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Why Bill Gates Is Funding Solar Geoengineering Research

The record-number of fires burning
across Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has prompted renewed global outcry over
climate change and big spending. Five million dollars from Leonardo DiCaprio,
10 million pounds from the U.K. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is
backing the first high-altitude experiment of one radical climate change solution,
creating a massive chemical cloud that could cool the earth. It’s
called solar geoengineering, and it’s highly controversial. How long will it be that
countries keep experiencing these climate impacts before someone gets desperate and says, hey,
we need to cool the planet with solar geoengineering? It would look something like this: thousands
of planes would fly very high and use nozzles to inject millions
of tons of light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere. It would create
a thin chemical cloud of those particles around the whole planet,
blocking some sunlight from reaching the surface. It would mimic a giant
volcanic eruption, which we know cools the earth. Back in 1991, Mount
Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines. It was the largest eruption to
affect a densely populated area, creating avalanches and giant mud flows that left
more than 700 dead and 30,000 homeless. It also spewed a cloud of
20 million tons of sulfur dioxide particles into the stratosphere. That chemical cloud was hundreds of miles
across and reflected about 2% of sunlight back to space. And in 1992, the earth
was cooler than in 1991. That is part of the mechanism. But you do this in a controlled way. Modeling studies have found that it
could reduce the intensity of heat waves, for instance. Apparently it could reduce the
rate of sea level rise. It could reduce the
intensity of tropical storms. But it also comes with
significant risks and uncertainties. Things like mass famine, mass flooding,
drought of kinds that will affect very large populations. It could weaken monsoons in India,
China and Africa enough to affect crops. It could eradicate blue sky. You start increasing the amount of diffused
light and you have less direct light, which is the same thing as
saying it looks hazy and white. And if the global community
decides it should stop? So you stop injecting it and after a
year, the cloud is gone and you get this rapid warming at a rate much faster
than you would get if we had done nothing. If you’ve taken out the greenhouse
gases that are adding to the warming, then the temperature won’t go
up and stay what it is. So if we don’t stop emitting
greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we don’t try as hard as we can to
do that, then there’s no point in doing solar geoengineering. A 2016 opinion poll conducted by
the Harvard group doing solar geoengineering research found that 67 %
of subjects support its use. One reason this technology
is appealing it’s cheap. One study estimates it would
cost an average of $2.25 billion globally every year for the
first 15 years of deployment. Compare that to the half
a trillion dollars the U.S. government estimates it will
cost just the U.S. by 2100 if no action is taken
against climate change, or the $1.6 to $3.8 trillion projected global spending
by 2050 on low-carbon energy production. You can also compare it
to direct air carbon capturing, another climate change solution backed by
Bill Gates and by big oil. It involves sucking billions of tons of
carbon out of the air and at $100-$200 a ton, it
could be big business. Solar geoengineering, on the other hand,
is so cheap that nobody currently stands to make money
from the process. But just because a solution is cheap doesn’t
make it make it a good one. It’s cheap and dangerous. It doesn’t require a
lot of materials. It doesn’t require a big innovation. It basically affects the whole
planet with one project. So that is not necessarily a situation
that has a lot of profit opportunity, right? Because there’s not gonna be a lot of
different people that can do it and compete in a marketplace. Bill Gates is among a dozen
individual donors and 14 foundations backing the first stratospheric solar geoengineering
experiment out of Harvard. It’s called Stratospheric Controlled
Perturbation Experiment, or SCoPEx. A high-altitude balloon will lift instruments
about 20 kilometers into the stratosphere, where it will release less
than two kilograms of different naturally occurring chemicals like calcium
carbonate and sulfates, and then measure the change in
atmospheric chemistry and light scattering. The Harvard group that runs SCoPEx
and other experiments has raised more than 16 million dollars, more than
double any other solar geoengineering effort. And annual global funding has gone
up from $1 million in 2008 to $8 million in 2018, with the majority
of that funding coming from the U.S. The first phase of SCoPEx will cost
around $3 million, with much more needed for wider research
on solar geoengineering. To this point, stratosphere injections have
only been tested with climate modeling. In the U.K., a government-funded solar radiation management
