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The COST of INSURANCE on my Lamborghini – Re-visited

so yeah I think yeah we got to say hi to the good folks of Layton Utah full throttle what's up guys welcome back to the vlog I hope everybody's killing it today so first off I'm here at makes and models so in today's episode we got a lot going on we're meeting up with a hero now lots of times I have a tendency to get carried away calling people here's when when they're really not here's but this guy Matt he's a subscriber he has a green 570s and a Ford Raptor and he drove both of them from Dallas Texas up to Park City we're going to meet up with him I think we're going to take the Wrangler and the Raptor off-roading also have a meeting with my insurance agent later today what's up there we go how's it go man we're so good Diablo is sold so my timing could not be better the truck is here yeah Hetal set up the break in the clutch are literally right next to each other they're going to the shoot only a Lamborghini do take your shoes off [Applause] it's go old school I just look at that steering wheel it looks like it's from a Chrysler minivan all right there it's the glovebox some of the hablo this it is probably the snappiest feature that was a carryover from the 80 here from here inside 80 hotel bathroom light oh nice you see the laughs right there that's how you remove this hardtop using only carbon fibers looks super lightweight so this whole piece right here is fully removable two or three years ago there was a handful of Diablos in the state of Utah now that this one is leaving I don't know if any other Diablos in the state got to my car and I'm sad to see it go we have the stock original OEM wheels are also going with the Diablo because of course this beatty roadster is porting the Mersey wheels right now we really really updates to look at a car I kinda was expecting better from Ty but it's okay because well lately right there we're in a given path we got to go see what else is in the truck who we got some German mate 911 all right there and we're only together in a chrome finish on these wheels on this travail [Applause] we're about we're now about to enter the portion of the vlog where Toby tries to get out of the Diablo beat and there's a mine this should be funny I don't know if you could do it he might be going all the way to Jersey that great the dog vlog Kimmy Kimmy okay what's his name Hamilton Oh Hamilton what's up dude push it Oh leave it yes oh oh man a back end too soon too soon we have entered the portion of the vlog where I ask you a question and you leave your answer in the comments below these are the other 305 forged wheels obviously these are the ones I chose right here the FT 101 slightly that can finish I love these designs too what do you think did I make the right choice they're super super wicked cheap tire Lambo tire yeah we got a little bit more girth perfect I can't film this direction because we had some very very exciting news but I'm not going to reveal it in today's vlog because this man Creighton Stark he's a hero he bought a new car not the CLS the car that it's over here but I can't show to you guys because it's not quite ready we're going to film a reveal video here soon it's it's German that's it that's all you guys get also the summit Otto loud swag I'm reppin it today – I'm faced as well look at us man we look so good today I know I know say you're coral or camera looking good yesterday – all new car she stopped out the DPI for the cameras where is South Summit Auto op swag what's up dude what's up in case you guys never put two and two together summit Auto labs Salvador South Narn a it's so good alright ladies and gentlemen this is Salvador's reaction to a cold start on 2006 lamborghini diurnal best of luck mate playing my man dude I'm so excited for you clean owns a detailing company and we can't reveal the car quite yet because as only a detailer would understand he's going through a very thorough pink correction process right now he's always working his tail off this is a perfect example of hard work meets reward I kind of lie I didn't really live but I kind of lied I need to provide a quick disclaimer part of the reason I'm so excited it's for selfish reasons now I can go carve canyons together Clayton but my color is so good okay so I'm going to park on this side my first time parallel parking with the new wheels so we do not want to curb them all right remember kids always look both ways before wait for it wait for it all this thing looks so wicked the Mantis green 570 it's been lowered as well that dance dance nation though Matt who's a subscriber to the YouTube channel he's here in Park City for a couple weeks he sent me a message he's like you want to hang out we're getting lunched in today's booths logs we got ourselves a hamburger we got some chips and as always we got hydration so much oh I don't know about you guys but after that burger I feel so much better these guys just have to show off with their dihedral doors lowered and everything I'm riding an off-road mode over there also it has the sports exhaust [Applause] and oh wow so much personality he drove that 570 all the way from Dallas Texas to Park City what a mate what a mate he also brought up his Ford Raptor so later this afternoon we're going to meet back up with him I'm going to swap out the guy order for the Wrangler we're going to go on an off-roading adventure but first I'm meeting with my insurance agent they want to go over some coverage things and no I'm not going to be mentioning the r34 to them restored that mean obviously that's the door but it's locked and though it's not no good meeting great meeting and guess what guys we got the facts and figures that you guys know and love this car needs lowered it definitely needs lowered so I have adjustable coilovers I think the back image come down maybe like a half inch and maybe the front of quarter inch but I'm riding high right now we need an adjustment keys keys keys keys we're back here at one of our favorite spots this is in fact the spot where we tried to put Lucy in the trunk of the Lotus Elise you og subscribers will remember that got our microfiber cloth right there oh it's so bright I think I think weakened take my first take was all out of focus because I had the camera pointed up over there but I think we're better you don't I could use a give some sunglasses though sunglasses and I got paperwork I'm not going to cheat you guys I got data real data you guys know and love this isn't a quote this isn't an estimate this is down to the