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Self Assurance

Hey! Laura Grimmer here, doing more
Strengths from my car. Today I’m gonna be talking about the Strength of
Self-Assurance. So I’ll start by reading you the formal definition which is
provided by Gallup to tell you what Self Assurance means. People especially
talented in the Self Assurance theme feel confident in their ability to
manage their own lives. They possess an inner compass that gives them confidence
that their decisions are right. So this one is really just about that that inner
confidence that you trust your decisions, you trust your gut, you trust yourself to
show up and do what’s right in any situation. I think of this as a really
important skill for people who are out there making decisions- that they can
stand by themselves they trust themselves. They believe in themselves
and they know that whatever they decide is gonna be the right course of action.
I’ll read you a few quotes that I’ve collected from Physicians who have high
Self Assurance. I’m most successful when I have the freedom to trust my gut. You
can rely on me to have unwavering confidence in my decisions. I struggle
when I’m excluded from key decisions With my patients, I know that I provide
excellent care. With trainees, I teach them their own unique style.
With colleagues they look to me for confidence to move forward. I want to be
known for my self-confidence and I need others to trust me. Now, I think that this
Strength, as with any Strength, there can certainly be blind spots or stumbling
blocks and a lot of awareness goes into knowing- Hey I’m prone to trusting myself,
I’m prone to believing I’m right and I could potentially overlook other
people’s opinions or ignore key facts because I am so confident in my own
assessment of a situation. And that doesn’t mean this is a bad thing, it’s
just something that requires some awareness around it, so that you know
that you are always on the on the lookout for those stumbling blocks or
blind spots, that you may be prone to. Overall Self Assurance is a fairly rare
Strength- of the 34 Strengths I think it’s 33 rd in terms of its frequency
in the US population- so it’s a rare Strength but it’s a really powerful one. And I think it’s influenced a lot by the other Strengths around it- that you can
kind of lean that confidence into a number of different things. If you had
Self Assurance and Belief- it would look very different than if you
had Self-Assurance and Competition. So it seems to be something that could really
power up or supercharge your other Strengths a lot. If this is one of your
Strengths I would love to talk to you more about it. I think it’s an incredible
power that can be harnessed really to take you to the next level. You can come
over to www.physicianstrengths,com if you’re interested in scheduling a
coaching session with me. Have a good day!!

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