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What is quality assurance?

What is Quality Assurance? The Quality
Assurance agency for higher education is responsible for upholding the quality
and standards of all universities and colleges in the UK. Quality is how well
your university or College supports your learning. the teaching, the support
available, the resources available and how you were assessed. Standards. The
level of achievement you need to succeed on your course and get your
qualification. Standards should not vary from one higher education provider to
another having quality and standards means everyone can have confidence in
their degree and education. Quality Assurance is ultimately all about
maintaining standards and ensuring students have the best possible
experience at university or college getting involved means that your voice
can be heard and the views of students are made central to the process.

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  1. I like your video so much I've added it to my website – I hope that's okay?
    I've acknowledged it with your Twitter link and website link.

  2. So who do you speak to if the college does something that jeopardises your qualification and experience, a judgement made blindly without even contacting you?

  3. From the creators of Test World, The Best a Tester Can Get video is a tribute to Gillette (arguably The Best Man Can Get), and it also marks the fifth anniversary of Exactpro's Build Software to Test Software tagline.

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