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The real oppression that campus feminists aren’t talking about | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Atena Farghadani is a 28 year old Iranian
artist.  She was just sentenced to 12 years in prison for the crime of posting a feminist
cartoon on Facebook. She is a genuine victim of a repressive patriarchal society—yet
you will hear little or nothing about her from the American women’s movement. Why
not? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist Atena Farghadani was arrested in
August 2014. Twelve members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard came to her house, blindfolded her and
took her to prison. What exactly was her crime? She posted a satirical cartoon on Facebook
to protest actions of the Iranian parliament. The parliament was proposing to restrict
access to birth control. She has been charged with ‘spreading propaganda and “‘insulting
members of parliament through paintings.’ Once in prison, she continued to paint and
draw. She flattened paper cups and made drawings. This was against prison rules. She was then
denied paper cups. When she took some cups from the bathroom into her cell, she was beaten
and sexually assaulted. Now Atena Farghadani is one of millions of women and men whose basic rights have been ruthlessly
violated. I have been to international women’s conferences and met women’s rights activist
from countries like Yemen, Iran, Egypt and Cambodia. They are struggling for freedoms
that most women in the west take for granted. They are organizing against barbaric practices
such as child marriage, forced veiling, honor killings and acid burnings. Many of them are
asking for moral, intellectual and material support from American women’s groups. But
American feminists are relatively silent about these injustices—especially feminists on
campus. During the 1980s, there were massive demonstrations on American campuses against
racial apartheid in South Africa. There is no remotely comparable movement on today’s
campuses against the gender apartheid prevalent in large parts of the world. I think I know
why. Too many young feminists are too preoccupied with their own supposed victimhood to make
common cause with women like Atena Farghadani. If you look at texts used in gender studies
classes, visit feminist blogs or websites—you find alarm and outrage over the allegedly
oppressed state of American women. Consider something like the Penguin Atlas of Women in the World. This is typical of what one finds in gender studies 101. It ranks the United States along with Uganda and Somalia
in terms of women being “kept in their place.” Why? Because apparently in both countries
“patriarchal assumptions” operate in “potent combination with fundamentalist religious
interpretations.” As the editor explains, in parts of Uganda a man can claim an unmarried
woman as his wife by raping her. As for the United States, she notes that our state legislators
have passed hundreds of anti-abortion measures. But wait a minute– the Ugandan practice is
barbaric. The controversy over abortion in the United States is a sign of a messy democracy
working out its disagreements. This past year I visited Yale, UCLA, University of California
at San Luis Obispo, as well as Oberlin and Georgetown. I found activist feminist students
passionately absorbed in the cause of liberating themselves from the grasp of the oppressive
and violent patriarchal rape culture. Their trigger warnings and safe spaces and micro-aggression
watches are all about saving themselves from the ravages of the male hegemony. It’s not
that they don’t feel bad for women in places like Iran, they feel that they share a similar
fate. Except they don’t. They are free women. They are the beneficiaries of two major waves
of feminism. Their rights are fully protected by law. Samantha Powers is the able U.S. ambassador
to the United Nations and she is a prominent champion of human rights. Well, she recently
addressed the graduating class of Barnard College. Instead of urging the graduates to
support women struggling against oppression in places like Afghanistan, she congratulated
them for waging a similar struggle of their own. She cited Emma Sulkowicz
and her mattress as a symbol of women coping with the struggle against oppression—and compared
women in Afghanistan struggling for gender justice with American college women. Nevermind the questionable
basis of Sulkowitz’s public shaming campaign. Sulkowicz lives in a country where laws, institutions,
and customs protect her. The women of Afghanistan do not. Afghan women are coping with the Taliban;
Sulkowicz is coping with Columbia classmates. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations should be clear about that distinction. American women, especially college women, are among the freest most self-determining people in the world. Instead of retreating into safe spaces and focusing on their own imagined oppression, they should be reaching out to women like Atena Farghandani. Oppressive patriarchies do exist—but the United States is not one of them. Millions of women are suffering. There are few nobler causes than finding ways to help them. Well do you agree that campus feminists should come out of their safe spaces and forge alliances with women across the globe, struggling for basic rights? Let me know what you think in the comment section, follow me on Twitter and Facebook And thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

