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this will probably be one of the
defining moments in your life as a kingdom citizen this morning I want to
talk about keys to building a stable faith keys to building what a stable
faith I’d like to begin this morning with the questions that always plagued
life I call them the mysteries of life these questions that are constantly in
the minds of maybe six billion people in the world including the one sitting in
your chair right now and here’s one I think that you need to write down there
are questions in life we can never answer first you must settle that
because if you don’t come to that conclusion you will always be depressed I decided that over 30 years ago so
that’s why I have no depression I have no problems
I have no frustrations in my life because I solved that issue 30 years ago
there are questions I will never be able to answer number two there are things
and like we can never explain settle that now when you want an explanation
for everything you will always be depressed there are things in life you will never
explain number three write this down there are things in life we can never
change 30 years ago I settle that so I have a good time
no matter what happens you got to settle that beeping whirring wailing don’t change
some things except your blood pressure so settle it in your heart there’s some
things you cannot change number four there are things in life you
cannot control settle it if this man wants to leave you you could
put a gallon of oil on his pillow I’m paying terms of million days if he wants
to leave us his will you can’t control get several in some things in life this
woman want to take drugs she’s your sister you love her but you can’t
control how going back to the base house you some things you can’t control
you gotta settle it question number five there are things in life we cannot stop
you know I came to that conclusion thirty years ago just some things you
cannot stop so what you do is you make arrangement for it to pass you let me
said again there’s some things you cannot stop so you make arrangement for
it to pass you because if you can’t stop it and you get in front of it it will
still go where it’s going but you’ll be destroyed number six there are things in
life we are not responsible for say it and write it down you set your child to
college you pay the tuition you tried your best and they still came out and
did some dumb things you could not be responded for that child decisions you settle it I say to you number seven
there are things in life we cannot exceed this is an important one because
sometimes we think that we are all of that one of my favorite statements in
life that have kept me at peace is this one I don’t know say it
say it again that’s the most powerful statement you can make in life there are
some things that exceed you goes beyond me
and the keys be peaceful so how do you face life with all these questions yes I
thought the key to life is a couple of things number one knowing what is your
limitation you got to know your limitation if you believe that you are
more than you are then the Bible says you are not wise you got to know where
the line is drawn when you get a stop then you can’t go no further then you
can’t get beyond something you got to know your limitations and my limitations
keep me peaceful success in life write this down is when
you know what you are responsible for you know some things that you are
respond before for example your own decisions you cannot blame anyone for
something you decided you have to know your responsibility but number three is
important you also got to know what is your responsibility and when it’s not
your responsibility there are some things I discovered that
even God doesn’t take responsibility for like controlling your will car died on
the cross for you gave his life for us shed his blood for our Redemption went
to hell on our behalf took the keys of death telling the grave
came back out of the tomb rose again and he still cannot save us without our
permission he knows his limitation it is
self-imposed he knows what he won’t cross he will
never violate your will so we got to know what we are not responsible for and
this one is next was very important you got to know what you cannot do listen
sometimes your children do dumb things you shouldn’t walk around for 40 years
feeling guilty about that they old enough now I remember when my younger
brother who is now a preacher is not a minister I remember he got involved in a
little bit of negative company and got involved a little experimented with
drugs and he’s the only one in the family that got involved in that unease
only one who went to a Christian school all expense-paid all of us went to government school
Mahmoud I didn’t read nothing for us they paid for this one he got in drugs
and I remember one day the police called the house I heard my mother say take him
to jail that’s a hunter fool I said I love this
mother why he’s an adult she says do you know he’s out of jail now and he’s a
preacher sometimes you gotta go to jail to get your night
some of them parents would say don’t stand in mommy say tell him he old
enough to make his own decisions you gotta know what you cannot do you cannot
make people do things you write this down please this is what I
have come to save my life 30 years ago everybody said that God be God say it
loud say it louder say God loud let God be God you know what the greatest
temptation in human is life is eternity to be God we have with the greatest
temptation to be God now we are gods but we ain’t God we tell you what I mean by
that there are things only God can do write
that down this message comes right from God to you today there’s some things
only God can do settle that number two there are things only God
knows you will never know everything God knows and there’s some things God knows
that he won’t tell you why it ain’t none of your business it’s a Dutch business
you don’t know what God knows so let God know what he knows what you know you did
what you know that’s all you want to deal with what you know what you don’t
know let God know that that keeps you peaceful number three let God be God why
there are things only God understands I know you probably said that many times
but it’s true God understand some things only he understands that’s why I still
sleep and then one time I was up worrying about something this is it for
over 30 years ago I dealt with this thirty years ago and the Lord says throw
too much anger don’t be just clearly he’s a trooper
Stang gonna be up I don’t stomp us for you sleep I went to bed hey neighbor
don’t sweat it go to sleep this week I got no problem number four right it’s
down there are things only God can explain friends if you try to explain
things only God can explain you’re gonna become yourself an explanation an explanation mark greatest thing you
could ever say when you start dealing with God is this little finite brain
group in McCullough corner tries to argue with God are you crazy you from an
island two miles wide you can talk to the God who rules 500 million galaxies
how dare you some of you are putting yourself under unnecessary pressure
trying to explain things only God can explain relax your brain
I’m gonna eat a good sandwich let God be God why cuz you gotta know
your limit you only know what he allows you to know and he don’t allow you know
too much because your mental capacity to contain God’s vast knowledge is
impossible so God gives us sentences and he has a library and this sentence can
last your lifetime I put this to you that what God is after it’s trophy now
I’m gonna drive this rule today the gods can heal your hey boys a strong flame write this down
please your faith is only as strong as the death if survived hi thank you so
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Reader Comments

