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Vermeend, Keynesian douche bag

And now for the Vermeend plan. Let us briefly return to the economy. Let’s not. The windmill is already on display. Right now the world faces two problems. We have a credit crisis… …and a climate crisis. There is one method to solve both. Invest in the environment and climate. We endlessly complain about building sea-based wind parks… …with no end in sight. Now roads are built using fast track laws… …we should do the same here. There is space enough in sea… …for some 1200-1300 turbines… …22 kilometers from shore. It should supply 6 million people with energy. And has two advantages, one… …it will stimulate the economy… …great employment! How much? This, about 40 or 50 thousand… …or more if you do your own production. What about costs? That is quite simple… because I have done the math. €12 to $15 billion… until 2020. Shouldn’t that money go to elderly care? This plan will earn that money. This plan is unreal. Such windmill will take years to make money… …it will only cost money at first. She doesn’t know what’s talking about,
if you’d excuse me. It takes years for a windmill to be profitable… they’re expensive to build… €15 to €20 billion in total. Which you have to find financing for. And then wait before finally… some energy comes out. Besides, there is no climate problem… there is only climate hysteria. Explain how it really works then. There are plenty of companies willing to execute this plan. You’re an entrepreneur. A builder? Are you one of the builders? No…I’m not going to build. You don’t have a financial interest in this plan? Absolutely not. Duly noted. Right. Your Green Climate Group has nothing to do with it? I only do the math, nothing else. A point though… …it takes some time before you can recoup those billions. Years! 3 to 7 years for new turbines. Wrong, only 6 months! Please explain. I will if you give me the time. Now then. Take your chances. The investment will create jobs… …turbines have to be made… …now they’re imported… …but let’s build and assemble some here. Once you build one… like the Amelia windmill park… which already has 60 mills. And they were built right here. Just recently. Let’s build 30 parks, or… about 1200 to 1800 mills in sea. Once finished, they will immediately produce energy. Energy that makes profit. Which pays for the investment. And 70 to 80% will be paid for by the companies themselves. Because it’s commercially attractive. Only after so many years… …with this generation of mills. No, I’m talking about the newest generation. They’re quite efficient. If we’re faced with rising sea levels… …we’re better off strengthening dikes… then building those windmills. Rising sea levels? I talked about hysteria. But the sea levels will rise? There is currently a huge hysteria… …on so-called man-made CO2 emissions… …causing sea levels to rise. Only 3% of CO2 emissions is produced by humans. The rest is produced by Earth itself. Does it make sense to replace current finite energy sources… …with durable sources? Yes…nuclear energy! Possibly. A source of energy more efficient… then those silly windmills.

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