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Who MOVED My CHEESE Animated Book Summary (Tagalog)

Good life! This is MOBAZILLA! You have high salary as an employee of a mulitinational company but due to pandemic, it is reduced by 30%. You’ve just opened a MilkTea franchise and are planning to add another shop since you are reaching P20,000 in daily sales. Due to lockdown, classes are cancelled. You lose a lot of customers. Your eatery is well-known on the highway so you bought the adjacent vacant lot for parking of your customers. Due to the pandemic, the business also stopped. In conjunction with the lockdown, your treasure is locked too! No assurance yet if you can open it again due to the emergence of a new normal. Is your experience the same with the mentioned examples? Have you moved on yet? Or, still hoping that everything will go back as before? Let’s talk about the lessons from the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson. The author used a fable to display how to deal with those changes which are coming. There are four characters in the story. It’s Hem and Haw – two little people, and the two rats Sniff and Scurry. Every day, characters wear their jogging pants and running shoes to find cheese in the maze. One day, they found it many cheeses at Cheese Station C. Hem and Haw believe that their persistence to find cheese is enough reason why they can be endowed with continuous supply of cheese. They hope the cheese will not run out. Sniff and Scurry have different views. They follow their instincts and become mindful of small changes. They noticed that the amount of cheese was decreasing so they make time daily to check out the maze One morning, they found no cheese at Cheese Station C. They left immediately, and again searched for cheese in the Maze. Hem and Haw were in shock when they found no cheese at Station C. Hem exclaimed. “Who moved my cheese?” They do not accept the fact that there are no cheese anymore at Cheese Station C. Every morning, they still return to Station C hoping for a sweet cheese. After much deliberation, Haw laughed to himself. He suggested that again, they need to find cheese in the Maze. Hem disagreed. Sniff and Scurry have already discovered Cheese Station N’s generous cheese supply. Haw realizes that the old cheese will never come back. It’s time to look up for another cheese supply in the Maze. He felt excited when he began his search. He left a letter for Hem. “If you do not change, you can become extinct” and “What would you do if you were not afraid?”. On Hem’s trip to the Maze to find new cheese, he writes on the wall about his thoughts. He hopes someday, Hem will start too to find cheese and read his handwriting on the wall. Haw realized that their not paying attention to the changes to Cheese Station C has been the reason why they failed to prepare for what had happened. He remembered their neglect of considering the decreasing volume of cheese and its changing taste. He wrote on the wall: “Smell the cheese often, so you know when it is getting old ”. Even though it feels scary, he continued on his journey. He feels comfortable. The reason came to his mind. He wrote. “When you move beyond fear, you feel free ”. As he continued, Haw began to feel happy. He imagines he was eating different types of cheese he wants to taste. He wrote “Imagining myself enjoying new cheese even before I find it leads me to it ”. She found little bits of cheeses. He thought about returning to and convincing Hem. He wrote again. “The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese ”. He offered Hem to taste his cheese. He was rejected. Hem still likes the old cheese. Haw returns to the Maze. He wrote: It is safer to search in the Maze, than remain in a cheeseless situation ”. Haw realized that the fear he let grow bigger in the mind is worse compared to the real situation. He used to be very scared thinking of not finding cheese. Since he has passed this stage, the searching process now is more exciting. His faith had changed. He no longer believed he had to stay only in one place and change is not good. He knows now that changes are natural and need to be expected. He wrote: Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese. He saw a change in belief will cause a change in behavior. You can believe the change will harm you or help you accept change. He wrote “When you see that you can find and enjoy new cheese, you change course ”. He realized that should he earlier accepted change, he would be in a better situation now. He wrote again: “Noticing small changes early helps; you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come ”. In his persistence, he also reached Cheese Station N. He saw Sniff and Scurry there again. He hopes Hem will read too his writings on the walls of the Maze. Let’s talk about the important lessons from the story. Cheese represents any dream which takes time and energy to reach. It could be money, fame, health, relationships, or any achievement. The Maze is the equivalent of the road towards reaching these goals. Just like the Maze, the road towards the dream is not straightforward. There are often difficult crossroads. At these junctures, it is necessary to decide whether to turn left, right, or move straight. Compare this with decisions made daily. Is it Exercise or Netflix? Water or softdrinks? Learn/read or mobile legends? This shows that choosing the road to trek is a big factor in the speed of reaching the dream. How do I know which path to choose? We will benefit from the writings on the wall found in books. It’s faster to find these reminders compared to time spent on experimenting with which path to choose. The story showed emotions regarding acceptance of change. The first is its rapid acceptance as shown by the two mice. Second is the feeling of temporary anguish followed by acceptance as Haw has shown. Third is continued mourning and hope for the illusion that everything would return as before as shown by Hem. It is possible for some to see the loss of their work, or of their loved ones as the end of their world. All the good things in life can only be seen in the past and the only offering of the future is uncertainty. However, the story does show that we see change as a beginning. According to Haw, “If you do not change, you can become extinct”. Just imagine Steve Jobs’ situation when he was expelled from Apple Corporation. Remember, the founders of Apple Corporation are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac. Because Steve Jobs lost his Cheese from Apple Station, again he found cheese at Pixar. We thus enjoyed new animation movies with better workmanship such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Earvin Magic Johnson, a famous NBA player of the LA Lakers was required to retire at the age of 30. It was related to his being diagnosed of HIV. At first glance, it would be seen as an end to his world. His basketball career was over and he still has severe illness. His retirement was the beginning of his successful business career. The change in life was also sudden to John Gokongwei when his father died. They lost everything he had built to pay off their father’s debts. Involuntarily, the return back to China was made by his mother and siblings. He was left alone in Cebu. Even at a young age, he was able to accept the change and he was able to support himself. Later, his name was included on the list of the richest people in the Philippines. The existence of changes is included in the progress of our society. In our day, changes happen very fast. We therefore need to be conscious on what is happening around us to prepare for the coming changes that would affect our lives. Because we expect constant change, we must continue to develop ourselves so that we can successfully go with the changes that are coming. Above all, we can maintain our happiness in the midst of these changes. In the face of a worldwide pandemic, expect many changes. In dealing with this change, which character in the story do you want to emulate? Write your Comment below. This is MOBAZILLA! Until then!

