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Surah Fil | Stories from the Quran Ep. 10 | Quran For Kids | Tafsir For Kids

Surah Fil Abdullah got married to Amina, one the most
honorable women in Quraysh. Amina became pregnant after a few days. During that time, Abdullah went to Syria for
a business trip. However about two months before Mohammed (pbuh)
would be born, his father died at Madinah, on his return journey. At that time he was only 25 years old. Abdullah could not see his son Mohammed (pbuh). But he knew his wife was pregnant. During that time, Makkah was very famous for
house of God and it became a very big business center. Governor of Yemen, Abraha became very greedy
to take control of Makkah. At one excuse, he was ready to attacked Makkah
with a very big army. With him, he had sixty thousand solders and
around 13 big elephants. Abraha used the biggest elephant for himself. The people of Makkah became scared. Abdul Muttalib had a very strong faith in
Allah (swt). He knew the house of Allah would be saved
in a miracle way because they did not had enough strength to fight Abraha’s Army. He told everyone to take all of their family
members and hide at the mountain tops. At that time Muhammad (s) mother was seven
months pregnant. Then the miracle started to happen. When Abraha’s army was close to Makkah,
all the elephants just sat right there. Nothing could move them. Suddenly, all the elephant started to run
in the other direction. Meanwhile, Allah (swt) sent lots of small
birds with three stones. One was in their beak and the other two were
in their claws. The birds dropped their stones on Abraha’s
men. The stones cut their body parts right away
and killed them instantly. Their body became like mashed corn. It was a horrible moment for Abraha’s Army. Every one of them died by Allah (swt) punishment. At that time, Rome and Persian empires were
very powerful. That miracle was the big alarm to the whole
world. To warn them not to attack Makkah. It was a big welcome sign for prophet Muhammad
(s) coming to protect Allah (swt)’s house and law. Around fifty days later our beloved prophet
Muhammad (s) was born. After his prophet hood Allah (swt) send the
Surah Fil. In this Surah Allah (swt) remind the people
how he destroyed Abraha’s army by just little bids. Surahs Fun Facts:
1. The meaning of Fil is “the Elephant”
2. At his young life Abraha was a slave
3. Abraha built a very big temple and announced
the Arab people not to go to Kabba for worship and instead go to his temple
4. Abraha attacked the Kabba just 50 days before
Muhammad (s) was born. 5. Before Abraha attacked, Abdul Muttalib forgot
all of the 360 idols and prayed to only Allah (swt) to save the house of the Kabah. 6. After this incident, the next 7 to 10 years,
the people of Quraish always remembered Allah (swt) as their God.

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