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– At times, I wonder, if I had addressed the problems, early on, I wouldn’t be filing for divorce right now. I just wish I’d done something. Anything. Instead of just waiting for
the problem to resolve itself. That was my biggest mistake. ♪♪« The rhythm of the night ♪♪« Yeah, yeah, it’s your boy Nov ♪♪« The Enova ♪♪« And I just want to spread
some love out here, you know ♪♪« Love, love, love ♪♪« Of the night, oh yeah ♪♪« The rhythm of, the rhythm of the night ♪♪« Yeah, uh huh ♪♪« Of the night, oh yeah ♪♪« Yeah, uh huh ♪♪« The rhythm of, the rhythm of the night ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Supply the love, you
know the demand’s up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Fight for love, don’t let it pass up ♪♪« When the night falls,
so do all our inhibitions ♪♪« Thank God they don’t
bring back the prohibition ♪♪« Mankind needs liquid courage ♪♪« No longer afraid to
love, we let it flourish ♪♪« Let it bloom like a flower in adversity ♪♪« Another lesson from
that Disney Univesity ♪♪« Certainly you understand
love means the world to me ♪♪« So let’s have a toast and
spread it like it’s buttery ♪♪« Smooth sailing, drinks in the air ♪♪« It’s the age of Aquarius,
we just don’t care ♪♪« Somebody yelling about
recessions back there ♪♪« But love’s free what we
need is more sad warfare ♪♪« Look in your girl’d eyes,
look in your man’s eyes ♪♪« Become one with whomever
your dedication lies ♪♪« And if you’re alone, before
they go and cut the lights ♪♪« Find somebody who by
themselves and get a ride ♪♪« This is the rhythm of the night ♪♪« Of the night, oh yeah ♪♪« The rhythm of, the rhythm of the night ♪♪« Yeah, uh huh ♪♪« Of the night, oh yeah ♪♪« Yeah, uh huh ♪♪« The rhythm of, the rhythm of the night ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Supply the love, you
know the demand’s up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« Throw your hands up ♪♪« (can falling) – Chris, what are you doing? – Working extra hard because
Pattwa over there is slacking. – Who? Who is Pattwa? You mean Shawn over there? – Shawn? I thought his name was Pattwa. – Shawn, no. – Oh shit, my bad. Hey Pattwa, my bad I thought
your name was Pattwa. I’m sorry. Did you see that? – See what, see what Chris? – He just gave me the finger. – So? What do you mean? – Are we just getting people birds? – Look, I just want you to
really be sure that Christopher is right for you before
you even think about moving in with him. Look what happened to me. – Courtney, I really don’t
think I’m moving fast. I think we’re going at a good pace. – Okay, you’re doing speed limit but he’s in the left-hand
lane without a seat belt. – Okay, that’s just not true. He may have issues to work on before we jump in the fast land, I’ll admit that. – Such as? – Such as — – Such as him not being
able to keep a job? – He can keep a job. – You’re fired, get the hell out of here. – I’m fired? No, you’re fired! How you gonna fire me?
I’m the assistant manager. I do the firing around here, not you. You’re just the Manager,
I’m the Assistant Manager. You better get them words right. Something wrong with
him, saying I’m fired. Don’t give a fuck about this
goddamned job. Fuck your job. Y’all better have my goddamn
check when I come back. I know that much. Leave my goddamn money, shit!
What’s wrong with y’all? Look Carlos, you can’t fire me. Look man, it’s a special day. You cannot fire me, Carlos, look! – What the hell is that?
Are you proposing to me? – No! It’s an engagement ring!
– [Carlos] And? – I’m proposing to my lady later on. I just got off a lay away. I really need this job. You’re fucking my life
up by firing me today. – [Carlos] What? No, you messed up you’re own fucking life. You’re a damn fuck up and what girl would want to marry you,
in the first place, anyway? – She’s going to marry me! She’s going to marry me! (shouting over each other) – [Carlos] Get the fuck out of here! – I’m getting out of here! I’m gonna get out of here. I’m gonna get out of here. I’m gonna get out of here. Just so you know, he
got your wife pregnant. He got your wife pregnant. – [Carlos] Call the cops
and get him out of here. – You have sex with my wife? – No, no I didn’t man. Don’t listen to him. – What you playing? Oh yeah! Log me on player! I’ll bust that ass. – Balls. You’re pathetic! For instance, how many
fucking jobs has it been that you’ve been fired from? – I’m pathetic? – Yeah, you are. – I’m pathetic? – A lot. – Nigga, you just moved
out of your mom crib and you moved straight
into your girl’s crib. – It don’t even matter, I
moved out though, don’t it? – It was just last week! – What the fuck? – Oh my God! Dude moving in with his girl,
don’t even know how to act. Man, get the hell out of here. He ain’t got no money in his pocket. You got to wait until your girl come home just for you to get something to eat. Like you can’t do nothing for yourself. – I got a debit card. – It’s a rush card! There ain’t no money on it! (hip hop music) Yo, man! Oh, shit man! Goddamn! – What? Did you drop something? – Yeah, my engagement ring, man! – What was it? What’s it look like? – What do you mean what
it look like? A ring! You better hope I find this shit, man. – I found it. – Man, give me the goddamn ring, man! Give me the ring! – Listen, you better watch where the hell you’re going
next time, you asshole. – The hell did you say to me? Come here! Keep playing with me! Oh, I’ll sharp, you lucky mother fucker! Hope I didn’t keep you too long? Had a little accident with a little bike. – No, but you are disturbing my read. – Why are you in the park, pretending like you reading a book? Let me see this. Haha! Cat in the Hat, huh? – Give me that! – Little child’s book. Anybody can read, I can read that book. – So about the accident? – Huh? – You said you got into an accident. What happened? – Oh, nah a guy ran into me with his bike. It wasn’t that major though. – Chris, what did you do? – What do you mean what did I do? – The guy hit me, apologized
and he went on his way. – Are you lying? – Why would you say that? – Because the last time
somebody ran into you, you broke their nose. – Well that usher had
something coming to him. He needed to watch where he was going with that collection plate, shoot! – You have such a serious anger problem. Why do you keep turning down therapy? – Do we have to talk about this right now? – Come out this Saturday! See the GI’s rock the house. Ladies free ’till midnight. Here you go ma’am! Come on out. No, no, trust me. You do not want to miss this party. You do not want to miss it. DJ Ice Rock the house all the time. Ladies free ’till midnight. – Know this is where I
first, we first met right? – No, it isn’t. – Why are you saying it isn’t? This is where I first saw you. – First of all, that’s creepy,
because I didn’t see you. As I recall, you followed me to to work, pretended to be a delivery
guy and got the floor that I was working on. So technically in front my building is the first place we met. – [DJ] Tickets could be purchased
at the local barber shop. Come on out, just Google my name. DJ Ice! – Well this is more suitable
for a lovely occasion anyway. – More suitable for what? – Bring your girl out, DJ Ice! DJ Ice party. Ladies free ’till midnight, man. – My man, my man. Don’t you see me doing
something with my lady? – Bring your girl, ladies
free ’till midnight. – No, no, my man. I’m busy over here, I’m
talking, I’m trying to vibe. – Listen man, nothing is more
important than a DJ Ice party. – Nobody wants to come
out to that DJ Spice. Fuck out of here man! – DJ Ice, man! – Ice, splice, spice, same shit! – I’m just trying to do my job, man. – Is your job trying to piss me off today? That’s what you’re trying to do? – I got to grind ’till
I die out here, man. It’s hot, man, I got
bills to pay! Let’s go! – All right, dude. Get out of my face, man!