test called SPICE was cancelled in 2012 because
of issues with patents. And we’re not trying to develop any
technology that is patented or where we want to make money
with this later on. A study last year found that
no existing aircraft can inject the stratosphere at a
high enough altitude. But developing a new high-altitude
tanker would not be technologically difficult or prohibitively expensive. Nozzles still need to be designed
that can continuously blast out trillions of particles. And scientists still
need to decide what chemicals those particles should be made of. But unlike cloud brightening, which
is another solar reflection technique, the tech needed for stratospheric
injections is not far off. The technology is not the main
thing that’s holding this back. The main thing that’s holding it back
is the uncertainty about what the exact effects would be and the positives
and negatives of its effects and the governance and decision making
process for implementing it. Other radical attempts to control climate
change have been tested in the past. Like when one California businessman dumped
100 tons of iron dust in the Pacific to spawn the
growth of carbon-absorbing plankton. But unlike small, sometimes
rogue experiments, planet-wide solar geoengineering will require buy-in
from the international community. You know, in our simulations, we found
China got warmer and drier relative to the past when you stabilize global
temperature and India was now cooler and wetter. So you can see
there how, you know, international relations around using this technology
could become complicated. I mean, we can’t even decide on
what to do about emissions of greenhouse gases. And so how are we going
to decide on setting the planetary thermostat? There’s this real concern that we won’t
be able to reach agreement, we being the entire planet. And so there’s the prospect that countries
just go ahead and do solar geoengineering. And that causes
disagreement, conflict, tension, even possibly war. Three years ago, the international community
did come together when almost 200 countries signed the Paris Agreement
on climate change, agreeing to limit global temperature rise to
less than two degrees Celsius. Since then, President Trump has stated
his intent to withdraw from the agreement. The Paris Climate accord is simply
the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that
disadvantages the United States. And global emissions are not being
reduced fast enough to reach these goals. We know what we should be doing. What we should be doing
is reducing carbon emissions. So we’re creating a moral hazard. We are providing an out for you where
you can say, well, I’m going to fix this technologically instead of doing the
ethically right thing to do. It’s way too early to give up
on much more ethical approaches to climate change. If future generations were literally in
the room to question us on our dubious arguments, we wouldn’t get far
with some of the kinds of arguments we’re trying to offer
for neglecting conventional climate policy and going down this path. For now, the failure to rapidly
reduce emissions has prompted more exploration of alternative solutions like
carbon dioxide removal and solar geoengineering. But scientists warn we
will still need to reduce emissions, too. If we’re not cutting CO2 emissions at
the same time, from my perspective, there is little point in doing this
because you would have to start using ever increasing amounts. No responsible scientist says that
it’s a silver bullet. All the responsible scientists say this is
something that we deploy if we had to, alongside all the other stuff
that we already have to do. The U.S. Academies of Sciences is holding
a series of meetings to study solar geoengineering, including one
at Stanford this month. The committee will issue a report
next year with recommendations for how or if solar geoengineering
research should continue. Some scientists say the research is
necessary in order to arm future generations with the ability to enact
this backup plan, even though it seems nearly impossible now. We ought to start working on
this solar climate engineering problem right now with as much urgency as we can so
that if we want to deploy it in a decade or so, we understand
what we have to do. This is a real moral horror, especially
in a situation where we’re not doing all the things that we could
be doing to minimize the risks of climate catastrophe now. But experts do agree that more
public awareness is needed around solar geoengineering, because within a couple decades,
for better or worse, it could be part of the solution
helping return the planet to pre-industrial temperatures. Modeling evidence gathered over the
last decade has pretty consistently found that a moderate amount
of solar geoengineering could significantly reduce many of the
impacts of climate change. But it can’t be a solution because
it doesn’t return the climate system back to how it was. It doesn’t
do anything about things like ocean acidification. So whatever happens, we’ve got
to cut our CO2 to zero. So right now, we need more research
to understand this better and a broader conversation so that all of the
world’s nations have a seat at the table when this is discussed.