penny three cars Jeep Wrangler Lamborghini Guyardo out e TT I still have the Audi I'm in the process of trying to sell it I've been lazy I still own it so I'm still insuring it as far as an insurance policy I'm not going to even begin to try to explain it to you because most likely I'd be wrong and I confuse you even more I have full coverage on the Wrangler on a monthly basis I pay sixty dollars and seventy six Lamborghini also full coverage of course I pay a hundred and fifty nine dollars and sixty eight that is such a bargain the Audi I only have liability coverage I pay thirty two dollars and six cents a month and then I have renter's insurance $9.83 now there's a ton of different fat there's that go into an insurance equation you know your age being male affects you unfortunately dramatically where you live biggest factor is your driving record I don't have any accident history and I don't have any speeding tickets on my record none of you guys better go tag State Farm in the r34 video by the way I'm watching you I'm watching you so there you have it but I got one more I got one more cool piece of information the insurance agent was awesome I decided to ask her the theoretical question that we all want to know how much would it cost to insure a Koenigsegg on an annual basis Koenigsegg Pagani none of those type of cars are in the database laferrari no P one no 918 no so the most expensive car I could find was a Lamborghini Aventador quote for 2012 Aventador is 402 dollars and 69 cents per month that's roughly forty eight hundred dollars a year a 2012 Aventador is going for right around three hundred thousand dollars four hundred the dream still lives so there you guys have it that is the insurance on a Lamborghini Gallardo Aventador Wrangler and an Audi TT look at that under cover so you want to highlander that's crazy you'd never get that in the club all I know is the Yukon should not be up there let's not wear the Yukon should be sort of turn it there's Clayton there is I don't want to see your car it's black you guys met it yeah you'll see it on Sunday so it's coming very very soon dude I just showed your car I know I was such a good cake – I'm making fun of Bailey and I accidentally showed Oh obviously I'm cutting that out but okay so I just beeped out the car name I am failing unbelievably it's just been a great day old school the original musician one like the four of us man we're looking good today looking good today alright we're going to take the ringer but first I got to cover the land oh oh that was terrible my hands a pad huh okay one more time Sam okay this right here is without a doubt one of the most beautiful views in all of you talk it's looking down on Park City right now so this is the top of Empire Pass there's a 20-17 rafter right yeah the second Jin just look at the girth of this rafter so my main concern is about a quarter mile that way we have to do a river crossing it's a little bit narrow and my concern is that the girth enos of this incredible Raptor might just might not make it we'll see cut the Fox racing shocks right there this thing is so aggressive we've got the dual exhaust we have to jump it though that's what we need I'm not going to happen yeah so Matt is here until like the 7th of August and is not the first adventure with the Raptor of the 570 as you just heard there's some jumping to be had we're not going to be jumping the Wrangler we're definitely not to be jumping the Wrangler but well I I don't know I think we'll leave it to the professional how was a gas mileage that you're after well really yeah that's not bad soy bike this has the v6 ecoboost Oh EcoBoost yep yeah nice because I was looking at the first gen Raptors or Wrangler oh yeah on the first gen they get like 9 yes good day going downhill guys I was being sarcastic there it gets better gas mileage but I had to make a point and I made it into hi I'm going to just put it into four high immediately off the bat well made for low at some point they're not quite yet let's roll so we're now in for lo kind of like the Versa that's what it reminds me of this I'd like to lo inch or sorry sorry this is the look this is the low-end torque just like the verse of sv would appear technology the other thing is fit Oh God good this is simply too bit of an opportunity to not get the Drona paneer I fail miserably I always remember to charge the batteries on the drone remote detects I'm going to charge it as we're driving the standard outlet right there just going to plug it in and now we're charging the remote what are you what of you sometimes I find myself taking Utah for granted it is amazing what a way to spend a Wednesday Thursday it's 30 no it's Friday what a way to spend the Thursday now remember when I was ranting and raving about the girth of the Raptor well the issue is that it's a little bit too girthy it's rather like six a stick thank you yep just doing what I can doing what I can see the problem is we can't turn around so we just have to kind of keep going we're filming a Ford commercial that is ridiculous Utah so that mountain right there that's mount Timpanogos is one of the tallest mountains in Utah at least in the Wasatch Range whatever you get gnarly we're going to hide we do not want to fall to that ravine right there you see the Raptor what have you that thing looks so sick dude board for that a fourth River pretty much the equivalent to the Mississippi pretty much yeah like a modern-day Lewis and Clark this right here ladies and gentlemen is why I bought a Wrangler this is so much fun the adventure you can't beat it you cannot beat the adventure as you can imagine the Lambo the Audi can I come out here and those are going to probably okay that's when they rejected the credit card yeah so there you have it eighty two dollars for the Raptor Wrangler it still has another ten gallons to go 21 bucks that's night my tank was my tank was full but nevertheless we're going to use it we're going to use it because this Raptor is so sick this is casual Thursday in Utah my mate you guys thought today's blog was over but no it's not we got to eat we have a long day we have to get ourselves some food we're getting Mexican enchiladas tacos nachos chips salsa let's roll go to the salt flats on Saturday guys can be epic so my battery is dying I ordered the carne asada tacos and if the chips and salsa are any indication I'd imagine they're gonna be pretty good but unfortunately today's vlog is going to end so likes God if you enjoyed today's video be sure to smash the like button but just like that this vlog is over an about