Fuck out of here, man. Trying your shit. Hey, motherfucker! Didn’t I say just get out of here, man? – Chris, what are you doing? – [DJ] DJ Ice! – What’s wrong with you, man? God man, it ain’t me, man! It’s the people who are
around me, it ain’t me. They’re the crazy ones, I’m cool. I’m sane. I’m straight. Listen Sharon, I know that
I’ve been doing a lot — – Can you please spare a dime? – I ain’t got no goddamn dime, man! I don’t have a cigarette neither. – Chris… – [Chris] Well, how about
you go take a shower? – Can I use your shower? – Use my shower? What? – Chris, be nice. Here. – So you going to give him — – Thank you ma’am, God will bless you. – He’s don’t do nothin’ but do drugs! – And to you son, God already hates you. I can tell there’s no goddamn
fucking help for you, asswipe. – What? Asswipe? Who the hell do you think
you’re talking to man? – Chris! – What do you mean? – This is what I’m talking about! – He called me an asswipe! – You can’t be doing stuff like that. – Oh, so you’re going to let
somebody call you asswipe? Exactly! You don’t call me a goddamn asswipe. Nobody call me no goddamn asswipe! Shoot, I came here to do one thing! To talk to my lady and I
keep getting interrupted by all these bums and promoters and stuff. Jesus, man! I just wanted to do one thing. – Oh, come on, what is it? What is it that you’re trying to tell me? – Baby, listen. I know I got issues. Shit, we all do. Me and you though, as a team,
I know we can get through it. You hear me? – What? – Can you sign an autograph? – Oh, it would be so
nice to get an autograph. I hope you don’t mind me sending, my daughter over, but I
was too nervous to ask. Oh, by the way, I thought
the judge was wrong. – Judge? Lady, what are you talking about? – Aren’t you that guy,
that had to be restrained on Judge Joe Brown? – No! You got the wrong black man lady, Okay? – No no, I know a criminal
when I see one, dude. Look you even got prison stripes on. – Excuse me, what? – Lady, I’m trying to have a peaceful time with my woman, okay? – Can you please get the f… Can you please get out of here? Please. – Thank you. – You fucking loser. – Yeah, you fucking loser. – What? – Did you all hear that? Mom of the year right there, huh? Wow! Wow! Well if I was a little shorter, I’d… I don’t believe that. So where were we? – I can’t believe you
just lied to that little girl’s face like that? – What are you talking about? – It was you on that show. – I ain’t worried about that. I got bigger things to accomplish, today. Come here baby. – Chris. No no no, get up, get up. I can’t let you do this. You’re not gonna like my answer. – What are you, what do you mean I ain’t
going to like the answer? What are you talking about? – I can’t marry you like this, Chris. – Like what? Is it because I got a hoodie on? – Like this! You have an anger problem. And you really need to deal with it. – I’m working on it. – No. I want to marry somebody
that not only loves me but is actually gonna be there. I’m not trying to spend
my honeymoon in a prision visiting room, Chris. – Wow. – Listen your temper is
way too unpredictable. I don’t want to have to
worry what’s gonna happen if somebody says something
to you or somebody puts pickles in your sandwich. – But you was there when
they guy put the pickles in my sandwich, I asked
them twice, no pickles! He deserved that busting
up and you know that. – Baby listen, it’s all
fun in the beginning, but you’re talking about
me being your wife. You gotta change for something like that. – I have to change, huh? I have to change? I got to change! Fine! I’ve changed. I’m a whole new man. – Come on, I’m serious! I’m not gonna marry you if
you can’t control your temper. – Okay, fine, fine. What do you want me to do? Hm? What do you want me to do? I’ll do it. Just let me know, what you want me to do and I’ll do it. – Okay, and I’m only doing this because I really want to be with you. – All right! – I’m breaking up with you. – Come on, stop playing Sharon, for real. – No, I’m serious. – What the hell are you talking about? – Us breaking up is the only way that it’s going to work. You have to go a whole month,
without losing your temper. If you can do that, I’ll marry you. Simple as that. – [Chris] A whole month?
– [Sharon] A whole month. – I could do that. A whole month. How many days in a month though? – Today’s the last day of the month and — – Fine, let’s do this month. – Next month has 30 days. Just be glad it would be
31, because I don’t think you would last that long. – Oh, really? I can do it. – [Sharon] Okay.
– [Chris] I can do 30 days. 30 days? – 30 days. – [Chris] No incident…
– [Sharon] No incident. – [Chris] and you’ll marry me. Fine, I can do it. – [Sharon] All right.
– [Chris] Let’s go. – Let’s hope you can do it. (hip hop music) – Yo, no disrespect, no shit like that but Chris, I used to think you was one of the craziest dudes I know, but your chick I think she on some real crazy shit for the
stunt she about to pull. – Chris, she ain’t crazy. She knows exactly what she’s doing, dawg. – How the hell would you know? When was the last time you had sex? Real sex! Not that old hand job shit in the picnic from Methera’s cousin, we
ain’t talking about that. – Okay first of all, Snap, I
haven’t found the right woman to connect with on an
emotional and spiritual level. – Oh man, I’m not talking
about connections, it’s called fucking! – It’s called intercourse. – What, you need a Google
map to find some pussy? – Whatever, dawg. And like I said, I haven’t connected with the right woman, on a right emotional and spiritual level because that’s going to make the experience that much better. – You probably one of
those dudes that get hyped from like getting a kiss
at the end of the night. You planned it out like I’m
going to go in for the kill. That’s you? – Why I’m I listening
to a dude, that doesn’t even kiss his girl in the mouth? I mean you lived with
your mom until you was 30! – First of all, I’m not 30. Let’s get that out of the way, clearly. 29 and six months and as
for you and my business about me kissing my girl,
first off, I don’t know where the fuck she been at before me and I know what I have
to do while she with me. So I ain’t got to kiss in the mouth. I don’t trust the bitch. – Whatever, dawg. Chris, your all right? – I just don’t know what was
the hell Sharon thinking, man. – Oh, I know exactly what she’s thinking. She’s only doing this to
make your relationship that much stronger, dawg. Listen man. Don’t screw this up,
because I’m trying to find my future wife at your future wedding. – Listen, I just put it like this. Keep listening to this dude right here, you will end up in the DDS. – What the hell is a DDS? – You ain’t know what a DDS is? – No, what is it? – The Dry Dick Syndrome. – Oh God, see? Taking advice from this
guy you’ll end up on Maury. – I don’t give a damn if I
end up on Maury, you know why? Because I still ain’t accepting the baby because my mama told me the
baby don’t look like me. Ha! How you feel about that? – Listen man. All you got to do, is lay
low for about a month. Don’t blow your top and keep your cool. Man, how bad can it be? – I didn’t tell you guys everything. – Spit it out, pimp. We’re your boys. – Sharon’s talking
about dating other guys. – Shit! – Listen, fuck that! Look, want me to hook
you up with my cousin? She told me a couple of weeks ago she did some freaky stuff with some nigga. You wanna hook up with my
cousin? Because I got you. – I don’t want nobody. I want Sharon. – What do you mean, she’s
going to be dating other guys? – She’s going to be fucking, that’s what she’s going to be doing. What you need to be doing. What you don’t do. Fucking! – Doesn’t mean she’s going to be fucking. Chris, a date is just a date. That’s all it is. To regular people. – Yo, you need to stop
listening to this mother fucker, because your girl is
going to be fucking dudes, 30 days and 30 nights. That’s straight whole, banging, pow! – You know what? You know what? Don’t listen to this idiot. I’m sure Sharon has a good
reason for doing this. – So, do you really think
Christopher is going to go along with this? – Christopher really
doesn’t have a choice. – Uh, he could just leave you. Don’t you think you’re
being a bit dramatic with this 30 days thing? – No. If Chris can’t go 30
days without putting his hands on somebody, I don’t
want to spend the rest of my life with him. – Well, I don’t know what
you saw in the first 30 days you spent with him, but
do you even have a plan? – You need just to leave this tire behind and forget this whole game. – What neither one of your understand is that I really do love him. I want to make this work. I’m never going to get him into therapy so this is my way of
getting him on the couch. – Haha! And I have no problem with men on couches. Yeah! Give me some! What? – Chris thinks therapy
is for crazy people. There’s no way I’m ever
going to get him in there. – Then he’ll fit right in. – My cousin’s in therapy. – For what? – Nothing. – I know this experiment
seems silly to you guys, but I really think it’s going to help him. – Either that or he’ll
just end up spending the rest of his life
in jail thanks to you. – Chris won’t come to the couch so I’m just bringing the couch to Chris. (R&B music) – Oh, it’s like that? – I told you I was sleeping. – Just wanted to see you, before tomorrow. Come on, why do we have to
play this ridiculous game? Why don’t you just call
the whole thing off? – I can’t. – Yeah you can. All you got to do is something like “Chris, I’m calling it off.” – All you got to do is
come to a therapy session. Just one session. – No, no. – Just one. – No, no. I’m not coming to see no shrink now. Come on, I’m not crazy. – You don’t have to be
crazy to see a therapist. – This game is crazy. Like who put their man on pause just to — – Keep your voice down. – I think this is foolish. I’m supposed to just be
okay with you going out with all these different men? Come on, that’s a dumb experiment. I’m not no guinea pig, I’m a man. I know what it is though. Yeah, I can see through the
little pretty brown eyes. I know what it is. You don’t really want to marry me, do you? You don’t want to marry me, just say it. – No, Chris. I do want to marry you
that’s why I’m doing this. – Then marry me then. Right now, come on, right now. Just say yes. – You got to prove that you can change. – All right. Game on, Sharon. Game on! (hip hop music) ♪♪« My girl said I ain’t living right ♪♪« She love me but she say
I live a different life ♪♪« She love the thug and love
the loving not the spice ♪♪« – I can do this. I can do this, come on! Relax, relax, you can do this. – Honey, look, it’s the angry black guy. – No he’s not angry, honey. That’s what they call rapping. Look, I’ll show you. Excuse me, son? – Yeah? – What rap group do you belong to, because I love to play, Public Enemy, like “Don’t don’t don’t don’t
don’t believe the hype!” – Get out of here, man!