Reader Comments

  1. They are playing God. It is detrimental to our health. Why have solar panels if you are going to cover up the sun? They have an agenda and it is not for our good. The spraying is what is causing the climate change not us!!!!

  2. Bill Gates is attempting to Eliminate the Biosphere to "Save Earth?" Save it for who? the AI overlords living in space colonies who can afford that like Bill Gates? Damn your Kabbalistic Satanism and all who stand for it!

  3. problem is millions of ton's of Nano aluminum are sprayed . leading to wildfire's and everyone looses their Key's . nice how you don't even say what's in this toxic cocktail , over 30 kinds of mold's an fungus plus barium -. not to mention self replicating fiber's with live human blood cell's / smart dust only to name a few

  4. Bill Gates biggest thieve on this planet. He sold his Mother for money. Stop supporting Bill Gates, stop using and buying Microsoft products.

  5. White people prepare yourself for what the future has planned for you! Sunburns and Sun Poisoning are the least of your worries👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  6. I first noticed the spraying in 2011. It came on quickly or otherwise I wouldn't have ever noticed it. No one had to tell me there was something weird about my once crisp and clear Florida skies. Ask anyone that is over the age of 50 that doesn't have dementia from spraying heavy metals in the air or on medication from our effed up healthcare system. (Good luck in finding them.) Bill Gates is a sick POS Harvard drop-out. The elite have so much money they sit in their ivory towers and make decisions for the rest of humanity. To hand over serious decisions of climate change, which I believe is real, to that eugenics lizard creature, is total insanity.


  8. This is a great summary of the issues. IMHO Geoengineering a Sunscreen is 100% INEVITABLE because: it is cheap, easy, effective, and capitalism is too slow in reducing emissions even in the most optimistic scenario. The only problem: dimwitted know-nothing anti science trolls of the kind found in 95% of the commenters here.

  9. How about the Harvard idiots take their silver spoons out of their butts and go outside to plant trees. I’m sick of these privileged losers who haven’t ever lived in nature to begin with thinking they can outthink nature. Sorry, nature sort of already has a perfect balance and network inherent to itself. I guess you’re not smart enough to be perceptive to natural cycles.


  11. They are already doing this program,
    have been for decades and it is poisoning humans and the planet and they are the climate change.

  12. "The first" yea okay not like "Conspiracy Theorists" have talked about this for years… this is completely insane. Spell casting. Sympathy Magic. Admit what you're doing so you're karmas clean but its not. ChemTrails are NOT CONTRAILS, they're poison to Human, Not Cold Blooded Shapeshifters

  13. Umm bamboo grows faster with little water and absorbs more co2 n provides more oxygen than trees do!
    I'm not no scientist, but lots of common Sense is better solution than killing the Earth!
    People are tired of being sick from those particles full of aluminum!! WTH is wrong with u people?!

  14. This earth. Going to die . Keep up . GMO , now this dirty clouds , stop them before too late ,
    Cheap way provide solution . We have one earth 🔥😱🔥 how you stupid peoples do this with earth .
    What types of chemical going to use ! What going to impact on naturel life😭 afters that…
    Bye bye planet earth , captain planet we need you to save ( our world )
    Why not save tree , growing more jungle. Natural way ?? 😭

  15. Ok so this is dumb beyond belief. no matter what scientists say, they do not truly understand all the components of nature, certainly not the weather, which is why such a proposal is inherently dangerous. Its no different than modern medicine. One minute something goes on the market that suppose to cure whatever ailments, then about 4 years later theyre pulling off the shelves due to unforeseen after effects that has done more harm than good to those who's used it. Time and time again we see this. Now. they have the brilliant idea of terraforming our atmosphere, with airplanes. Oh btw those airplanes. have you noticed, with all the talk of greenhouse gases and cutting carbon emissions levels and blaiming most of it on cars. No one ever speaks on Airplanes, the hundreds of thousands of private commercial and military aircraft that spew hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon gasses from their exhaust in comparison to automobiles. We look up in the air and see clouds just formed from airplanes, and every minute of every hour of every day they do a far greater job of polluting the upper atmosphere than cars do on the surface. But you never ever hear talk of this. As for this ,brilliant concept of theirs , all thats going to happen is trigger a massive swing in weather conditions. and likely bring a new form pollutant into the air. Oh BTW.. this is the same dumb idea proposed in the MATRIX to prevent the machines from producing power.