Reader Comments

  1. Quran
    Quran (4:11) – (Inheritance) "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females" (see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.
    Quran (2:282) – (Court testimony) "And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women." Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why Allah felt that a man's testimony in court should be valued twice as highly as a woman's, but studies consistently show that women are actually less likely to tell lies than men, meaning that they make more reliable witnesses.
    Quran (2:228) – "and the men are a degree above them [women]"
    Quran (5:6) – "And if ye are unclean, purify yourselves. And if ye are sick or on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have had contact with women, and ye find not water, then go to clean, high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it" Men are to rub dirt on their hands, if there is no water to purify them, following casual contact with a woman (such as shaking hands).
    Quran (24:31) – Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. (To be fair, men are told to do the same thing in the prior verse).
    Quran (2:223) – "Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…" A man has dominion over his wives' bodies as he does his land. This verse is overtly sexual. There is some dispute as to whether it is referring to the practice of anal intercourse. If this is what Muhammad meant, then it would appear to contradict what he said in Muslim (8:3365).
    Quran (4:3) – (Wife-to-husband ratio) "Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four" Inequality by numbers.
    Quran (53:27) – "Those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names." Angels are sublime beings, and would therefore be male.
    Quran (4:24) and Quran (33:50) – A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage. Note that the verse distinguishes wives from captives (those whom they right hand possesses).

  2. Wow that's rediculous that is something not necessarily a feminist to work toward change but people in whole. Man or woman that is some harsh cruel stuff for any human being to go through.

  3. I don't know. I think a lot of feminists would look at extreme patriarchal oppression and claim it as validating caring about microaggressions (like genital mutilation is one step removed from manspreading). Some would turn it around and claim that they're being asked to be grateful for not being routinely victimized. However, i think it makes sense to focus your resources where most needed, and acknowledge various severity. A refusal to acknowledge graduations make triage impossible.

  4. These woman are not going to do any thing because they are afraid to do any thing against a real patriarchy. I real patriarchy puts the fear of the god of this world in them.

  5. The fact is, yes, you are absolutely right; the new generation of "feminists" are self-absorbed, spoiled children, no more, no less. Theirs is the greatest privilege, of being a woman in the United States of America, where they have it better than most any woman anywhere else in the world. Is it enough for them? No. They want it all, they want it yesterday, and they are oblivious to their own massive privilege and throw tantrums when reminded of this fact. Far be it from them to pull their collective head out of their collective ass and actually understand just how selfish and destructive to their chosen movement they are being. They are accomplishing nothing but making themselves look foolish in the eyes of the world and more rational individuals.

  6. Because the primary problem in western society is an out-of-control, TOTALITARIAN, MATRIARCHY. Why should we help other countries turn into OPPRESSIVE MATRIARCHIES when we need to wrest control away from the one in the west FIRST!

  7. Why are American women so quick to victimize themselves for the littlest things that don't matter, but they don't want to help women in the Middle East, Africa, or Cambodia?

  8. All feminism is garbage. You give women the right to vote and they feminize everything. This has resulted in the destruction of western civilization.

  9. Islam is a sadistic false religion/government. It has nothing to do with a normal Christian society that is lead by men. This jewess is conflating the two.

  10. Because at the end if the day this new overnight feminists that popped up are still selfabsorbed and why they still focused on here

  11. The root cause of many of these misguided ideas is dogmatic identity politics and so-called "political correctness." Unfortunately, these frames function as a critical thinking vacuums that suck reason and reasonableness out of the conversation. The situation has become so bad that merely disagreeing with the facts, contexts or conclusions presented is regarded as intellectual violence and hate.

  12. This case is really not the best one! It rather falls into "free-speach zone" , this very well concerns iranian men as well.

  13. I completely agree with this, but practically speaking, what could they do? What can any of us in the West do about how people in these oppressive nations behave?

  14. It amazes me the feminists will look at Western civilisation and see the top 3% of white males in charge and think smash the patriarchy but then all stand up and unite in Defence of Islam a 100% patriarchy that's attached itself to racism like a parasite because it's an ideology that has women tearing off their hijab in protest whilst feminists are putting them on in solidarity

  15. It really is about time we start hearing more about the rest of the women in the world. Women in the Western World are not suffering like women in the rest of the world. More of these international stories should be brought to light. Maybe it will humble some of the women of the west.

  16. I think your videos are great, but on minute 2:50: ""In Uganda a men can claim that an unmarried woman is his wife by rapping her" is a complete lie! I just have come back from this wonderful country and have friends there. I asked them about this statement, the answer was straight: "Not true, it's totally false!"

  17. What do you mean, "Sulkowicz lives in a country where laws, institutions, and customs protect her?" Clearly they did not protect her enough from a sexual assault, which is why she is right to protest. Similarly, the right to abortion is denied, obstructed, or outlawed over much of the country. Though our country serves women's rights better than Iran does, the facts show that our laws are not protecting women enough. How does a deplorable assault and imprisonment in Iran change that fact?