I ain’t no rapper, man! What’s wrong with you, man? You see a black guy so
you think he a rapper? Go ahead man, be gone! – Hello, can I start you
guys off with a drink? – Sure, we’ll have two
rum and cokes, please. – No, actually can I have
a Shirley Temple please? – [Waitress] All right,
I’ll be right back. – Thank you. – [Waitress] You’re welcome. – Why you trying to give me
liquor in the middle of the day? – I apologize. Forgive me, I thought that was your drink. I remember that being your
drink in college, but I guess — – Oh, that was a long time ago. – May I help you? – Who going to help you? – [Waiter] Excuse me? – Man, just give me a table, man. – Looking like this? – Oh, your lucky, I’m in
rehabilitation stages right now. – I assume you will be eating alone. Follow me. – Ain’t that some shit. – But you’re still just as
beautiful as back in college. – Your table. – Shit! Fuckin’. – Looking good, girl. Love them dimples. – What’s so funny? Yo, bus boy! Come here! – Excuse me, I’m not a
busboy. I’m a greeter. – What the fuck is the
difference from a busboy and a greeter? – Two different things. – Wow, really? It’s part of the same pay scale, dog. Listen, how about you
go over there with your two different jobs that you got, and find out what the hell is
so goddamn funny over there. – I’ll get your waiter. – Nigga! That’s that light skin shit, man. – So Sharon, how’s life been treating you? – Not bad. I can’t complain. Even if I try, I just
think of my patients. They deal with a lot of tough stuff. – I’m sure they do deal
with a lot of tough stuff. – Oh yeah. – Being crazy and all that you know. – Well I don’t like to use the word crazy. – Right, that was out of the line. I apologize. – That’s very unprofessional. – You ask me, the patient’s
got it pretty good. – Why is that? – They get to see your everyday. – I only get to see
you just for one night. – All right, come on, Tyson. I told you I’d come out but
you have to behave yourself. – I’m sorry, forgive
me. What was I thinking? – Fuck is going on over there? – [Waitress] Will you
be ready to order now? – Can we just have a few more minutes? – [Waitress] Not a problem. – Okay, I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Can you excuse me for a moment? – Of course. (cellphone ringing) – Hello. Listen, I’m out with somebody right now. You gotta stop calling me. All you got to do is breath easy. I’m gonna bring your ass in a pump. Leave me alone! I’m on a date. I don’t care you gave birth to me. That was 35 years ago. Mom, mom, listen. Listen. You’ve have had asthma for over 45 years. Why all in a sudden you need a pump when I’m out on a date? I’m on a date right now. Mom, look, look. Bitch, I’m tired of you
talking to me like that. What? Fuck you too! Fuck you too, Ma! Ma, this that bull. See! This why Dad left your ass. ‘Cause you don’t know
how to talk to people. Ma, that’s fucked. All right. I’m saying man, just Dad wasn’t there and I just ain’t been right since. – Sharon, what are you doing? This is for Chris. It’s only going to help him. It’s got to help him. – Look lady! You going to breathe when I get there. All right, mother. Right, I love you too. Have a great evening. Be safe. It’s my mom. Beautiful lady she is. – Maybe one day, if you play your cards right you can meet her. – Is she okay? – She’s fine. She’s
fine, thanks for asking. – An elderly woman was rushed
to the hospital this morning. Paramedics are reporting
she suffered an apparent asthma attack. She seems to be doing well. In other news, a police officer was caught driving his vehicle butt naked in the car. – Hey, Thomas. When did you get here? I didn’t know you was having company babe. – I didn’t know either, he just showed up. – You called me over. What’s up, Maya? How’s
this fruit treating you? – What was that? – I said what’s up? How’s
the world treating you? – [Maya] Pretty good. – Okay, that’s good. – So tell me Thomas, are you still single? – Yup, single as a mother fucker. No nothing. – Babe, stop. Why do you have
to be damn mean all the time? Thomas can get any girl he wants. I mean, he’s cute,
charming, smart, sensitive. – You forgot virgin, baby. – Maya, Maya, I heard that Walmart down there on the boulevard was hiring, for dish washes, stock boys, and miscellaneous. So that means, he could
just be climbing on a wall. He’d be all right, though. – Oh, really? Did you know that, babe? – Yup, I did and I was
going and then he showed up. So he kind of stopped me. – You put the blame on him now? – I’m definitely going, you know, I’m definitely go. It’s the first of the month,
so it’s a little crowded. Everybody getting their access cards, they got their food stamps. It will be packed so
they ain’t going to even pay me no mind. I probably will go on Monday. Monday, I can put my suit on. – You don’t even have no suit. – And go down there, fill the
application and get the job. – First off, don’t put the blame on him. Okay? Second off, you need to be
a little more productive. Enough with your excuses
and I hope you get your ass down there due to the fact that you cannot be sitting around playing video games all day. I don’t give a shit in hell
how you put up with him. – Old games too. There ain’t even no new shit up in here. – Get a job. – I’m tired of this shit too, you know. That’s my own personal belief. – Anyways, I’m going to the grocery store. Do you guys want anything? – I would like a bag of
chips, bring this nigga a job application and some milk. Yeah, and some milk. – All right, cool, no problem. Hey, yo, Thomas, while you’re here, can you do me a favor? Our computer has been acting up. Do you mind taking a look at it for us? – Yeah, some shit going on? Nigga pulling up porn, Pornhub? – Probably. Okay, yeah I’ll fix that. Got a couple bugs, I’ll fix that. Get that video of he showed
me of y’all off of there to… – [Maya] Yeah, what? – Okay, my bad, I’ll fix that. And you know, y’all be
straight, all right? – [Maya] All right, thank you. Hey, C-Rock! – Not right now. Come on. Not right now, thank you. Fellas! I survived amazing day one. – Relax. It’s just day one. – So what that mean? Fucking make it through day one means I can make it through the
rest of the days, right? – So who’s this guy? – Some little college friend of her’s. Like a fake Ruben Studdard if you ask me. He got like a split personality though. – Yo, that’s funny. This chick Sharon, she really
know how to pick up some psychos, seriously. – Fool, what you trying to say? You think I’m psycho? I just got an anger problem. Matter of fact, correction,
I don’t have it anymore. I’m straight, but this guy
she was with last night, he got some issues. – So you’re trying to tell me anger isn’t the issue right now? – Wait a minute. What’s this guys issue? – He got like Tourettes or something. – Shit! He just like you but he got an excuse, that’s what you’re saying? – Wait up. What’s the plan, dawg? – This the plan. I made it through day one, so I’m going to treat day one like
the rest of the 29 days and I’m going to make it through. You know what I’m saying fellas? Making it, man. I’m telling you man, after these 30 days, woo, Sharon is going to be my wife. – So you and Chris broke up, huh? – We’re just taking some time apart. – How’s his temper? – He’s working on it. – You think it’s a good idea,
to be seen with me in public? I mean, after all, I don’t want
to end up like the last guy. – You have nothing to worry about. Trust me. So, what’s in the bag? – I’m glad you asked. Well you always said you wanted to learn about computers, so I
figured why not teach you a little something on our lunch break. (hip hop music) All right, first lesson of the day is, I have a USB flash drive memory stick. – What’s up peoples? How we doing? – James, was just nice enough to give me some free computer lessons. – What do you need computer lessons for? You’re a shrink. – I’m a psychiatrist. And besides we get computer glitches just like anybody else and James is our top IT guy in the floor, so I thought he could show me a few things. – You’re the top, huh? – Well, maybe third or
fourth from the top. She’s exaggerating. – Third or fourth, I’d work there. I’d be number one. You know I know about computers baby. Come on! I know about modems and
apps and stuff like that. Let me help out, I’m gonna go — – Since when? Besides, James and I are doing just fine. – James, you don’t mind
if I sit down, right? – No, no. – He don’t care, what’s the matter? – What are you doing? – I’m doing what you told me to do. I’m observing. – No, this is not part of the rules. – I’m the only one that’s
supposed to be able to see you. Only me. – What is this? Like your over here with
this psycho looking dude, you know like Steve Urkel,
that’s not going to cure me. You know what? I’m done. Done with your little
stupid experiment, man. Like seriously, it’s not going to work. Like me and you are supposed to be on our honeymoon, right now. Laying down, you and your two piece, you know what I’m saying. Supposed to be getting it on. Come on! Like who going to get jealous
of something like that? – I got to get back over here. – Are you serious? – Is he all right? – You don’t have to worry about Chris. Let’s get back to work. – He’s looking at me right now, isn’t he? – James, you don’t have
