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What is the Cole Memorandum?

In addition to the states passing
legislation or referendums to legalize, in the second term, Obama’s Attorney
General basically issued a memorandum called the Cole memorandum named after the Deputy Attorney General and it basically said it was not binding it was
just advisory to us prosecutor this is Eric Holder it was under Holder that’s
correct and they said we are not going to prioritize prosecutions against state
legal enterprises as a general matter in cannabis so long as they don’t implicate
these eight priorities that are listed in the memo that are things like keeping
it away from children keeping it away from organized crime
keeping marijuana off of federal property and so on if it implicates one
of those then the feds might come in if it doesn’t we are de-emphasizing
prosecution so in January of 2018 Jeff Sessions then Attorney General actually
rescinded the Cole memo that we recently just talked about and he said we are
replacing it with a new memo that says prosecutors should just use the regular
rules of prosecution in deciding what cases to bring and forget about this
call this additional cover that we were giving to the industry is done it is
however in the time since then there has been no change in actual enforcement
activity number one number two Jeff Sessions is no longer the Attorney
General and Attorney General Barr has said in his confirmation hearings that
he believes that rescinding the Cole memo was a mistake and that he has no
interest in going after state legal cannabis enterprises

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