    I'm glad you're talking about Atena Farghadani–the world needs to know more about her plight. But your argument against American college feminists seems to be that "somewhere in the world women have it worse than you, so you don't have the right to protest." That's a "not as bad as" logic fallacy, a classic fallacy or relative privation. By that rationale, why should we validate YOUR right to protest against feminists such as Sulkowicz? I mean, you live in a country where laws, institutions, and customs protect you, right? You actually are allowed to speak up, unlike a political prisoner in Iran. So why are you being selfish, largely ignoring the assaults upon women in Iran to focus on your personal grievances?

    The truth is, people CAN both protest brutality around the world and still focus on the facts that things here are not yet equitable or free. It is not only right, but crucial that we focus on fixing injustice wherever we find it. Quit pretending people can't walk and chew gum at the same time. And quit pretending that living in a democracy means that everything is hunky dory.

    And if you really want young feminists to demonstrate for the rights of Atena Farghadani, why not encourage them to join you in common cause, instead of insulting them by saying their concerns about being raped are petty? Certainly you must know that "Stop ignoring brutality against women in Iran, you rape-fakers!" is a lousy way to get a political protest started. If you'd made a video sympathizing with these women and encouraging them to broaden their geographic scope, you'd have done a lot better towards Farghadani than by trying to pit women against her.

  18. Thank you finally someone on the internet who is level headed and actually fight for equality not superiority

  19. All neo Marxist scumbags, including feminists, dont give a shit about anyone in other countries. They only want to destroy the west, white people and our culture.
    Leftists are evil, they allow their own people to be raped replaced and murdered.
    The worst crime in their opinion is pride in your race and culture. How dare whites not hate themselves.

  20. Blame the beta males who cater to the beta females.
    Fact of the matter is, if others didn't cater to the self-imposed victimhood of first world feminazis, they wouldn't have one.

    If Men….weren't "Taught" that women were auto victims in need of protecting, "feminism" wouldn't have Any Teeth At All.

  21. i'm a man, but, men in the comments stop generalizing feminists or today's radical feminists to women like they do about rapists with us. the speaker in the video who's actually wize enough to see the truth brave enough to speak out loud about it is a woman as well. she recognizes that america has already achieved equality and gotten rid of systemic oppression on women and she is a woman. so shut up with your women blaming. problem is today's feminists, not women.

  22. The only reason why feminists don't support Muslim women is because it's politically incorrect to do so. The minute you start criticising Islamic attitudes, you're called a islamophobe or a racist. You get attacked from Muslims and non-Muslims alike for your "imperialistic" attitudes. Any feminist who thinks there's any comparison between Western women and Muslim ones is crazy. Radical feminists tend to embrace other radical (read fanatical) concepts about cultural relativism.

  23. Feminists will only enter a conflict when it's enemy is down , bound , & gagged. That is a fight they will never win so they advocate for it.
    Yes feminists advocate for Sharia Law in USA. That is how dumb their cause is.

  24. we do live in a rap culture ………………………oh did you say rape culture ,oh no we don'e live in one of those .

  25. I have no sympathy for a woman who complains about being called bossy, when there are girls out there getting their genitals mutilated.

  26. Funny thing is: Christina Hoff Summers is relatively silent on these injustices as well. The only time she brings them up is when she can use these oppressed women as a bludgeon to whack western feminists. This could have been a video (maybe a part of a campaign to help third world women?) that just shed light on these awful things that are happening. But, that's not what pays Sommers' bills. She doesn't care any more about these oppressed women that delusional college feminists. Hypocrisy runs deep.

  27. You’re the only feminist I have respect for! Keep up the good work! Found you on louder with crowder and loved you since. Hopefully you can keep bringing light to otherwise pitch black areas.

  28. I have a hard time listening to "Western" feminists when I know they purposefully remain ignorant on subjects such as this.

  29. These crazy women should be sent to Guantanamo Bay, and then a stent as a female slave in Uganda, Somalia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran, and then come home. For then maybe they will have some idea and appreciation of the freedoms that they have. As John Adams and Ronald Reagan's stated that freedom is not passed down through the bloodstream, if it's tenants are forgotten, Liberty will die and civil War will once again be on our Shores.

  30. Too obsessed with their own first world problems to care about the rights of others. The biggest threat to American women is not the "patriarchy" but a selfish disregard for other people.