to worry about him. He’s harmless. – You don’t understand. I’m a bleeder and I can’t
get blood on this new shirt. Sharon, just let me go apologize to him. I’ll tell him I’m sorry and I didn’t know you guys were still together. – We’re not. (neck snapping) James! Can we get back to this? – All right. The first thing, I want to show you, my favorite gadget ever invented. It’s the apple i — (gasps) – What the fuck is he running for? What? I was just coming to say goodbye. – Bullshit! You’re breaking the rules. – This ain’t no rules. The rules said I couldn’t see or say hi. He’s the one who ran. I ain’t angry. I’m supposed to be angry, that’s the rule. Not to get angry. I’m not angry. I’m good. Look, do I look angry? I don’t feel angry. I’m good. What are you talking about? Nobody angry. This is some punk mother fucker, shit! Come on. Got a new ipad. Shit! It’s our now. ♪♪« She said for 30 days prove
my anger is controllable ♪♪« Put me in different
situations, unapproachable ♪♪« – You know I don’t do this. I save this for special clients. – You’ve been training me for a while. I thought it was about
that I saw this special — – Woo! Ah! Feel like I’m at the bing! All the guys hot and sweaty. Shirts all soaked. Nipples poking out. Ah! Come on, give me energy! – Shouldn’t we stretch first? And why are you screaming? – I’m sorry, it’s just when
I’m out here in this park, I feel like I’m at home. You got the monkey bars,
the swings, all that. This ain’t no girly planet. Come on, this is that raw! (upbeat music) Wooh! – You don’t have to scream. – Ah! I know, but it’s just when I’m at the gym, you don’t know what I’m feeling right now. Wooh! I feel free out here, this that raw! (energetic music) – 19, 20. After I’m done with my triceps,
it’s going to be your turn. Looks like we are going
to need a little bit of extra attention, for your triceps. – What is it about the playground, that you like so much better than the gym? – What do you mean? This is the essence of it all right here. You can’t get this type
of workout in no gym. Yeah, when I was in the pen,
this is that raw, right here. We didn’t have no elliptical, calliptical, whatever type of shit you all used to use. Yeah, we just had weights and concrete. That’s it, yeah. Just weights and concrete. When somebody was ready
to shank you, it was on. It didn’t matter, you
still got a good workout. (energetic music) (growling) Now, get down on this. Ah! – Yo, see that crazy man right there? – Yeah. – He just took the swing
from your son, man. Yeah! – Excuse me. I think my son was using the swing. – Huh? You want this swing little man? Huh? Come and get it. Yeah. – He’s five! You can share the swing. – You see son, what I told you earlier? People on drugs not go anywhere in life. – Come and get this little man. Yeah! (energetic music) – Kay, does lateness run
in your entire family? – Girl, I don’t know what’s going on. I tried to text him,
but his phone probably ran out of minutes, but
don’t worry, he’ll be there. – What do you mean no minutes? You mean you sent me
on a date with somebody that can’t even afford a prepaid phone? – Hey, don’t judge my cousin, okay? He may not be all together
but at least he got his GED. He worked hard for that. Besides, Boost mobile has some good rates, plus his number cannot
be traced by the feds. – The feds? – What exactly do you mean he may not have it all together? – Um, listen I got to go under the drier right now, I’ll call you back, alright? Love you, mean it. (hip hop music) – You Sharon? I’m Kay’s cousin. – Hi, I’m Sharon. – All right. – What the hell is that? (hip hop music) ♪♪« I’m trying to get you alone ♪♪« I’m trying to get you alone ♪♪« I don’t want to buy nothing ♪♪« Because I can’t afford it ♪♪« But I can’t seem to get you off my ♪♪« (cellphone ringing) – Your phone is ringing. – I don’t hear it. – You guys, I’m really
starting to question if this experiment is even worth it. – Oh, I am so mad that Chris
hasn’t killed anybody yet. – That boy Chris was crazy out the womb. He came out angry howling like DMX. – Wait. (talking over each other) (laughter) – What did I do? – What do you mean, what did you do? You set me up with a date
with a damn convicted felon. – Oh, no you didn’t! – You would throw her at your cousin? When did he get out? – No, he’s not out. He may be physically out, but that boy is still in Shawshank. Either that or he watches
too many Oz reruns. – That is true. – He does watch Oz. A lot. – No, really guys really. I think I’m going to drop it. – Oh, no please don’t. – Yeah you should. – Wait until Chris gets
arrested for manslaughter. I’m sorry! – That would be good. That would be funny. – It’s inevitable. – Yes! That would be perfect! – If I go on one more date like I did with dumb ass, I’m not going to make it, to even see him recover. – Listen, you call on my cousin again. – No, here you go with your cousin. You had no business sending
me out with that fool. – I know that was wrong. That’s was wrong. – I mean. – That was wrong. – No, no, no, no. Thank you, Philly parking authority. Thank you very much. (slow violin music) – Bobby is that you? – Oh my God you got to be kidding me. – Oh my God! – What a surprise! – A surprise indeed. Are you back in the city? – No, it’s just your imagination. Yes! Temporarily, well, I just
had this little business deal to do, but… Wow! How have you been? – Hi, I’m Kay. – Hey, Kay. And I’m single. – Okay, yes! I’m rude, I’m sorry. Bobby these are my close friends. This is Kay and this is Sharon. – A pleasure. Sweet ladies. – So Bobby, how do you know Courtney here? Were you two ex-lovers? – Oh, no, no no no no. – Whoa whoa whoa, slow down. Nothing like that. My brother, Mike, almost made an honest woman out of this one right here. – Honest? Come on, really? This lying bitch? – Okay! (talking over each other) – You were engaged? – See that’s what I’m talking about. – How are you going to be
engaged and we don’t even know about it? – I said too much. I’m sorry. – No. – Said too much. – So tell me, how long are
you going to be in Philly? – Oh, a couple of months. You tell me. What brings you ladies out tonight? – We’re just down at Noches. – Noches! Clearly I’ve been going
down to the wrong spot. – Where are you coming from? – I had a business meeting
with a colleague of mine at Endovers but that is not important. What is important is making sure that you are not calling
this a night right now. – Oh, yeah. I’m afraid so. We get long days and short nights. That’s just how it is
when you got a J O B. – Oh! – Oh, I definitely know how that is, because you need to have
one in order to be with me. – Oh! (laughter) – You don’t got a pot head. – I’m just saying. – He does have on a suit. You know, maybe, I don’t know. Thank you for noticing, Kay. But you can’t allow that to get in the way of enjoying yourself in this life. – No. But you can’t let parking
tickets get in the way either. – Okay well, Bobby it was good to see you. – It was great to see you too, sweetheart. I’m going to tell my
brother that I ran into you. Yeah. – Occasionally I get ticked
off but who wouldn’t? – Getting ticked off and
breaking somebody’s nose are two different things. – Not if you do it at the same time. – So what about the whole sex thing? – Is that why you called me out here? – Hi! – Hi! – Wow, imagine running in
to you on back to back days. What are the odds? – Well it’s a small city. – Indeed, small. What a beauty it is! – Bobby, let me — – Sharon, this is my brother, Mike. – Engaged Mike? – No, but yes this is Mike. I heard about your
interesting run in last night. – Well I can’t say I
know too much about you. – Well I’m afraid I can’t
say the same thing about you. My brother Bobby’s been
telling me a lot of good things about you. – Did he tell you she like her space? Come on, man! We’re in a park. Go feed a pigeon or something, man. We’re trying to have a conversation. – Gentlemen, let me
introduce you to Chris. – Chris, it’s a pleasure to meet you. – Yeah, and a pleasure to meet
that tie, I’ll tell you that. – What’s that? – Your tie. Why do you have a
tie on in 90 degrees weather? It’s humid, man! Come on! Go put a t-shirt on. You look like your running
for Park Ranger or something. I’m sure got them puddle
pits too, don’t you? – I get it. That’s very funny, Steve. – It’s Chris. – Well, I didn’t mean to
interrupt your conversation — – It’s kind of late for
that don’t you think? – But maybe, we’ll run
into each other again. Soon, I hope. – Soon? – Tell Courtney, I said hi. – How about you tell her? I’m pretty sure like you got
a Cricket phone or something. What two grown men walking
together with umbrellas? Who was that? – Those are just friends of Courtney. – I hate Courtney. – I cannot believe there
wasn’t an all out brawl. I mean, are we talking
about the same Christopher? I was hoping to see some
probable moral story. – I think he did okay. I’m proud of him. – Okay isn’t marriage material. Besides, he’s lucky Bobby didn’t
smack him upside the head. Right? Don’t let his shirt and tie fool you. Bobby, can throw down. – Whatever. I want to know about engaged Mike. Are you guys on good terms? – No, no, no, no! I am not getting involved in this little experiment of yours. Count me out of it. – Okay come on, Courtney.
