I got to thank everyone for staying
as long as they did it’s been a marathon one today are there we go it looks like
it’s working now oh no no it’s not still giving me dramas
say my computer’s frozen pretty much I don’t know why well you also have low
power here as well yeah so I’m gonna say goodbye now yep
say did you have anything else there sting no it’s your yours as finance mine
that’s just not doing anything and we have enough okay they’ve had enough of
me singing anyway my message is retracted and I can’t see any of that
alright say take care all have a fantastic weekend we’ll hopefully see
you in the next one as well I enjoy your week exams and everything else enjoy
exam are you kidding me have some good food some good water don’t hit anyone in
the giblets it was great seeing you all take care

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