How Insurance Works

Tactics for Negotiating Insurance Settlements: Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

After you’ve received all the health care
you need, and you’ve gathered all your bills and records and hired any experts that you
might need, it’s time to present your claim to the insurance company and attempt to settle
it. You need to expect that you’re gonna’ have to negotiate, so you must ask for more
than you believe your claim is worth, because they are naturally gonna’ come back and
offer less than whatever you ask for. The law in Texas says that a defendant who injures you (and/or their
insurance company in their place) they don’t owe all of your medical care. And they don’t owe
for all injuries that you claim sustained in the accident. The law says they only owe reasonable medical
bills for necessary health care. So, it should come as no surprise that these insurance companies, on darn near every case, they’re gonna’ argue that some of your bills aren’t reasonable,
in fact quite a few of them. And then they’re gonna’ argue that quite a bit of your health care
wasn’t necessary, didn’t follow some type of guidelines or standardized procedures. Not
only that, but you have to be prepared to understand that there’s a waiting game. The
insurance companies, most of the time, are not willing on one phone call,
or even on the second phone call, to offer you their full settlement range authority. They’re
gonna’ start out offering a low amount and no matter what you do or say during that phone
call, or in person meeting, it’s not gonna’ change their mind, because there’s policies and procedures in
place where they want people sitting around wondering, that might need money, if they should
take it, and they want to wear you down. And if you think about it, that’s good negotiation
strategy. If you contact an attorney, we can help you. We can give you a free consultation,
or you can hire us and we can do it for you.

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