I’m not asking you to be — – Count me out! – Part of the whole
experiment, I’m just asking you to hook a little something up. – No, I’m not hooking a
little something up, no! – Come on, Courtney! Bobby has been the first one
to get a reaction out of Chris. I’ve been trying to get him to that point. – Do you know what you
are asking me to do? – I’m asking you to help a friend. – Oh! You know I was thinking that Chris was the crazy one in all this. See I’m starting to reconsider that. – Woo, got him. – Yo, Snap. Snap! – What? – Don’t forget dude. You know I got that interview, man. I’m going to be late man. Four o’clock dude, for real. – Chris, how’s it going? – I’m good dude. You know, thirty days, I can do it. – I’ve seen your boy Bobby
Lang he looks like a weirdo. – Talk to you later. – Ey! Are you all serious? Are you all really? Why don’t you just hug
each other and kiss. Your acting like real girls right now. I know what’s going on. I know all the sensitive activity. Know what, I blame Tyler
Perry, Ralph Trezevant, Brian McKnight , every
sensitive person you know, is you two right now. You all need to stop. You know what? You all need to watch Oprah or something or play with each other’s
chests or something. Twirl each other’s chest
hairs or something. – Oprah don’t even come on TV, dog. – Oprah don’t come on no more. – Talk to your man. Bring him back an application. – No, no that’s on you.
You go and talk to him. – I’m not talking to his ass. I’m not talking to you
until you get a job. – What’s up Christopher? – Hey, what’s up? (laughing) – Are you serious? – You have not got off from the same spot since I left, have you? – What do you expect? He’s a bum. – Don’t be calling that a bum. – I’m just saying. – Hush! Hush, woman, hush! And get ready to defend your man bro. – He may be a bum on the couch, but he puts the work in the bed. – Oh! You do realize there are other
black men out there, right? Ones with jobs. Like Tommy for example. – Ew, man, what — – I got a fucking job. You do know there’s something
called birth control. – Babes, stop! – Hey, man! Don’t hate me. Everybody know she got like 30 kids. – Okay, whatever. You still hanging with this loser? – He Chris’ man. I know him from Chris. – Really? So why you
always over here then? – I mean, I like the atmosphere. The ambiance is cool. – Oh, for real? – You know, it’s all right. – Playin’ games, with
this loser, he’s a bum. How about you help him get a
job? How about you do that? – No, clearly, he’s about
to start working with Chris, because I can’t. I wear suits and shit at my job and this nigga got sneakers and sweats. – Anyway, I felt like
I just had to do this. – Is that why we didn’t
go to a restaurant? I thought you were just being cheap. – He is being cheap
and this wine is cheap. – Stop. – This man, he opens up
his home to you ladies and you call him cheap. He’s actually, I got your back. Look, he makes the best
salmon dish in the country. – Thank you. – In the country? – I’m not just saying that
because he got me this job. – Michelin rated. Good looking out for me, there brother. See someone who appreciates. – Oh! – I mean but trust me,
I could have taken you to any restaurant in Philly. – You could have, yes. – However, on a night
as special as tonight, you deserve the absolute best. – Is that right? – It is right, especially for
a reunion such as this, huh? – Especially this one right? – That’s right. – No, no, no, with that being said, cheers, to our friends and possible rekindled romance. – Amen! Cheers to that. – All right. – Cheers. (upbeat R&B music) ♪♪« Listen, every time me and my man fight ♪♪« I go flirt with my
ex and I’m dead falling ♪♪« I know I’m dead wrong ♪♪« Sometimes I don’t pay my bills ♪♪« Even though I got the money ♪♪« – Yo, man! I really hope I get
that job, yo. Seriously. – Shit! I hope you get them all. – Hope I get it? You applied for the same position. You better hope you get it too. – Nah, man. I ain’t getting that job. You should have seen all the bullshit I put on the application. Plus if I get a job, I’m going to fuck up the situation I am in now. – Maya’s going to catch onto your bullshit sooner or later, dude. She’s going to know you’re a free loader. Especially hanging with Kay. You know her hating ass dude. She ain’t gonna do nothin’
but hate all on you and stuff like that because she ain’t happy in her type of relationship, you know what I’m saying? – Probably but– – Dude, you better hope you
really get that job, seriously. – Man, I made it
fool-proof I won’t get in. You want to know what I put
on there where they said references? – Oh, here you go. What did you put on it, Snap? – Put these mother fucking
nuts on that application. I even drew two little balls like this and put like little whiskers on them. – No! – And had smiley faces on them. They ain’t giving me that job. They’re going to look at
me like I’m fucking crazy matter of fact. – Who draws on the application? – Me, nigga. I’m not trying to fuck up the
current situation I got, dude. – Oh! What the fuck, man? – I’ll tell you what it is. They look like they just finished fucking. Shit, look at them, man! My nigga, I don’t even look
that happy when I bust a nut so I know she bust a nut. – Shut up, man, nobody
try to hit that, man. – Don’t be mad at me ’cause
she got the little white shit on her cheek, nigga that
mean she took it on the face! – Oh, don’t say that, oh! – Yeah! She took it in the face. Balls in the face! – Oh, shut up, man! Shut up. – You better go do something before she… – Oh, good evening. May I help you? – No you can’t help us,
you can help yourself by taking off that
bullshit shirt you got on. – Ladies, do you know these gentlemen? – [Snap] Gentle? Gentle-what? Who? – Snap, take your project behind home. – What’s going on tonight? – We just had dinner with
some of Courtney’s friends. – Ah, this is your little
friend from the park! – [Snap] Nigga, little friend? Nigga, this is
trunk-poppin’ season, nigga. Let it off in this nigga face, right now! Fuck the talk, let’s go. Say the word. Say the word! Say it, nigga.
Trunk-poppin’ season, nigga. – What’s going on here? Is there something I need to know? – Calm down, calm down. – Nigga, calm my ass, nigga! – So did you lovely ladies
have a lovely time tonight? – Yes, Chris. We did. Thank you. – Oh, it’s nice to meet you again, Chris. Any friend of Courtney’s
is a friend of mines. – Oh, no, I don’t know him. Him either. – Well, you guys missed a lovely evening. – This? How we miss something?