  31. I agree with much of what you've just said, but in the list of countries that do not respect women's rights you omit SAUDI ARABIA! Saudi Arabia is a big ally of the US; there, women's rights (and human rights in general) are reduced to ZERO! I ask myself if this omission comes from the fact that you work at the American Enterprise Institute, a CONSERVATIVE think tank.

  32. Some of these femenist students should be made to live in the middle east and parts of Africa so they can see how cushy they have it living in the west.

  33. Feminism is about being superior,
    equality is about being equal. The reason why feminists aren't speaking up is because they're to concerned with demonizing men.

  34. Its hard for these western feminists to be victims when other parts of the world are literal hell holes. So they just ignore it.

  35. Wow, I know this is a little sideways but she is beautiful! I don't get how this kind of stuff can happen in this day and age. Personally I think if western feminists really want a cause worth fighting for its getting rid of the barbaric acts and laws that accompany Islam and its incredibly dated and dangerous doctrines.

  36. the 4th wave of feminism will be the last and it will cause all women to lose all their rights and our country will go back to a time before the gains of susan b. anthony. shame on feminists for dishonoring her.

  37. Afghan and Iranian women are the reason I want to be a feminist. Where do I sign up? Wake me when we enter 5th wave, because 3rd & 4th wave are disappointments.

  38. Tonight a couple of Yale girls explained why they are suing Yale for the way they are treated by fraternities. Does anyone get the joke yet? I mean, what does "fraternity" mean?

  39. oppressed college women LOL. oh geez, one of the reasons they are in college is because they are women. they are granted preferential treatment in admissions just because they are women. college oppressed women. WOW! yeah… ok. and people wonder why nobody in the real world takes any of this nonsense seriously. people wonder why "feminists" are assumed to be a bunch of radical imbiciles making up reasons to claim victimhood. as a single man i have to admit that i would be stupid to even date a college educated woman anymore. my gosh… if this is what they are learning in college what man would want them? DRAMA! seems college teaches that if you can't find any then you have to create it! yes… WOMEN get an "A+" in that department. they have truly aced that subject.


  40. ya, the Christian bible says that about child-brides as well as how harshly you should beat your slave's and cammands women to remain in complete silence and to not teach
    or ever practice authority over a man.
    (which i mostly agree with.)

    ya 3rd wave is bullshit not just because men are now oppressed but also because of.

    Women can rape first graders (7 year old's) and take them for backed child support when they turn 18 and never get arrested for it or even see a police officer.

    beat the shit out of their man and have HIM Sent to the klank if she hurts her self
    while beating him, let along if he decides to stand up to the tyrannical bitch.

    make false rape allegation's and never goes to jail for it.
    there was a hideous fat woman that was an eye-patch and a peg leg from being a – 3

    she got away with falsely accusing 3 15-year-old boys of raping her and the court didn't get suspicious until she had accused them literally for the 15th time in which case

    they threw the case out but NEVER Punished her and the boy's all went on to have extremely hard lives and most likely are living homeless on the streets or with a family member

    because of their in-ability to get a job due to the false accusation's when someone is accused

    of false rape all the people who begin hating him for it pretty much never find out he was proven innocent if he was proven innocent so they all continue thinking that he's a rapist.

    the fact that if your wife beats you the ONLY!!! Thing that won't land you in the klank is running away,
    even if you ask a Legal Professional They will ACTUALLY Tell You don't fight back or even grab her by the wrists to stop her from hitting you just Run out, leave YOUR OWN FUCKING HOUSE.
    (Sigh) and people wonder how the marriage rate could drop to 25% so fast ?.

    women basically get away with REAL ACTUAL Rape,
    women actually rape men alot more often then the other way around and men don't come out because your painted as weak or e-masculine sissy boy if you do their logic for not being able to push her off despite you being drugged unconscious by some fat ugly ass
    land-whale that who knew that you'de rather jump in a vat of sulfuric acid then fuck her.

    and this is for my fellow Patriarch's who are irritated by the bullshit in society.

    Commented on this video
    "female hits male just because she can: everyone looks around like nothing happened.

    male hits back: "OOOH MY GOOOD!!! YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!!!!!""

  41. 0:30 Twelve people were sent in to arrest her.
    What did they expect her to have a enough weapons to start a small war?

