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Xerox® Sentinel Customer Satisfaction Assurance System

At Xerox we’re obsessive about eliminating customer problems fast. That’s why we’ve invented Sentinel. A system that helps customers communicate issues and helps us resolve them in real time, in full view of the customer. With the customer’s permission Sentinel sends a simple email and/or provides a link that prompts one of 3 responses. Send a comment, make a suggestion, or alert Xerox to a problem. The issue goes straight to the Xerox team who can support them. The system notifies Xerox, creates an electronic problem ticket. prompts the responsible party and activates a tenacious system that makes the issue impossible to ignore until it’s resolved. Sentinel’s sense and respond technology has been shown to bring out the best in people. By creating real-time conversations that can be seen by all Sentinel strengthens relationships, improves performance, and takes ideas and solutions to new levels. Heresay is replaced with direct dialogue. Myths are replaced by facts. Sentinel is and has always been compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Talk to your account team today about keeping the lines of communication open with Sentinel.

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