You know what I’m saying? We weren’t even invited to it, miss lady. – Indeed it was. I had no idea salmon
could do you like that. – Oh so that’s how you do? He buy a fish and eat the fish? – Uh, well ladies, I think we better get going so
we can make that 9:30 movie? – You know what, Bobby? I think
we’re gonna call it a night. – [Bobby] Oh, are you sure? – Yeah, I had a lovely time
but I’m a little sleepy. I think it was the wine. – [Snap] This nigga gave her wine! – Well you see what it
did to my brother Mike. Knocked out. Okay, we’ll do it again. – Goodnight. – You have a good night too. – You’re crazy! – So, you live in the uh… projects huh? – What? – Well I was thinking I have
some leftover salmon upstairs I was about to throw out. – I’ll shake the shit out of you, nigga! – I was just saying, I know
things are rough for you guys in the projects and I
figured I could donate some of my leftover food to you. I mean, do whatever you want with it. I’m sure you have roaches to feed too. (piano music) – Yo, you embarrassed me, man! We from the projects. You
gonna go out like that? You know what I’m saying,
personally, you know me, I was ready to go down,
I was ready to bust! Pop the trunk and everythin’! And you over there talking
you “need a moment.” A moment? How you gonna let this
sucka, tight-shirt dude take your girl like that, man? And he gave her some wine, straight wine! – So? – Whatever, personally,
let me tell you something. Look at me dude, he fucked her. – No he didn’t. – Good too, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know what it is! I guess these new smooth, corny dudes is the new thugs or somethin’, man. – What? – You from the projects, right? – [Snap] Yeah! – But you never got into
a fight your whole life! – Never! – Just ’cause you from
there don’t make you tough. Even that little girl
scout smack you on the back of your head with a box of cookies before. – Cookies! – [Snap] You know why?
– [Chris] Why? – ‘Cause I bust guns. That’s what I do. – You’ve never had a gun! – I’m gonna shoot him! I ain’t gotta fight! My
ass too sexy to fight. – What kinda gun you got? – It don’t matter! It don’t matter! All that matters is that I’ll
bust my guns and I let it off. – I said, “What kind of
gun you got?” He said, “It don’t matter.” – I don’t know what the
hell he’s talkin’ about but Sharon is only doing
this to test you out, man! ‘Cause she knows you have
a problem with your anger. – That’s true. That’s true. But I don’t give a fuck. I almost grab the nigga’s
head and bust it to the curb. – That’s what I’m talkin’ about! – Won’t you shut the hell up? But you didn’t. – I didn’t. I didn’t. I felt awkward not doin’ it! But I gotta admit this, man. Felt kinda good to control
my anger for the first time. – There you go, it’s working! – Felt good ’cause I was gettin’ there but then somethin’ just said,
“Hey man, you love Sharon, “bring it down” and it came down, y’all. Came down. – What the hell? You sound like him, yo. Y’all some suckers, man. I mean look, we already
got one chump in the crew. We gonna add two now? Yo man, I really can’t deal
with all this bitch-assness that’s goin’ on right now, man. I’m about to do some real thug shit. Probably go to the store. Steal some Twizzlers, cupcakes, choke a squirrel, I’m
gonna do whatever, man! I’m done with y’all, man! Hey, this ain’t about me,
I’m from the projects, man! I ain’t got time to be dealin’ with y’all! I’m done with y’all, man, I’m out! – What is his… What is his problem? – He gonna cry when he get in the car. Oh, man. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. I may have lost my anger but, I’m a little bit worried though. – Worried about what, man? – Dude, he be makin’ her smile, yo. Oh, but I know her smile, dude. He ain’t like them other
dudes she was on a date with. Ah, he a wildcard. He wasn’t in the plans. – Oh, he ain’t better than you. – Yeah, but I’d be lyin’ to you
if I tell I weren’t worried. – What are you worried about? – Him takin’ her! Have you been paying attention to anything we’ve been sayin’? – I’m listening! I’m listening. (Chris groans) Let me ask you question. Why the hell are we the
only black guys out here and there’s no baseball game goin’ on? Who picked this spot? Did you pick this? – I don’t like the fact
that this dude, man, got a job. – You got, okay, he got a job. – He dress nice. – Suits ain’t nothin’. – Look at me, man. All I
wear is t-shirts and hoodies. – That’s you! And that looks
good on you, by the way. I like that shirt. (R&B music) – How does he know where to pop up? Do you want me to take care of this? – No, I got this. Can you go get us a table please? – Wow. Really? Second date? That’s part of the
so-called “project” too? – It’s not a date. He wanted to talk about
a business venture. It sounded interesting so we came to talk. You don’t have anything to worry about. – He could have called
you on the phone, man. Second date, huh? Yeah, sounds like a little bit off to me. I don’t even have the anger
issue that you say I’ve got. I don’t even have that. I just went and got a job
and come on, this is for you! – Sharon, is everything all right? – Oh yo yo yo. Everything
is all right, man. – Chris, congratulations on your job. I’ve really gotta go. – Your waiter will be right with you. – Okay, thank you. So, tell me about this business venture. – Truthfully speaking,
I’d much rather hear about your exciting experiment. – I don’t know how exciting
it is, I’ve just always been really fascinated with the human psyche and an associate of mine wants
to prove a point that therapy doesn’t work and it’s just
a bunch of mind games. – Hm, and you being in the profession, you find his or her comments
to be insulting, I presume. – Not insulting, just disappointing. I think if more people in
our community sought help for their mental issues,
then we would have people feeling a lot more full of
hope and a lot less helpless. – Brains and beauty. – Hello my name is Emma
and I’ll be your server for this evening, can I start
you guys off with a drink? – Uh, can I have a
glass of Moscato please? – [Emma] Sure can, and you sir? – I’ll have a gin and juice, thanks. – [Emma] Okay excellent I’ll
be right back with your drinks. – Excellent. – So why don’t you tell me
about this big, top-secret business deal? – Well, basically I
have a love for the city of Philadelphia. See currently we have our
two main offices out on the West Coast but I had a
meeting with the mayor last week and I’m confident that we’ll
be building another building here in the city. – Oh wow, that’s great! I’m so happy for you. – Thanks. Maybe you can think about
relocating your office to a better part of the city. – That’s a thought, or,
while you’re taking meetings with the mayor, you can ask
him about the parking ticket. – Please, this is the
city of Philadelphia. Not even God himself can get
out of paying a parking ticket. – [Sharon] That’s true. – Here you go. Do you guys need a few more minutes? – Oh well, I did ask for a gin and juice. – [Emma] Well that’s
all we have today, sir. – Oh, in a place like this. – [Emma] Yes, a place like this. – That’s fantastic. – [Emma] Do you need
more time for your order? – Sure, Edna. Edna, right? – [Emma] It’s Emma. – Oh. Okay. – [Emma] Okay? – Must be her first week. Well I’ve been thinking. Since you’re a therapist and all and I have some issues and such — – You have issues? – A couple. – No, not being able
to cook isn’t an issue. You need therapy, you need a cook book. – Oh, being in a restaurant
setting like this, I don’t know, I’m having these, horrible flashbacks with burnt toast and salty steaks! – Oh, you poor thing. I’m not on the clock but I’d
still have to charge you. – That’s fine, I think I’m good for it. – So Mr. Bobby. Why don’t you tell me a little bit more about what it is that’s
been bothering you? – Well doc… it started about a few days ago. I was all set to go back
to the West Coast… and then… a few situations have come up that have made me change my mind. Specifically because of a lady. Not just any lady. This one is intelligent. Articulate. Beautiful. Man, she’s beautiful. You know, getting that
parking ticket the other day was the best thing that happened to me. If that doesn’t happen then… our paths may never have crossed. So doc, what is a man to do? – Well… in my professional opinion, the Philadelphia Parking
Authority really doesn’t play with parking tickets so, I’d be sure to pay that right away. ♪♪« Are what I live and breath for ♪♪« Every night I pray
you’ll knock on my door ♪♪« But I was young, I was
dumb, kept it on the low ♪♪« ♪♪« The way you put it on me ♪♪« Got me thinkin’ about you only ♪♪« Wish I could have you right now ♪♪« Wish I could have you right now ♪♪« Thinkin’ about you way too much ♪♪« You got me thinkin’
about you way too much ♪♪« You got me thinkin’
about you way too much ♪♪« You got that voodoo, girl ♪♪« You got that voodoo, girl ♪♪« You got that voodoo, girl ♪♪« – Aw, hell no! What is this? – Yo, you’re late! – Amber? – Don’t call me that, C-Rock, call me AC. – Well what the hell the
C stand for? Confused? Crazy? What? – What the crap shit is this? What, do you think we’re in kindergarten? – Top of the line bike!