  42. Islam claims that men are a degree above women and are their guardians who can discipline them for being disobedient as prescribed by allah to protect them. An ideology that only allows multiple wives but not multiple husbands is sexist. An ideology which claims that men are the guardians of women (who can discipline them when they are disobedient) as prescribed by allah to protect them is sexist. An ideology which provides virgins for men in heaven but no such equivalent for women is not only sexist but really twisted as well. It is no less offensive to me than an ideology which promotes white supremacy (but there is so much more about islam which is extremely contemptible other than the overt sexism). Google worst countries for women (almost all muslim) and best countries for women (none are muslim), google Gender Gap Index (it is about much more than wage equality), no muslim countries in the top 50, most of the worst 50 countries are muslim. It seems that secular teachings and man's laws are much more effective at protecting women than god's laws and teachings.. This couldn't possibly be so if allah was truly the all-knowing omnipotent creator of the world which he is purported to be. Women have been executed for being raped in muslim countries. Western women have been imprisoned for being raped in muslim countries. Today girls and women have been, are being and will be killed by their own family members because off this ideology they espouse, yesterday girls and women were killed by their own family members because of this ideology they espouse (and so many Western leaders and other apologists pander to enabling its proliferation) and tomorrow girls and women will be killed by their own family members because of this barbaric 7th century ignorance.

  43. Such a shame to use a valid point of view to give a back-handed criticism of other countries.
    The "rest of the world" is always, and by definition, none of our business.
    One should always get their own house in order first, before casting the first stone.
    The Iranian woman fell foul of the law deliberately, willingly, and to be a Western muppet. Who knows how true the story told of her is.
    American women are amongst the free-est in the world yet they exhibit the most cancerous, narcissistic, pathological mentalities ever seen in humanity.
    I am absolutely sure women in Iran or Afghanistan do not want to be the women of America. Just ask them.

  44. My sister is a feminist but, she knows that women in the middle east are inequal to men in most countries. She also knows that there are no free speech in the middle east

  45. Modern, Westernized feminists don't actually discuss womens rights any more because basically they have them all and then some and got these decades ago. Instead, feminism in the West seems to be intent on attacking male rights, culture and property – summed up in phrases like toxic masculinity, kill all men and the feminist penis police. The real agenda is no remove patriarchy but establish matriarchy via the family court. This will never work because a matriarchal society is one with no men in it.

    None of this is gender equality and those who see female liberation as the goal have no right but to accept men being liberated from women – especially for paying women's Bill's, extra NET tax contributions and spousal support.

    Men and women do not need to live together because remember – men do not need women.

  46. Things will get worse for men. To the point when men will march in the streets, onto campuses , into gender studies rooms, to throw everything out the window, including its occupants, women in political positions will be dragged from office and kicked and slapped to the curb, and the right to vote or hold office will also be stripped away. No job discrimination though . They will need jobs. To pay their way thru life and save for a private nursing home as opposed to the ones that will take your assets and the staff is all illegal aliens. Have fun ladies.

  47. It doesn't matter to them if it's in a 3rd world country because then they wouldn't be able to say they are victims

  48. To all American feminists, be glad your not in ancient Greece, women got married at 9-14 and before their wedding day they had to burn their toys to show they were all grown up, it was also shameful to give birth to a baby girl and the father could choose to keep her and raise her to grow up like all other women in her culture, or leave her at a place where she would be raised to be a sex slave. It was also punishable by death to watch the Olympicsl I think women these days are lucky as hell!

  49. i really wish we could vanquish pc euphemisms like sexual assault instead of rape, and yeah i know what people will say, sexual assault is an umbrella term that covers all forms of sex crimes, not just penile penitration, but plenty of times its still used even to describe only that, it makes no sense that all these feminists and sjws cry about rape till their blue in the face about how it needs to be taken more seriously but yet turn around and refer to it by a euphemism that doesnt sound as bad, whats worse to be raped? or sexually assaulted? yeah obviously, fuck sjws

  50. Claiming a raped woman as his wife? Hmmm…that was in the bible. Some christians are very sexist still. I've experienced this first hand.

  51. College age women are very self – absorbed. Not sure if it is due to parenting or the crazy professors that tell them that mansplaining is an act of violence.

  52. Female oppression in college is real. They are being held down by the feminist movement. Results are very slowly becoming apparent as more and more women are becoming older, poor and homeless because they allowed themselves to be oppressed by feminist values. Have you ever met a happy feminist? Have you ever met a happily married couple?

  53. American you are so spoil rotten, they have more freedom than all races of men yet they complain. Most women in these third world countries suffer, yet America women complain about nothing. I know what that is they are begging to suffer and go thru hard times. They need too

  54. Dont take gender studies 101…take nukleark physics,astrophysics,mathematics,history,geography,law,ingeanering,medicine….The real sciencies.

  55. American leftists can't afford to look at what happens to truly oppressed people because they'd have to face up to the reality that they have no excuse for their own failings. And that's too painful for them to contemplate.

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