  1. Lately I have had so many questions why my life has been like this ..but I have realised that nobody can change what is meant to many things happen but God remains God He doesn't change

  2. Another powerful message, be blessed bro for the wonderful job to spread these principles of the kingdom of God. My mentor still a live in spirit.

  3. today I w as reading the the book of Deuteronomy 1:30…that the lord has done alot but still we dont believe. our faith is down

  4. RIP man of God the world missed the most powerful man of God I thank God your children still trying to keep us motivated through your voice. I thank God I don't control my life.

  5. Amen ! Thanks be to our glorious Father who makes our burdens so light ! We don't need to get on a treadmill and power the sun which gives us light and warmth and grows our crops ! We don't need to sit down and do the calculations for how much water and oxygen and nutrients our billions of cells need ! We don't need to go and do a ten year Phd to know how to smile at our fellow human beings ! We don't need to try and solve all the endless vast mysteries of the universe to appreciate a child's laugh, or a flower or a tree or the starry sky ! We don't need to judge others, but only to see where we alone have gone astray !

  6. That's true God can never violate our will. Why? He's a gentleman.
    He'll patiently wait for our decision. Think about it, He's the one who created everything and yet He still pleads with His creation to make the right decision. How humble can He get?

  7. I struggle with always living with false expectations/trying to be perfect and it brings sorrow and fear. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Let God be God. The most High God almighty of Heaven and Earth, please have mercy upon my life Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and always make me keep and increase my faith to be strong in you Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ amen.

  9. This video…masterful!! Every word he speaks is too important and its a lot of info in short periods! I'm appreciating this right now. 👑

  10. Hearing this after a hard day of labour gives me the strenght to endure the week… I personally don't agree with all aspects of this sermon but in it's essence I get the message… It is a secret Dr. Monroe reveals a secret out of the Kingdom of GOD the world won't tell you… Thanks for sharing ✝️💕🛐

  11. It's a great video, but if you allow me to give some advice, the music is too loud and the speaking is too low

  12. ❤️Felt so relieved on this video. I work abroad and have sent my son to a good school in College..was thrilled for when the day comes that he finishes his degree.
    Found later that he was not enrolled. I cried it out- felt betrayed, frustrated & the money wasted.etcs.
    What happened? Was the question that keeps popping in my mind for quite sometime. Thru prayers.. slowly learned to surrender it to God and move on..cause YES there are things only God can explain.
    Thank you for such video.

  13. Purihin ang Diyos sa buhay mo pastor…bagaman wala ka na, ang mga aral na binigay sa'yo ng Panginoong Hesus ay naipapamahagi pa rin sa pamamagitan ng ganitong social media…gaya ng youtube…
    Salamat sa Diyos!!!

  14. Love your videos and the background music, however it’s a little to loud distracting from pearls of wisdom- blessings

  15. Does anyone know the name of the video where Dr. Munroe says God gave man work before he gave him a woman? Thanks

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  17. Dr leaft us all this wisdom, knowledge, life style, etc for generation to generation……thank God But I am thinking if we die now what we are leaving for next generation?? Let God be God…

  18. Is there anyone who presses a like button even before watching and listening to this man of God like me….RIP😍

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