What you talking about? That’s all I got. – Call yourself a man? Yo, paps! – What can I help you with sweetheart? – Yo can I get the G-ride? My man brought his bike. And it’s not a bike, it’s
an elementary school bike and there’s no room on that for me. – Can I meet your friend? – Yo man, come here. Snap’s cousin and shit, paps. – I’m Christopher. – Hi Christopher, how you
doin’? Pleased to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Listen, where are
you kids going tonight? – I told you, do not get in my business. – Wow. – Isn’t she sweet? Lovely, huh? – Yeah? If that’s what you like. – Let’s go. – Chris listen, I know
she likes your kind. – Our kind?
– [Dad] Your kind, yeah. Now, it’s a curse for me. – Curse? – Yeah, everybody has a
little bit of a curse on them. That’s my curse. Now, if you bring her home
pregnant, I’m gonna have to fuck you up, so… – Fuck me up? – Just have a good night. Enjoy. Drive safe. – Did you hear what he just said to me? – [Amber] No but you’re
going too slow, let’s go. So seriously? Micky D’s? That was your idea of a date? – Yeah! What’s wrong with Micky D’s? – You know, I truly do
believe that the newspaper industry is not yet dead. – When is the last time
you picked up a newspaper? – This morning! – [Amber] So, what? Yo! Yo, where are you going? – Well well well, look what we have here. This is a nice day for a nice
little walk through the park, isn’t it? – Well it really all depends. What is a nice day without
great company to share it with? – Yeah, share. You know about that word, don’t you? Yeah I know how you
Hollywood boys get down. You one of them swinger types, aren’t you? I heard how anything flies over there! – Well actually, if you must know I’m originally from Phillie. – (scoffs) Phillie? What part? Bel-Air? – North Phillie, actually. (Chris laughs) North? You from north? Yeah, you might have rolled through north. You ain’t from no north. – [Amber] Where are you goin’? I’m not done with you! – A friend of yours, I presume. Listen here, Christopher. I can see what you’re doing. Let me tell you something. Just because I may have moved
out of the so-called hood, doesn’t mean I forgot where I came from. Don’t get it twisted. – (chuckles) That’s one of
your little new slang words you learned? Where did you get it from, Blackipedia? Your Urban Dictionary? You fuck around with an app on your phone. – Guys, guys. Let’s be a little mature here. – Yeah, I see right through you, man. – Oh yeah? What is it that you
think you see, my friend? – You wanna know what I
see? I see a pretender. You pretend to be somebody
smart but deep down, you just as dumb as everybody else! Stop faking it, man! – You know what’s ironic here? A man who cannot keep a job
for more than a month at a time is calling me dumb. I mean, even you can see
the irony in that, right? – Come on. You guys, this
is getting out of hand. – So you discussing my business with him? – Chris, it’s not like that. – Oh, are your feelings hurt?
Was that too Bel-Air for you? Or do you see my North
Pillie style coming out now? – You’re just as dumb as me, man. Don’t try to act like
you somebody you ain’t. Come on, man. I know what it is. You dumb. You know how dumb you are? You don’t even realize this
is an experiment that she playin’ on me, why do you
think I keep poppin’ up? Huh? You think I just keep
showin’ up from anywhere? Yeah, dummy. She’s treatin’ you like tissue, nigga. You about to be flushed. Yeah that’s right, I’m
crazy. I’ll take that. I’d rather be crazy than
a damn fool like you. – Chris, stop. – He’s the experiment? – Listen, I was gonna tell you, I just, I got caught up with things. – No listen… I know you felt something
that night at dinner. I saw it in your eyes. I don’t
care what this idiot says. We are more than just an
experiment, do you understand? – Idiot? Whoa whoa whoa. You gonna watch all this name
calling, seriously, for real. Man, who you — (piano music) ♪♪« Why can’t I find someone to love ♪♪« They spoil me like a king ♪♪« It’s still not enough ♪♪« – That’s what I’m talkin’ about. You did the right thing. Yo, you think you broke his jaw? Like, seriously. Real talk? We need to go celebrate now. We need to go to the top of the projects. Bust off some guns, you
know what I’m sayin’? Pop some champagne, get jiggy — – Shut your ass up. – Damn, man. Just like that. And I lost her. – Dawg, you haven’t lost her yet. – No, dude, he lost her. Trust me. I mean, for real our boy
has a chemical imbalance. I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. I don’t know why you want
his chemicals balanced any goddamn way. – Look, are you serious? Like, do any of the brain
cells still work or did you use them on sniffing glue in kindergarten? – Hey man, I got about a
trillion of them things. I can lose a few, it don’t matter. – It’s over, man. I screwed up. – You want her back? – Sharon was right. – Listen, you want her back? Okay it’s obvious to see
that you want her back, so, all we gotta do is show that Mr. Perfect isn’t as perfect as he claims to be! (dramatic music) Hey, how you doin’? I
have a 3:05 appointment with Mr. Lang today. – Yes, he’s expecting you. You can go right in. – Great, thank you. Mr. Lang, good to meet you. All right. – Have a seat. Uh yeah, excuse the mess. It’s a temporary office, I’m
just renting it for right now until my other space gets built. So please, excuse me. – Right. – Now, tell me exactly
how you heard about us. – Well I um, actually — (cellphone ringing) – Excuse me one moment. Oh yeah, I have to take this. Excuse me for a second. Hi, sweetheart. No, no not yet. Tell Mommy I should be there soon though. I love you too, honey. Okay, I’ll talk to you soon. All right. Pardon me. Now tell me, where were we? – Yo man, you sure this
is the right house? – Man, I guess that’s
what the address said. I mean, it’s dark as hell out here. – I don’t wanna go to jail, all right? I got a nice situation at home. I got my white girl. I got my Xbox Live. I ain’t tryin’ to do no
hard time for you two dudes. Seriously. – Chill chill chill, that’s
him pulling up right here. – Hurry up and get your phone out. – Got him! Yeah, it’s on now. (phone vibrating) – Hey, girl. – Hey, how you doin’? I just wanted to call to
see how my girl’s doin’. – I’ve been better. – Have you talked to Chris? – No. Not since the incident. – You don’t sound like yourself. – I just, I really think I
made a big mistake with this whole experiment thing. – You think? I told you, I told you it was crazy! What about Bobby? What’s goin’ on with him? – Nothing. – What do you mean nothing? – I mean, he’s a great guy but… look at the way that we met. Look at what I did to him. I don’t understand how we
can have anything after that. – You never know! Okay, are you gonna tell him that? – No. Yeah, probably. I mean, it
is the right thing to do. – Oh, gosh. You know, what does your
handbook of crazy say? – What’s up with you and Mike? – I’ve been over him for a long time now. Okay? I was just doing
that as a favor for you. – Courtney, I really miss him. You know what? I’m a mess. Let me get off the phone. I’ll talk to you later. – Wait wait wait, listen. Listen. Everybody deserves a second chance. Even the unemployed. – He has a job. – Doin’ what? As a prison cook? – Bye, Courtney. – Wait, oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Go fish! (talking over each other) ♪♪« And I guess I should have told you ♪♪« I really wish I had told you ♪♪« Yes I realize, I never
told you how I felt and I ♪♪« – You all right? – Yeah I’m good, man, yeah! – Snap is givin’ you that bullshit again. (talking over each other) – [Chris] I’m good, man! – Okay, my fault. Did you show her yet? – Nah I didn’t show her yet, man. – Oh, god. What are you waiting for? – She ain’t picking up my calls, man! – Who cares? Did she move? – No, she didn’t move! – Exactly! What are you waiting for? Check your pockets, check your pockets! Check your pocket, what are you, check your pockets, what the hell is this? – What’s Snap doing, dog? Snap set me up? What he got? – This is me, man. Okay? This is me. You ain’t got to front for
me, check your pockets! (Chris chuckles) Boom, exactly. Okay. Now, the ring is not gonna
walk itself over there. Okay? It’s not gonna walk itself over there. – Oh, you want me to walk over. – Use your mind and work your spine, baby! – That’s smart right there. – Come on then. – I’m gonna walk over there. – All right, go go. – I’m goin’. I look good, I’m straight? – You’re good. Open
your eyes a little bit. Just go a bit, boom. There you go. That’s the look. That’s the look. All right. – Yo, why is C-Rock leaving so early? – He had to go see Sharon about somethin’. – Sharon? Dude, I thought they broke up? Like really, what is going on here? You know, I don’t like what he did. She’s a really good girl. – That ain’t nothin’! – Are you still single?
