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Tōrangapū | Minister gives assurances on Govt response to coronavirus impact on industries

Joining us live from the parliament
is Employment Minister Willie Jackson. Willie. Welcome. Today both the engineering
and architect sector leaders endorsed a diversity agenda
to encourage more Maori, Pasifika and women
into those industries – your reaction on that? It’s great to support
the agenda. The time has come for these types
of agendas to be supported, supporting groups such as women,
Maori and Pasifika. As you know, in the past there was
a lot of prejudice so the time has come for an
appropriate strategy to be put in place
for a modern New Zealand. It’s appropriate to support. Minister Jones told us on Monday
that Ministers were meeting to discuss a plan yesterday
to tackle the impacts of the coronavirus
on our sectors and employment – what’s the Government’s
latest plans? It’s too early to talk about that. They just met yesterday
and they’re not ready yet to make an announcement
but as you know, there are a lot of issues, however, right now is the
best time to make any announcements. Next week, on the other hand, is looking better, however, we’re not ready
to make a comment yet. The impacts of the virus
on export markets are visible. Job losses at a Te Kuiti Mill, haulage companies have whanau
lining up for food grants. We heard the tourism industry
gets 11 million dollars. How about forestry and businesses
relying on that sector? Will you assist them? Yes, we are. Even though Shane
has addressed this. Don’t you worry Scotty, ignore what’s on Facebook. The Government is carefully
looking at what will have the most important on the issue, OK. We know what we’re doing, Scotty. Whangaparaoa is an example. People supported
the quarantine out there. There is a lot of support. Our Health Minister David Clark
knows what to do. Don’t you worry, there is a lot of support right now. You are also the Labour Party
Maori campaign strategist. Your old mate John Tamihere
could stand in Tamaki, how big of a problem would that pose
given the dames’ attacks on Whanau Ora Minister
and sitting Tamaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare? This is what I have to say
to my friend, JT, Scotty. The world moves on. As they say ‘as one net withers away
a new one is cast.’ You know this about Peeni – he is the champion
of the Millenials, he represents the Millenials, he’s a
staunch advocate of the language. We, in Labour, are lucky to know
and have Peeni Henare. However, it is still appropriate
that my friend is acknowledged that he is indeed not green when it
comes to politics. You know that, Scotty. As we know, there
are problems currently. I spoke to Peeni and he has met
with his aunty, Naida Glavish, and that was last week. There are a lot of hopes to try and
fix the Whanau Ora programme. We within the Maori caucus also have
a lot of hopes as well to fix the current issues. While the dames are frustrated, they are our relations, they are our old mates. We have heaps of hope
to fix this up. So, to give that answer
an executive summary. There will be a big fight over the seat because
as we know he’s not one to just give up easily. He goes 100 per cent until he wins. There’s no doubt then
that you’d be worried that he might be in with a grin? Well, JT will remember this, when I first started
in the Labour Party, JT was my biggest backer. I remember that he gave a lot
of support when I entered Labour. Now, he might be off
to the Maori Party. You know his nickname, yeah? JT Mr Hip Hop. He changes his party
nominations year in and year out. The time’s come for JT
to make a firm commitment to stay with Te Whanau o Waipareira. That’s my message to him. Well, I’m looking forward
to what’s going to happen as we head towards
the elections this year. You’re going to be in one corner
and JT will be in the other. It’ll be the fight of the year. Thank you so much, Willie Jackson. Peace be unto us all, Scotty! We’ll soon see about that. That was Willie Jackson addressing
us all live from Parliament House.

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