How Insurance Works

Will insurance cover mold removal?

Hi Tony Verner here and our next mold related
question is: Will my insurance cover the mold removal?
The answer is maybe, maybe not- I hate to be so wishy washy here, but there are many
factors that will determine if you can get it covered under your home owners policy.
Some insurers have excluded mold coverage entirely, while others have dollar limits
on the amount of coverage. Some carriers actually will cover the mold
IF it is a result of a covered loss such as a tree through your roof.
On rare occassions, I have seen actual mold coverage in a homeowners policy, but that
is becoming the exception to the rule. My recommendation is to review your homeowner’s
policy and call your agent for clarifications. Our next video gets in to mold testing and
whether or not you need one. This one may save you the cost of a mold test.

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