  16. We now have three published studies, one from 2018 and two from 2019, proving that air pollution and Geoengineering are the real cause of climate change. The studies are posted below along with two very important videos. Dozens of universities worldwide teamed up to publish these articles.

    1. Scientific Paper by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD: Air Pollution, Not Greenhouse Gases: The Principal Cause of Global Warming (click here); Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Published: 2018, 17(2), 1-8. Spanish; French   Press Release: English, French, Spanish. 1.University of Palermo, Italy. 2.University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 3.Hohai University, China. 4.University of Lomé, Togo. 5.Amity University Noida, India.

    2. Scientific Paper by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD and Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH: Further Evidence that Particulate Pollution is the Principal Cause of Global Warming: Humanitarian Considerations (click here); Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Published: 2019, 21(1), 1-11. Spanish. 1.Federal University of Grande Dourados, Brazil. 2.University of Bucharest, Romania. 3.University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 4.Abdul Kalam Technical University, India.

    3. Geophysical Consequences of Tropospheric Particulate Heating: Further Evidence that Anthropogenic Global Warming is Principally Caused by Particulate Pollution (click here); Scientific Paper by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD and Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH: Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Published: 2019, 22(4), 1-23. 1.Department of Physics, Edo University Iyamho, Edo State, Nigeria. 2.Department of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri – Columbia, USA. 3.Chuo University, Japan. 4.Khadir Mohideen College, India. 5.University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 6.University of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. 7.University of the Algarve Faro, Portugal.

    Video: Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts

    Video: Geoengineering Dangers Discussed By Officials, Agency Scientists And Other Experts

  17. Man made warming is a hoax (peer proven)it's an excuse to put this highly toxic (to your brain) cocktail into the sky.
    It's been going on for over 70 years, proven (
    Gates is a eugenicist as was his father.
    It's one of the many ongoing New World Order's programs of population reduction. It's also tied to 5G (Ionised, electrically conductive atmosphere)
    Altzheimers, dementia are two products of SRM (solar radiation management) due to the massive amounts of Aluminium sprayed on us from these aeroplanes.
    This is mass murder, no doubt.
    If you're not scared by this, you should be.

  18. I have 3 years of observation of the daily sky and many plane's do that daily i saw a bit of pause on Saturday and Sunday..

  19. Interesting, I thought that spraying our atmosphere with chemicals was a conspiracy theory. I didn't believe it even when, in 2016, the CIA director spoke in front of Council of Foreign Relations (Deep state as you can get), claiming that they have decided to start (not that they have been doing so since 1992) to spray our atmosphere with chemicals.

    It feels like I've been under mind control this whole time hehe.

  20. Aerosolized coal fly ash 'chemtrails / chemical aerosols' has been sprayed in the skies across the globe for years. Aerosolized coal fly ash contains nano-particulate aluminum which is a desiccant. A desiccant absorbs moisture. These aerosols actually TRAP heat and prevent precipitation to starve regions and people of water and induce a drought. Solar geoengineering or solar radiation management is a lie intended to give benevolence to the chemical aerosol operations.

  21. Spray WHAT particles? And no food will be able to grow so we're all dead. And 3.8k people like this??? Are you nuts? It won't be 15 years, no one will be here at that point. But don't get rid of coal plants, or oil sands (thus where the money is coming from, how convenient). Don't let the big corps lose money. I don't belong on this planet. The place is too insane for me….

  22. Overcast sky lowers Vit D levels and increases depression – especially in young people. Climate data is manipulated to suit an agenda. The agenda is always the same: More tax and less rights. 3.8k likes from the sheeple. We are in serious trouble.

  23. Climate change is the intentional use of weather and climate modification and it's approved by the UN under their "peace bait". #Agenda21 is a resource grab and we're
    tired of your propaganda.

  24. I find it very Interesting that so many of the comments are telling you we know that this is already done that we're against it & yet your up votes are really high. Apparently invisible people come here to like this, they like that our skies have been sprayed with nanoparticles and blocking our sun, Weather and climate modification is climate change and climate crisis.