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  1. grabe pag manood ako sayo mobazilla ,bigla lalo ako mag positive,grabe hatak mo sa akin.salamat mobazilla.❤

  2. I really appreciate your videos mobazilla. All Filipinos must watch your videos for the better phillipines. Keep summarizing more books.
    We love you.


  4. Nakaka motivation talaga at lumalawak ang kalaamanan pag nanunuod sa inyo.gawa pa kayo ng marami pa salamat sa channel nyo??

  5. MIBAZILLA thank you for effort to make a motivation knowledge.. and I hone your channel progress and more videos uploading??

  6. MIBAZILLA thank you for effort to make a motivation knowledge.. and I hone your channel progress and more videos uploading??

  7. Gud days po and thank for reopening my mind get me inspired again to newly upload maka ka move on naku sa lockdown na to

  8. May 10,2020. Ang Ganda motivation itong video nyo . Thank you po nang marami more videos ( Blog ) .

  9. Magandang buhay!

    Sa mga gusto po ng ebook ng aklat na Who Moved My Cheese ni Dr. Spencer Johnson, mag-comment sa ibaba para rito. Sagutin din ang tanong na, “sino sa apat na nabanggit na karakter ang nais ninyong tularan sa pag-angkop sa pagbabago dala ng kasalukuyang pandemic?”

    Paki-Follow din po kami sa aming MOBAZILLA FB page. Mag-iwan po ng comment kung ano ang tumatak sa inyong "writing on the wall" para mapadalhan kayo ng aming Team member ng ebook.


  10. WOW very inspiring po…Maraming Salamat po sa effort nyo na mai -share ito sa amin. Sobrang nakakatulong po kayo sa taong tulad ko sa pamamagitan ng mga video nyo.

  11. Thank for this wonderful insights!
    Just like sniff and scurry, mabilis tayong nakaadapt sa changes. The business thats work online will definitely a big hit sa panahon ngayon. Thanks for reopening each and everyone's mind ❤️

  12. gusto ko po maging si haw na naniwala na kailangan ng pagbabago upang makahanap ng bagong cheese o karera sa buhay 🙂

  13. You'r always eye opening to many people. Thank you for give us the motivation in this time of crisis.. God bless

  14. Mraming salamat po dumadalas Yung pag gawa nyo Ng videos ..mas marami akong natutunan..Sana wag po kayong mag sawa na gumawa Ng mga videos..(",V

  15. Great! It is very timely and significant .???♥️

    " You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending ."
    – Clive Staples Lewis

  16. Tnx mobazilla .andmi kong n22nan sa inyo.God Bless ss inyong chnnel..pidi mka hingi ng copy ng think in grow rich salamat po.

  17. Kung ang isang tao ay may pangarap na nais abutin ay handang humarap kahit anong mga pagbabago na mangyayari…

  18. Si Haw ang gusto kong character.. sa simula, hindi nya matanggap.. pero sumubok sya at naghanap ng daan para makatagpo ng bagong keso.. habang nasa daan sya ay nag iiwan ng mga words of wisdom at motivation para sa iba.. ?
    More knowledge Mobazilla.. Thank you for inspiring information like this.. More power to this youtube channel.

  19. thank you MOBAZILLA..for providing us clear & knowledgeable videos that make us motivated and positive???

  20. Maganda po talaga ang content at animation.

    Kaso, nakakadistract po talaga ang background music lalo na pag biglang fade in and out. Na-eenjoy ko po pakinggan itong video ninyo nang naka-speaker lalo na pag mag isa lang po ako. It truly is inspiring. Mas maganda po iyong kahit walang background music or start and ending lang po sana meron.

    Good bless you more po!

  21. Tamang tama ang timing ng topic lalo n ngayong pandemic para sa mga tulad ko n empleyado ng private company

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