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[email protected] – Employee Video Profile: Manager, Aviation – Standards and Quality Assurance

Hi, my name is Yanick Sarazin and I am an investigator with the Air Investigations Branch at the TSB Head Office in Gatineau. I’m the one who manages the drafting and coordinating of investigation reports. In doing so, I make sure that our investigations and safety products, including our reports, meet the established standards, and that they are completed with rigour and according to our methodology. I communicate with the investigator in charge and members of the Board to ensure the quality and accuracy of the ongoing investigation and of the resulting report. I have over 20 years of experience in civil aviation. I’ve piloted various types of aircraft, including small training aircraft, regional aircraft, business jets and large jets, including new generation Airbus and Boeing products. Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve lost quite a few friends to accidents. What attracted me to the TSB is its mandate, and more specifically, the objective of promoting aviation safety. Many of the risks we have identified during our investigations have been reduced, but others are still there. These safety issues are identified in our recommendations and some are also on the Watchlist. This Watchlist addresses all parties: The operator, regulator, aircraft manufacturer and pilots are all responsible for ensuring the highest level of safety possible for each flight. We want passengers to feel safe when they board a plane. Although air transport is one of the safest modes of transportation, there are always risks. That is why we must continue to learn, to grow, and to promote a safety culture that allows us to reduce aircraft accidents as much as possible. My greatest desire is to be a part of improving air safety in Canada.

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