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  1. wtfffff im from canada, 18 years old and my insurance is 595 a month, 6200$ a year for a 2015 bmw 3 series full coverage lololol fml

  2. i’m 16 drive a nissan with a clean record. i pay 300 hoping to keep a clean record and stay out of accidents for the next like 10 years

  3. Insuring an exotic car with A standard company like State Farm is not a good idea. I own an independent insurance agency in DC have been an agent for over 25 years. You really need a policy that provides what is called Agreed Value coverage. If your Lamborghini were stolen or totaled, State Farm would only pay you the actual cash value at the time of loss, which is typically considerably less than what you paid for the car. With an agreed value policy, you set the value (typically what you paid for the car) when you add the car to your policy. For example, you purchase a Lamborghini for $300,000 and you add it to the policy with an agreed value of $300,000. If the car is then totaled, they pay you $300,000. Another really nice feature of these policies is that you can actually increase the value if the value of the car goes up. So if after a few years the Lamborghini you purchased for $300,000 is now worth $400,000, you can have your agreed value increased to $400,000.

    It is basically impossible to compare prices on these type of cars, as there are so many factors that go into the price. The companies that specialize in this type of thing, don’t rate the same as standard companies like State Farm. For example, I insure a $2.7M Bugatti for a client and the annual premium is only about $3,000. The main reasons the premium is so low is that the car is very rarely used, is kept in an ultra-secure garage with a very high-tech security system, and the client has experience owning other high horsepower cars. He does also have a good driving record, if you have a bad driving record, the cost of insurance for these type of cars will really increase.

  4. Everything is expensive. You'd have to have 1 million in your bank to be sure you take care of your lambo. Buy stocks now…

  5. Wow.. the insurance is so cheap in the states.. i fkn pay 3k+CAD on my c43 and that's after a 35% discount….. what a rip off

  6. sounds like you said Hannelton or Handleton. its believable that you dont know who they were talking about because youre such a road going supercar guy.

  7. Fucking state farm. I hate them so bad. $160 a month for my bmw -_- I have no speeding tickets or accidents on my record with.

  8. should have thanked that man for not walking in your shot he was being mindful..we blast the ones who don't care least we can do is give kuddos to the ones who are considerate of our filming

  9. Hey the one thing that I don't get is that a tail getting car and u never see one lady ever in any video not saying that but …wrap ur head around that lol …not saying just saying. ……

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