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Tampa Insurance Lawyer Michael Germain Appears on Fox 13 News' Ask a Lawyer Day

you're watching Fox 13 the most and welcome back everybody it's the first Thursday of the month it's ask a lawyer day here at Fox 13 Studio B with lawyers from the Hillsborough Bar Association got you're busy today I mean I this is busier than I ever recall you guys being at this hour of the morning so it's good to see a Michael Jermaine Tampa attorney specializes in insurance how you doing very good happy new year happy new year what kind of calls are we seen this morning given the recession we're seeing a lot of debt relief a lot of bankruptcy a lot of foreclosure defense start of the new year yep that's a lot going on with a lot of people your specialty though is insurance so what kinds of things are you seeing most of in your practice these days again given the recession you're seeing a lot of vandalism claims a lot of theft claims also just a lot of the typical water damage claims fire damage lightning yeah and wouldn't you have a situation like that you're having some trouble maybe with your insurance company is that the best time to go and find a lawyer and get some help absolutely yeah well you know that and you also want to be very careful during the application process it's very important that you read everything that you that you're signing to make sure that there's no miss statements or omissions or anything like that on it because we're seeing a lot of insurance companies go back and try and rescind insurance policies really and I mean I mean that's becomes that fine print stuff so you really you really do need to look and see what you're getting yourself into then don't make any assumptions right that's correct you really do need to read everything that you sign if you don't understand it you need to seek advice legal advice and have somebody help you read that and understand and make sure that you know what you're signing yeah before we before we go we want to go back to some of you see we're getting a lot of phone calls this morning about people and some in in financial situations I mean recession and in foreclosures and things like that what's the best advice you say to somebody they're facing that you know lawyer get a lawyer yeah yeah give us a call all right well they're here free legal advice until 9:00 o'clock this morning thank you rustic appreciating very much Charlie

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