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What Are Umbrella Insurance Policies?

whether you live here or rent here drive
this or maybe this okay I’m kind of kidding here as a homeowner renter or
driver you face a number of personal risks that could result in major
lawsuits and steep legal fees those settlements and fees could quickly
extend beyond the limits of your standard liability insurance policy
because we have seen this more times than we like we are always educating our
clients on the importance of adding an extra layer of insurance coverage this
extra layer of protection is called an umbrella insurance policy… but before we
get into the details of what an umbrella insurance policy is let’s walk through
these unlikely but also very possible scenarios. you invite your friends over
for a cookout and unexpectedly your dog attacks their toddler resulting in a
head injury from being knocked to the ground you are commuting to work and you
glance down at your phone to check a text message within seconds you run a
red light and cause a three-car accident resulting in life-threatening injuries
for some of the people involved family friends join you at your lake house for
paddle boating their son who is not wearing a life jacket falls into the
water and is life-flighted to the nearest hospital for serious injuries
it’s tragic and unexpected incidents like this that could result in lawsuits
and costly legal fees which means within minutes your savings retirement plan college
fund personal assets and even your future wages could be at risk that is
why you need a personal umbrella policy that’s why everyone needs a personal
umbrella policy just as the word implies an umbrella policy hovers over your
existing liability insurance coverage. it’s supplemental coverage that kicks it in
your home and auto policy is exhausted so in other words when unforeseen and
tragic accidents happen and caused personal injury the umbrella policy will
be what keeps your personal assets in tact. In a nutshell this is what it comes down to
protection and it’s a term that is all too familiar to us in our everyday life
it’s the reason we were seatbelts in the car it’s the reason we wear life vests
when we’re on a boat and it’s the reason we use an umbrella when it’s
raining so why not apply it to what you treasure and cherish the most your
personal assets don’t wait for a rainy day to find out you need the additional
coverage a personal umbrella policy provides. protect what’s important if you’d
like more information call us at the O’Neill Group and ask to speak to a
personal account manager. our contact information will be in the description
below ๐Ÿ™‚

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