  25. They’ve been doing this for decades, people are sick and are getting cancer because of this and what they spray is nothing other than toxic chemicals, heavy metals and strange unknown chemicals and nano technologies. Look up the red wine spit test, there’s extremely small nano particles that are in everyone and everything and are controlled wirelessly by cell towers.

  26. Propaganda bs! Lost me at 1:40. Thats double to time to grab anyones attention by the way. Oh…I see…its CNBC! Well that explains it! BYE! BYE! …

  27. F… Bill Gates, he's killing us! And every one else that is spraying our sky's !!!!!! Stop chemtrails NOW!!!!!!

  28. so many woke comments, go ahead and ban plastic straws to save us- get china, india and usa on board. GOOD LUCK YOU TRUTH TELLERS

  29. Have you ever looked in the sky and see chemtrails? Have you ever heard about weather warfare? Have you ever heard about microwave pollution and microwave weapons? Those are things that are killing you and nature.

  30. I've documented them already doing this on a massive scale (see my videos as reference) its disgusting. Fall and spring now merge with summer and winter, the sun is much hottr when they do it. Th sky is not even deep dark blue anymore.
    What goes up must come down, everybody is getting sick!

    Additionally there are more nefarious uses in play here when the suns vibes are blocked decreasing vit D and all thats hitting those particulates is from all the massive cell towers. There is so much I can prove, you would be beside yourself.

  31. They've been doing this for years already – spraying metals like Aluminium and Barium. Nano-aluminum passes through the blood-brain barrier and causes all manner of harm, barium is radioactive. These chemicals have been showing up in soil and water samples in crazy high concentrations and are responsible for massive die offs of forests.
    This is a SERIOUSLY bad idea and should be stopped immediately and permanently banned.

  32. PS most of the pictures circulating of fires in the amazon are from MANY years back. Some celebs were passing around photos as old as 20 and even 30 years – total hoax. Forests burn from time time – it's normal and many plant species rely on fire for regeneration and seed dispersal.

  33. Why throw ous back into the freezer. Cooling is worse than warming. Also very slowly or in a instant we will have another ice age.

  34. So in other words they want to smoke at high altitude. Basically burning, not spraying. Stuff like sulfer. So aircraft flying these missions will be flying so high they can't be seen by the human eye. Maybe a contrail will help you see it. Or the smoke. Anyways this story says they want to. We don't know if they are. And I believe they want to go very high. As oppose to comercial airliners. Which fly high but usually stay in sight.

  35. But how would the plants get the energy and everything I'd its blocking out some of its Ray's? What if it blocks to much of something and all of a sudden something happens

  36. These are nothing but lies, that the corporate liberal leaders want you to believe, do your own research. Knowledge is power.

  37. What a crock! They've been denying the obvious CHEMTRAILS for years! ,Anyone with a brain knows they've been spraying the skies – heavily – since before 9/11. For many nefarious reasons other than the bogus "global warming" hoax.


  39. Sounds like the beginning of the end. We all need to stand up and say no more. This is why I'm not having kids. i can not promise them a better life than what i have experienced. People have decided to live in comfort onthe expence of others. I don't see us as a hole to solve this problem. Race is still an issue all over the planet, we are distracted by these trivial things. Our fore fathers are correct, together we stand, together we fall.

  40. Get this Traitor Gates ARRESTED for child abuse with Epstein, damage he's causing to our planet, injection murders and paralyization of African and Indian children plus more!! Get this freak out of our country and incarcerated/hung!!

  41. Wow, we're facing global mass extinction and all we're worrying about is money? Yeah, we're doomed. Kiss your ass goodbye!

  42. Global warming aka climate change was caused by geoengineering and now they’re proposing to utilize geoengineering as a solution to counteract the problem.. great logic.. it’s like starting a fire and proposing to use gasoline to stop the fire

  43. We live in a society were people want to spend money on cooling the earth rather than spending less to cool the earth.

  44. These arrogant lunatics have been experimenting over our heads for decades . The Pentagon and the UN are behind this abomination .

  45. This is Fundamentality A sin, against the People of this Earth. You must realize , they do not know , what the consequences of doing this, and this crap falls to earth. And nanoparticles , get right into your Brain.

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