– [Thomas] What? – You know, Snap tells me
you’re saving yourself. Are you really still a virgin? – Yo Snap is a liar. – Ah! – No, you don’t have
to get out of the car. – You know, normally
people don’t wear pajamas to go out to dinner. You’re lucky you’re as
fly as you are to be able to get away with that. – Bobby, I’m really sorry. – Mm. You know, on the ride over here I could
sense something was wrong. I was trying to convince
myself different though. Look, is it my — – No! It really isn’t. It’s Chris. You know, truthfully, he needs help. But I think I went about it all wrong. And I know you don’t believe
me but he’s really a great guy. He’s got a good heart and he’s come a really long way with his — (thud) Chris! Chris! – I told you! I told you! That take Fresh Prince
ain’t what he pretend to be. – Chris, what are you talking about? – Look. I’ve got him. I got his ass, Sharon. I told you. I got his ass. I followed his ass and I got him. Yeah, look at that. – [Bobby] What the hell? – What do you think now? – Unbelievable! – Yeah, ha-ha! Huh? Who’s the idiot now? Huh? – This? This is what you want? – Bobby, wait. – Huh? Wait? Baby, we got him. – When you’re done messing
with crack head Tyron, Sharon, you give me a call. – [Chris] I exposed him! – Chris! I already knew about his
ex-wife and his daughter. Yeah, I already knew. And to think I considered
working things out with you. – [Chris] But baby — – No no no, congratulations. You didn’t need any help screwing it up. You did it all by yourself. – What the hell? I screwed it up? What about his wife and his kid? – Goodbye, Chris. – Huh? Goodbye? No, hold on. Baby don’t go. I got this. Huh? Baby, I got this. Where you goin’? Thomas said that if I
bring you the ring tonight, you was gonna say “I do.” Where you goin’? Sharon. Sharon! Oh, I don’t believe this. Can’t believe I just
bought this goddamn ring. Saved all my goddamn salary. I ain’t got no more money. I gonna pawn this motherfucker. Ask for my money back. – [Sharon] Courtney, it is cold out here. – [Courtney] I know, I know. – I’m gonna go get back in my bed. – No, all you do is stay in the bed! You barely go to work, you
don’t even answer your phone anymore and I don’t care
if I have to drag you… hi. – What is this? Courtney? – You better not mess this up. – I owe you. – Shut up and go over there. – What you got here? – You tell me. – Let’s walk and talk about it. (piano music) – Hey, let me help you with that, ma’am. – Thank you, young man. – [Chris] How are you doing today? – [Old lady] I’m fine, how are you? – [Chris] I’m good, I’m good. – Thank you, young man.
You’re such a gentleman. And a handsome one at that. – Oh, thank you. – Young lady, you better hold onto him. (piano music) – Christopher? – Hey! – Wow, walk around Phillie long enough, you run into everybody! – Uh-huh, Dr. Marsha I’m sorry. Let me introduce you to Sharon. Sharon, Dr. Marsha my therapist. – Sharon, it’s nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – I’ve heard lots about you. – Good things too. – All good things. All right well I’ve got to go. But nice meeting you once again, Sharon. – [Sharon] It was nice meeting you. – And, I’ll see you on Thursday? – Thursday it is! – Take care. – I won’t be late this time. – All right now. – All right. – [Sharon] Your therapist? – [Chris] Yep! – [Sharon] And you’ll see her Thursday? – [Chris] Yep. (biker groans) – [Chris] Hey hey. Oh man, you all right? You good? Come on, man, let me help you with this. – I didn’t hurt you, did I? – No no no, you’re good, man. – [Biker] Sorry, man.
– [Chris] No problem, man. – Sorry about that, miss. – It’s cool, it’s cool. – Chris, what’s going on here? – With what? – The old lady, your therapist, now you’re helping people off with bikes? – Just trying to show
you that I’ve changed! That’s all. Yeah! See I realized that I was
wrong and tired of making you mad at me before I’m even mad at myself. – You did? – Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of thinkin’. That little time we had away? Done a lot of thinkin’. – Okay. – I’m hungry, you hungry? – I guess I could eat. – Let’s go get a sandwich. – A sandwich? – Yeah, a sandwich. – You wanna get a sandwich? Thank you. – You’re welcome. – I think I owe your an apology too. I got so carried away in
trying to help you that I think I took things way too
far and got out of hand. I’m sorry. – Wow, so you sayin’ you was wrong. Are you sayin’ they should
take your license and fire you! – Don’t get smart. (Chris chuckles) (Chris groans) – They gave you pickles again? Babe, do you want my sandwich?
It doesn’t have any pickles. (dramatic music) – You gonna eat yours? (Sharon coughs) Got ya! – Chris, why would you
put a ring in my food? – What? That’s what they
do in all the movies! The romantic movies, right? They put the rings in the food, right? – This is not a movie. And me, choking to death
on my engagement ring is not romantic. – Hold on. – You’ll get it all dirty. – You did say ‘my’, didn’t you? (laughs) Yes! That’s what I’m talking about, Sharon. Look Sharon, I can’t promise
you that I’m not gonna be mad again. I can’t promise you that
I’m gonna be perfect. But I can promise you
that I can be the man that you deserve. I can be him, I’m tellin’ you. I can be him! – Not with that pickle breath! – See! Damn vendors, man, goin’
putting pickles on my sandwich. I knew I… got you! I was just joking. ♪♪« In love in denial ♪♪« Can’t let go of the fire ♪♪« Of the one that I used to be with ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« Have someone I can trust ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« Wanna let go all of me ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« Be someone’s everything ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« Feel the sweetness of her touch ♪♪« I wanna be in love ♪♪« – Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here in the presence of God
to witness the joining of this man and this
woman in holy matrimony. And to this holy union,
Christopher Jackson, and Sharon Morg have come to be joined. If any of you can show
cause as to why this man and this woman should not
be joined in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. Sharon, do you take this
man to be your husband, to love and honor, in
sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live? – Yes, I will. – Are you sure? Sorry. Christopher, do you take this woman to be your wife, to love
and honor in sickness and in health as long
as you both shall live? – You goddamn right I do! (audience murmurs)
– [Snap] Haha! That’s my boy right there, boy! – I’m sorry, father. Yes, I do. – Bishop. The rings. – Chris, I give you this
ring as a symbol of my love and as a symbol of your
patience for allowing us to grow together and not only
become the best of friends but the best lovers. You mean the world to me. – I love you, Sharon. – I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful, scrum-diddly-umptious — – Whoa whoa whoa! You hittin’ on my wife? – Uh, my apologies. – Come on, Pastor! Jesus! – Once again, it’s Bishop. – Pastor, Bishop, what’s the difference? – [Bishop] I get paid more.
– [Sharon] Give me a kiss. (audience applauds) – Heavens, may God bless you both and I recommend church
twice a day, three times on Sunday for you, my son. I’m out of here. You guys aren’t paying me hazard pay. – Whatever! – What’s wrong with this guy, man? – I don’t know, whatever! – Yeah, hope that check bounce! (energetic music) (record scratch) You look like you could
use a refill, my man. – Thank you! – I got you. (energetic music) ♪♪« Steady, calm, easy as it goes ♪♪« Trouble come but troubles also go ♪♪« How many times has someone told you no ♪♪« – Ah! Ah! – No! – Excuse me, son? – Yeah? – What rap group do you belong to? ‘Cause I love Public Enemy, like, “Don’t don’t don’t don’t
don’t believe the hype!” (Chris laughing) – What? Yo. What? I forgot the damn line again? (chuckles) That’s bullshit! – My brother Bobby has told
me a lot of wonderful things about you. – Well did he also tell (laughing) Uh, is your name Amber? – No, it’s C-Rock. – C-Rock? – Put yourself together, man. – [Chris] Nigga, man! – Oh, my bad, my bad. (laughing) – I think this is the right house. – Hey man… I can’t go to jail. (all laughing) – [Emma] It’s delicious, trust me. – [Bobby] It’s supposed
to be red. That’s fine. – [Emma] No, it’ll turn red. You guys need any, uh (laughing) (“Rhythm of the Night” by Enova)

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