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this is what we've heard thus far regarding the path of Sandy through New Jersey right now it's about a day away from hitting us when speeds are supposedly gonna be between 90 and 100 mile an hour sustained sandy was a large storm heavy winds trees down massive power outage as the storm came closer to our coast and we started to realize that we were going to be in for a hit we started our preparations starting to reach out to agents talking about where our customers were located to see where the impacts would be there's a question as to whether or not this is going to be a rain event or a wind event we actually pulled out our business continuity plan started looking at it in deeper detail I started making phone calls we actually started to prepare over seven days before we posted client information how to prepare for the storm we also had moved all our data off premises as soon as we heard the storm was coming we sent emails out to our clients to prepare them and then after the storm passed we were communicating in whatever manner that we could cellphones Facebook posts Twitter posts we had people posting on our website George Fisher we've worked with for years or someone on the staff would always reach out to us ahead of time my sales executive Diana Moffitt from travelers was amazing she communicated with me immediately knowing where we were located and she offered her help and I came to learn later that her own home was impacted we also knew that there'd be teams coming in from all over the country of people that we've never met before once I got here we just sort of hit the ground running start to make a phone call setting up inspections and going out to inspections the devastation is just a lot more than I've ever seen even with Ike you've got boats in the streets people are really really upset it's a lot more emotional take out power take out working lights flooded streets it becomes a very dynamic situation where it's hard to access places people's phones in their homes we're not working you really you're gonna try your best to your email and your calling every line sometimes calling the agents to say hey have you heard from mrs. Smith we try every Avenue any type of communication that we can it's a promise to pay it's a promise to pay when something goes wrong and to see us there getting there quickly handling the claims doing it fair is what people buy it makes me proud I'm glad to be with travelers that's one of the reasons why I wanted to be a first responder seeing their faces that you've got a travelers shirt on and you're here to help them it's amazing it's really a good feeling to be able to know that you're the person that's the face of travelers you build a connection with these people and they kind of looked and rely on you to be their face into travelers to me this is such a great inspiration to see people from all over the country helping from every single claim Center what's the feeling towards you know next summer today we are travelers we are every one of us represents travelers whether it work in the office or out in the field it was amazing the resource that came in to really help us through this you don't expect a lot of these trees to come down this bar and win I could not be more proud of our folks in reference to what they did the compassion the listening skills that they portrayed because everyone had a story thank you guys we can it's everything everything to have a company like travelers who fulfils on the promise no beach wall or anything it's not an interruption to our work it is what our work is it's such a comfort to know that every time we write a policy with travelers the promise will be kept you

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