How Insurance Works

Understanding Towing Payload and Your Insurance Policy | Questions Answered

You have no insurance, if you get into an accident and you are overloaded. Hey guys, Ravi Coomar here AKA Mr. Personality Just walking through the lot and I found my favourite resident specialist
on towing, John So what do you got for questions for me on towing? Well it’s cool that you’re not finally in the trunk having a nap, that’s a big plus Listen, I got most the wrinkles out. I got enough sleep! Beauty sleep, it works. Hey, you know what I was always wondering with when you’re towing, somebody was telling
me something about insurance, what is it with towing and insurance? It’s pretty simple A vehicle is allowed so much weight in the payload. Payload, 20% of your 5th wheel weight is called
payload weight Your friends, your family, cat, dog, luggage that’s all payload even your fuel tank. We won’t even mention the weight of a 5th
wheel hitch What about insurance then? So, basically you’re telling me what if I’m overweight and I’m towing a truck lets say and I’m over the payload by a 1,000
pounds or whatever. You have no insurance if you get into an accident and you’re overloaded Woooo So see there, I didn’t know that That’s a pretty cool knowledgable fact from Well it’s only common sense. Are you getting the knowledge that you need? Woooo Come down to St. Albert Dodge and see the payload master Hey, we’ll even show you a sale out in the back parking lot Come on down and see us John Smith – St. Albert Dodge (780) 265-1953 Kind of dates me, but that’s the phone number as well

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